Jumble Answers for 07/21/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!                    🛠 The HANDYMAN Can! 🛠

🎶 If I had a HAMMER…I’d HAMMER  in the morning, I’d HAMMER in the evening, all over this land…I’d HAMMER out danger, I’d HAMMER out a warning, I’d HAMMER out love between my brothers and my sisters, all over this land, uh….🎶 “If I Had A Hammer” – Peter, Paul and Mary 1962 

🛠 A quick GLANCE at this brand new truck, and we can see it’s sweet
The Handyman may look to OUTDO others that he’ll meet…
We learn that he’s excited, he seems to be quite pleased…
‘Cause now he’s got a lot of space, his tools they won’t be squeezed!
No more will he say “I FORGOT to bring the Allen wrench..”
‘Cause now he can fit everything that’s lying on his bench…
I see a Ball-peen Hammer, DIGIT-wise say 24 ounce ?
Perhaps a No-Slip handle so that there’s no chance of bounce?
I understand why he’s so taken with this truck he’s found…
There’s room for him to load up and just go and TOOL AROUND! 🛠

Today’s words, all Sweet Repeats, are easily recognizable, except for maybe OUTDO. Was there some DOUBT on your end, despite there being no “B”? After AWL, it is a silent “B”….Do our minds work in such mysterious ways that while trying to NAIL down one word, another enters our thoughts with such DRIVING force, that we just can’t PRY it loose? Yes, it happens…Ok, enough HAMMERing and jibber-jabbering…let’s move on to today’s solution…We’re in a Garage somewhere. Two HANDYMEN, are seen preparing to load a TRUCK with TOOLS. It’s the new purchase of the man on the right..And they’re both just DIEing to take it for a spin AROUND the neighborhood…You know, there’re looking to TOOL AROUND! Good one, David! You’ve NAILed it!

Ok, eye candy…We see a LADDER, A SLEDGEHAMMER, and a SHOVEL. No wait..it’s a SPADE..I may as well call a SPADE, a SPADE…There’s also a CIRCULAR SAW, the BALL-PEEN HAMMER, and a CROWBAR..TOOLS of the Trade, but I know I SAW something better…There’s three WRENCHES hanging on the wall, but they’re not MEASUREing up..And I do like Jeff’s dePICKtion of the mounted TOOL BOX’s open lid….But, it’s coming down to either the little smiley-faced Keychain, in our DRIVERS‘ hand, or the emblem shown on their hats…It’s a crossed WRENCH and SCREWDRIVER…I think I’ll go with the Emblem. It’s just SEAMs to HAMMER it home! Have a great day, Everyone! …and Just 🎶Keep on TRUCKIN’, Baby…🎶…Eddie Kendricks-1973 🛠🙋🏻


14 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/21/2018

  1. Grandma FORGOT that it took more than a GLANCE to OUTDO her twin grandkids when they used a missing DIGIT to confuse her about who was who.
    Agree that OUTDO slowed me down just a bit—those dratted compound words! The solution came quite quickly and no quirky pun to make me quit.
    Peter, Paul and Mary—one of my all time favourite groups and you hit the nail on the head this Saturday Morning, Angela. Thanks for the Memories.
    Your poem was impressive and I can only quibble with one thing—-“Allen’s wrench?” Until this spring I did not know what that was. But a new bike and a needed adjustment taught me. So why would one of those be a space problem? Don’t mind me, just being quizzical and wanting to show off that I knew something.
    Thanks also for all the details. As usual, I missed many of them.
    Have a great Saturday. I’m on the road to spend the day celebrating my niece’s two boys’ birthdays. Later, perhaps.

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    • God Morning, Earl! I think OUTDO might throw a Monkey WRENCH into the mix today…But why Allen Wrench? I’ll CUT right to the chase…I needed 3 syllables! 😉 Glad you like the song choice, a favorite of mine also. Your sentence gave me a chuckle…and a SMH! A missing DIGIT? Now that’s a new one! 😉 Thanks for the Shout Out, and have a great time with the boys today! Enjoy! 🛠🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. Sorry for skipping a few days this week but this is the first time in years that I feel lousy. It’s got to be allergies,because my eyes get watery and I have a sore throat,occasionally a running nose,etc etc etc. Never had this problem when I was younger. Just started to take Benadryl and NyQuil. Thanks for posting early. This way I can put this aside and get out the door. Great choice on the song and your poem was terrific Angela. Earl you never cease to amaze. This whole week I found jumble to be fairly easy. Weren’t today’s words old favorites because I breezed right through them. Regarding the cartoon answer. I thought it was lame. It should have been in quotation marks. Then maybe it could classify as cute. Until tomorrow stay well

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    • Hey Paul…Missed you, Bud…Sorry? Shirley you jest! No need to apologize…I’m sorry you’re getting hit with the Poison Pollen! The numbers have been off the charts! I never had allergies at all in my life either, but the last few years I’m dying out here! I think I mentioned y’day that I’m fighting the pollen. Same symptoms…My throats closed, but I get killer headaches besides ..I feel for ya…The Benadryl should help. You mention getting out the door..You do know that’s where it’s coming from, right? 😉 The park must be rampant…Today alone, the numbers are very high for grass in Brooklyn. Try taking your shoes off when you come in, keeps from dragging it throughout the house…Changing clothes can’t hurt either..Anyway, my bill’s in the mail…😂 Thanks a million for the Shout Out and the Poem Nom..And yes, all the words today are easy breezy old favorites…I mentioned it in my opening…I call them the Sweet Repeats…And you got me LOL…Now you’re LOOKING for quotation marks?😂 You? I thought you hated the little buggers! You can always make me smile, Brooklyn! Good luck, I hope you’ll feel better. Catch you later…🛠🙋🏻


  3. Hi, all! Jerry has had so many work trucks that I thought of many possible answers so decided to do the words first, the hardest for me being GLANCE and the easiest one reminding me of when Steve Martin said in his comedy monolog in his inimitably funny way that all you had to do when being questioned about not attending an important meeting or not doing an important task, was to simply say, “I FORGOT.”


  4. Hi all – All the words were instant, and then the answer – There’s no ‘H’, so it can’t be HAUL anything. Write the letters, see LOAD which leads nowhere, then AROUND, aha!

    Earl, I meant to note that yesterday was the 49th anniversary of BUZZ Aldrin becoming the second human to step foot on the Moon. And talk about synchronicity! I decided last night to quote a Grateful Dead song here, and today you use “Missing Digit” in your post! (Jerry Garcia was famously missing part of a finger on his right hand.). Spooky.

    Angela, I was wondering if you specified ‘Allen wrench’ in your poem in honor of Tim Allen of “Tool Time.” And you reminded me of a quote from Southern comedian Brother Dave Gardner: “I’m gonna hit you on your head so hard, you gonna hum like a ten-penny finishing nail hit with a greasy ball-peen hammer!”

    In the comics today, “Sally Forth” is quite touching, and I can’t wait to show my wife the “Wumo” for obvious reasons!

    Have a great Saturday!

    🎵”Then God way up in heaven for whatever it was worth,
    Thought He’d have a big old party, thought He’d call it planet Earth.
    Don’t worry about tomorrow, Lord, you’ll know it when it comes,
    When the rock and roll music meets the risin’ sun.
    Uh huh, Hey! Saturday Night!
    Yeh, hah, one more Saturday night,
    Hey Saturday night! “🎵
    (From German TV, 1972. Besides the jams, psychedelia, etc, good grief, the Dead could just flat-out ROCK. Jerry’s effortless solo, perfectly suited to the song, just how I always wished I could play.)


  5. Catching up on the comments, I have to add that like Betty and Lelia, GLANCE took a bit longer than the rest of the words. Love your song choice today, Angela, written by the great Pete Seeger and Lee Hayes.

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    • The solution? They’re planning to ditch work and go for a spin? FOOL AROUND! But since they’re Handymen…”TOOL” AROUND??? 🛠🙋🏻


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