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Happy Monday, everyone! Last week we saw a bevy of new clue words and only a couple of slightly challenging surprise answers making for a relatively easy week of gameplay. There weren’t any new word words to get excited about this morning with all of them having been used before. BARBER was the oldest of the bunch with its last appearance way back on 9/24/14. UTTAN was the only anagram to give me some hesitation and is my choice for the most difficult word. I was able to suss it out after staring at it for a few extra seconds allowing me to turn my attention to the cartoon.

The setting for today’s panel is a courtroom where we encounter three characters. Since they’re all drawn in Jeff’s signature Jumble style, it leads me to believe that these characters are generic and not meant to portray the likeness of any living person. As the judge prepares to take his seat at the bench he can be seen with a gavel in his left hand and giving a thumbs up with his right. The dialogue of the other two characters are simple statements that let us know they both hold this particular judge in high regard.

The only detail to stand out in today’s cartoon was the scales of justice emblem above the judges bench. The scales obviously relate to fairness in the judicial process and are balanced to represent that decisions will be made by weighing evidence in a fair manner.

The final answer wasn’t overly difficult and consisted of three words. AND instantly came to mind as the most obvious choice for the three letter word leaving 9-letters to work with. TRUE became visible after a few seconds leaving TRIED to be deciphered for the finish. After an easy start to the week, I look forward to the challenge that we all know is only a few days away. Have a marvelous Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 🎢 You don’t know me, you don’t know who I am…You don’t know the pain that I’ve been through…So don’t JUDGE me, till you stand where I stand…I don’t need you or anyone else to approve…’Cause the blood in these veins is TRIED AND TRUE…🎢 “Tried and True” – Montgomery Gentry 2001

    βš– Some men decide to be BARBERs, some others study Law,
    Some feel the TAUNT of criminal life and that becomes their draw…
    Those are the ones we see in court, where crime stats tend to PUDDLE,
    Our cartoon shows us Lawyers speaking as they stand and huddle.
    Not looking to make jokes with this, crime’s not sweet like a DAISY,
    And I’m sure there are Judges who are acting quite fugazy…
    But this one that we see today is honest…No taboo,
    And he gets praised by everyone…The man is TRIED AND TRUE.βš–

    Monday! Punday! And David’s given us a good one today! Our words: Easy, breezy, all Sweet Repeats. And just in CASE you’re wondering, BARBER has not made the CUT here since September 24th, 2014! Our cartoon today is a pretty OPEN and SHUT CASE…Courtroom scene, two Lawyers discussing the merits of the JUDGE, our main CHARACTER. WITNESS their admiring glances, in ORDER to get a better idea of how much they revere him. We HEAR that he’s TRIED more CASES, and been FAIRER than any other JUDGE. They TRUEly have a HIGHER OPINION of him than they do of other JURISTS. We see our JUDGE, entering with his GAVEL in hand, giving the thumbs up while telling the COURT to be SEATed. As I said, what the PANEL shows is pretty EVIDENT. Courtroom, Lawyers, Judge. I would have liked a little more…I’d have put in a SEQUEST..ER, to maybe SELECT a few JURY members? But then who am I to JUDGE? Maybe Jeff just didn’t have the TIME to TRY, RIGHT? So I’m going to give him the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT… Anyway, our question asks…What was our JUDGE? He was TRIED AND TRUE! Ha! Good one! David’s OFF…ENDER week is too! Great OPENING for the week, Dave!

    Ok, eye candy…Our woman’s HOLDING a Folder, but it’s SMALL. CLAIMS could be made that the info in it’s too BRIEF…I’ve already MOTIONED the GAVEL, so I don’t want to bring it DOWN again. I mean bring it up again…So, I’ll SETTLE for the Scales of Justice on the wall. Nothing else seems to be WEIGHING in. Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…You should never TRY to fondle anyone who’s emPANELed in a Courtroom…That’s PERV JURY…βš–πŸ™‹πŸ»


      • Hey Earl! Your comment is making me think of that Ford commercial for the foot-activated liftgate where the woman is heard telling her Mother…”Wifi, wifi, it’s not a question…it’s a thing”! No matter how many times I see it, I can’t help laughing out loud! πŸ˜‚ And “WI” the concern over your choice of wording? “Self-imposed”, Earl…no one JUDGES! πŸ˜‰ It was brilliant, IMO! Thanks for the Shout Out..😘 We’ll leave the light on for you…βš–πŸ™‹πŸ»


  2. There was a large PUDDLE in front of the BARBER shop and DAISY loved to TAUNT those going in by splashing happily in her bright yellow boots.
    No difficulty with the clue words and like you, Mike, I saw “and” and then “true” and the solution was apparent. I also saw the Scales of Justice in the background. You and Angela have trained me to look for those great details.
    Not sure if I am breaking any of my self-imposed rules by using a clue word as a proper name but that was the scene that popped into my head this AM
    Break is over. If I get a chance I shall check in later to see Angela’s prose and poetry.

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    • Good morning, Earl! Your sentence was very fitting for a rainy and overcast Monday. I enjoyed the use of DAISY and see no problems with it. You started this morning tradition so you make the rules, my friend. Have a great start to the week. πŸ™‚


    • Chuck, I find that I do much better on solving words when I am working with pen and paper than I do when using the online version, too.

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    • Hey Professor….You’re doing just fine either way. A word or two here and there doesn’t a curse create! Hope the twins aren’t running you ragged! Be well, Sir! βš–πŸ™‹πŸ»


  3. Hi all – Quickly discarded PULLED to get PUDDLE, then had to go through ATTUNE and TRUANT to get TAUNT. The answer shouldn’t have been so hard, but I had to walk away and come back before I finally saw it.

    Earl, when I first read your sentence, I thought that Daisy was the *cause* of the puddle in front of the barber shop.

    Angela, today I’ll be the one to say I’ve never heard the song you quoted, but I was impressed at how appropriate it was.

    Just to show there are no hard feelings for making me work so hard for the answer, I’ll copy a quote from a column in today’s Chronicle for Mr. Hoyt (and Lelia’s daughter too I guess):
    β€œSign Mark Litwin saw over an expressway in Chicago: No Texting/No Speeding/No Ketchup. This is less dada than it seems, he explains. In Chicago, he says, β€˜You can be severely hurt asking for ketchup on a hot dog’. β€œ

    πŸŽ΅β€Can you JUDGE a man by the way he wears his hair?
    Can you read his mind by the clothes that he wears?
    Can you see a bad man by the pattern on his tie?
    Well then Mister, you’re a better man than I
    Yeah, Mister, you’re a better man than Iβ€πŸŽ΅

    Happy Monday, everyone.

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    • Hey G…🎢..”Yardbirds”…Slang for Inmates! A great OPENING 6Β° in the making, A double whammy almost…but I have a feeling it wasn’t the CASE when you went with it, huh? You were going for the JUDGE? ..Thanks for the Shout Out..I’m sure you’re only missing it because it’s Country, and not exactly mainstream Country at that. But they’re a good sound, and I was turned on to them by one of my Nephews. Check them out, you may like them.. G, I have to ask…Did you take Daisy to be a dog? She’s wearing bright yellow boots…I took her to be a little girl…And then that would really take your Puddling to a whole other level, wouldn’t it??!? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ We’ll have to await Earl’s DECISION! And don’t believe EVERYthing you read…I have a slew of friends in Chicago…They put Ketchup on Hot DOGS all the time.. 🎢Could you tell a wise man by the way he speaks or spells…Is this more important that the stories that he tells…🎢?! Hope you’re having a good one, Bud! βš–πŸ™‹πŸ»


      • Oops! Yes I did – probably because of Dagwood and Blondie’s dog Daisy. 🀭🀭
        Is my face red? Well look! πŸ‘Ή πŸ˜‚ I have *got* to start reading more carefully in the morning!
        And yes, I was just going for the JUDGE (not The Judge, or Da Judge.)

        And about that wifi – I have a photo of a newspaper ad that says β€œIs your wifi as fast as your internet?” but it’s printed so badly that I always read it as β€œIs your wife….”. πŸ˜‚ (Answer, well, yeah, but we’re still only on DSL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚).

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      • πŸ˜‚ No harm, no foul! It probably “was” Dagwood that put you in mind of it…Anyway, Daisy is a very common name for a dog. Unless you’re in my family, where they have names like Marie Elena and Sophia for the poor dogs..They probably think they need Passports besides papers!! And isn’t Dave’s dog named Daisy also? I know of a few people myself that have gone with that name..As for the reading? You’re preaching to the choir…One of the guys I “hang out” with on line before dawn? You’d ROTFL if you knew half the things he’s got the πŸ˜‰ nerve to say to me because of my “speed reading”!!! πŸ˜‚ Hey..Get over it! πŸ˜‚ We’re not writing a thesis here! πŸ˜‰…And what? The DSL stands for “Definitely a Slow Lover”? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜· Enjoy, Bud! πŸ™‹πŸ»


  4. Hi, Mike et al! My solve was identical to yours Mike, doing the words first, then the answer words AND & TRUE with TRIED coming in last. Easy yet enjoyable Monday Jumble puzzle. Enjoy your day, all!

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