Jumble Answers for 07/20/2018






PRI   EUN   IA   HT   =   UP IN THE AIR 

Good Morning, Everyone!             🎈 AIR OR THERE? 🎈

🎶 Would you like to ride in my beautiful BALLOON…Would you like to ride in my beautiful BALLOON? We could float among the stars together, you and I…For we can fly, we can fly…UP, UP AND AWAY…My beautiful, my beautiful BALLOON. The world’s a nicer place in my beautiful BALLOON…It wears a nicer face in my beautiful BALLOON…We can sing a song and sail along the silver sky…For we can fly, we can fly…..UP UP AND AWAY…My beautiful, my beautiful BALLOON…🎶 “Up, Up and Away” – The 5th Dimension 1967 

🎈 Hot Air Ballooning…loved by some, while others shy away,
Exciting sure but just the same on ground a lot will stay.
Take me for one, I’ll make you PRIVY to what I would do…
I’d have that picnic basket with Champagne awaiting you.
My friends have gone and done this, some even did RERUNs,
I cheer them on and take some pics, as soon as they’ve begun.
They tease me as the INFANT, the one afraid to try…
“Do I look like a PHOTON, no”…Is oft my battle cry.
“I’m happy waiting down here, you can tease me I don’t care,
I’m having quite a happy time, while you’re UP IN THE AIR”!🎈

Looking at today’s words, my first thought was how often does PHOTON come UP in conversation? I took a PHOTO…ON the beach? Not the same, right? So, I’m thinking PHOTON may be the word to hold some of us UP today. PRIVY may cause a tic or two also…And there’s a possibility they’re both new words besides. I couldn’t find them in the records I have, but again, I use the JUST JUMBLE APP a lot, so for me, the words sometimes get blurred. Ok, on to our cartoon! Today we’re out in an open field, seeing two men discussing WEATHER or KNOT they should go UP in their HOT AIR BALLOON. Their apprehension stems from the fact that there are STORMS  showing in the atmosphere, and they’re using a WEATHER TRACKING website to guide them. So with our question asking if the WEATHER would be CLEAR? Our answer is UP IN THE AIR! Good one, David…So good in fact, that we’ve heard it before! Really! Last year we had two puzzles dealing with HOT AIR BALLOONS. One was in November…And the other, on July 8th, 2017?  The solution for that puzzle was: UP IN THE AIR! Talk about a Sweet Repeat! So I ask you, Jumble Guys..Has this ever happened before?

Ok eye candy…I’m running very late besides being a little under the WEATHER myself today…So, even though I like the detailed image of the WEATHER conditions on the iPad our balloonist is holding, and his hat is cute, with its little HOT AIR BALLOON emblem, the only thing lighting a FIRE UNDER me this morning? Would the BALLOON be FIRED UP like that while it was still on the ground? Someone enLIGHTEN me…please! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And don’t let anything BRING YOU DOWN...🎈🙋🏻



35 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/20/2018

    • Good Morning, Early Risers! UP before the sun is, in Indiana, I see! I have sunrise already here in NYC, and it looks to be a beautiful day. I wish you both the same! You’re very welcome, and we’re glad we can be of help…Prune would definitely have put a different spin on things, wouldn’t it? 😉 🙋🏻


  1. The technician used a PHOTON detector to enhance the quality of the film so that a RERUN of a famous sitcom would show more clearly the INFANT bear peeking out of the farmhouse PRIVY.
    Where does Dave come up with these words and in this combination? The dreaded prefix RE slowed me down with RERUN and PHOTON??? A word I have hear maybe once in my life?
    The solution was not difficult with all those short words and help from the cartoon.
    Love your song Angela–I think of it often when I see children losing their balloons either at the mall or at a backyard party.
    Your poem reflects my attitude toward hot air ballooning also—no way for me—seen too many stories of balloons gone awry.
    Sorry you are not feeling the warmth and wonderfulness of our weather today and wish you wrap up the week more worthily.

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    • Good Morning, Earl. Au contraire, my colorful cohort! I most certainly am enjoying this cool, clear morning! Have I incorrectly given you cause to think otherwise? 😉 It’s just that I have workmen here since 6AM, and I’m running behind schedule…while fighting the pollen…But I’m trying to stay ABOVE things just the same! I’m laughing at your feelings toward PHOTON, since I opened my post with that exact thought! I put that last piece up late, so if you haven’t read it, go back and take a look…There’s something relating to your comment about where does Dave come UP with these words…You, on the other hand, have me LOL! They were odd words to work with, weren’t they? Put yourself in my place! I sat and stared for quite a while thinking how do I include PHOTON and INFANT into a rhyming scheme about HOT AIR BALLOONS? 😂😂 But we’ve both gotten it OFF THE GROUND, haven’t we? Thanks for the Shout Out and the Poem Nom, and I’m glad you enjoyed the song choice today. It’s one of those happy UPLIFTING tunes, that never gets old..LOVE your alliteration…So, I’m wishing you a wonderful day to end the week, and when you’re out there today walking amongst the weeds and the wild flowers, will you take a wink of a moment to wonder whether or not the weather will remain as warm as it is? I’ll wait…😂😂 Have a great one, Earl! 🎈🙋🏻


      • Earl? Is this you? Out and about on a different device and replying to Caroline and I? I’m having a hard enough time this morning keeping my head ABOVE water! 😉 Anonymous may result in drowning! 🎈🙋🏻


  2. Morning, all –
    Like Earl, I had some trouble with RERUN and PHOTON and had to back into both. Photon is a word I know but don’t really understand. Photonics and optics are big in Rochester. Wishing all a great day.

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    • Yes Caroline—photonics is the up and coming thing here in what used to be the Flour City then became the Kodak City and the Xerox City and for ever the Flower City because of the lilacs. People are predicting that Rochester may become the center for photonics, whatever that really means?

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      • Earl, this must be a post of yours. You really know this region and help me to appreciate it more. Yeah, we’ll have to see how the plan works out.

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      • LOL…Caroline, I just left a post to the second comment coming up as Anonymous! It sure sounds like Earl, doesn’t it? 🙋🏻


    • Good Morning, Caroline. I failed to mention in my post that I didn’t come across RERUN either while searching words this morning. I did the post piecemeal because I have so much going on here. But for some reason, the answer seemed so familiar to me, so I went searching more for the past HOT AIR BALLOON puzzles. And once I saw that we had the exact same answer as the one in July, the rest went UP IN THE AIR! 😉 All I found this morning was INFANT, last used on 12/30/17. RERUN doesn’t seem a new word though, but then again, as I said, I blur so many words because I use the APP to play.. I’m working on trying to see what’s really new today and what’s not…As for PHOTON? I saw the word immediately, but as far as knowing what to do with it? That was UP IN THE AIR too! 😂 I worked it into my poem, and if it’s questioned? I’m pleading Poetic License! 😂 This isn’t Physics 101, right? Right! 😂 We have enough to deal with just unscrambling these words…let alone explaiing them! 😂 Wishing you a great day too, Caroline! Be well! 🎈🙋🏻


      • LOL!! Caroline, I knew enough about it to know it had to do with light and energy, and I figured..”What the Hay.”! …The atmosphere has to do with light and energy, right? Well that’s good enough for me! 😂 Physics? WAYYYYY OVER my head! 😉 Thanks for the Shout Out! I try! …Now if we can just find out if that is Earl UNDERcover…We’ll be OFF to a good day! 🎈🙋🏻


    • Good Morning, Professor! The solution was a gift…Cute little 2 and 3 letter words! And PHOTON and RERUN seem to be RUNNING neck and neck…Still UP IN THE AIR though…it’s a little too early to call it yet…Hope you’re having a good one, Chuck! 🎈🙋🏻


  3. Rerun tripped me up this morning . No misprint in my paper but my eyes and brain saw a p instead of an r and I came up with prune, so like others I had to take a second look after I figured out the cartoon answer. That’s what I love about the Jumble puzzles. It keeps one from getting too complacent. Happy Friday everyone!!

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    • Good morning, Betty! Looks like another notch in the belt for RERUN, albeit under different circumstances! I really didn’t peg it for a stumper today, but it looks like it’s taking FLIGHT! Have a good one, Betty! Ciao! 🎈🙋🏻


  4. Hi all – I got the answer right away, but all the words slowed me down today. Took a minute to convince myself that the first was indeed a word. I’m not PRIVY to the Jumble guys’ intentions, but had to wonder if Earl’s Anglophilia seeped through to them. Glad we didn’t see a privy council in the privy.
    Then had to play with prefixes to see, in order, PHOTON, RERUN and INFANT.

    Having minored in physics, and having Richard Feynman (who developed the theory of QED which explains essentially exactly the behavior of light) as a personal hero, I was a bit exasperated that it took me extra time to come up with PHOTON, although optics was my worst class. Anyway, if they lifted up the basket and took a picture, they might CMOS growing under there.

    Angela, I do like the Fifth Dimension and “Up up and away”, but once when I was in a casino in Reno they were having a promotion with balloon posters on the walls and that song repeating about every ten minutes, and it definitely caused overload after awhile.

    Enjoy your day, and the return of baseball games for you fans.


    • What’d’ya expect? You were in a Casino…everything’s a Crap Shoot! 😉 👏🏻👏🏻..On the CMOS! Have a good one,,G! 🎈🙋🏻


    • Good one Steve—I missed the opportunity to use PRIVY in the sense you caught.
      Why don’t you compose a sentence with: INFANT PRIVY PHOTON and RERUN for us? I’ll give you the opening:
      The newest member of the PRIVY Council brought her INFANT daughter
      You do the rest……..

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      • Wow Earl, you’re not taking it easy on me, considering today’s words and the fact that my good sentences only come around every couple of months or so! 😂 (I don’t know how you do it every day.) I couldn’t complete your sentence, but I’ll try this instead:

        Shining the ultraviolet PHOTON detector on the diaper showed the mother that she had to quickly RERUN her INFANT back to the PRIVY. 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • 👏🏻👏🏻 Well done, Grasshopper!…But the question remains…What’s she feeding that poor kid? 😉🙋🏻


  5. Angela and Caroline–
    Yes those two “anonymous” posts were from me. Explanation: I normally use my desktop PC to post to this blog or at times my iPad. Today I took a break from walking and saw the posts from the two of you and decided to respond on my iPhone—which I never use to post. Well, as you can see, I need to be more cognizant of which device I am using and what to do when using it..
    Are we good?
    It’s almost scary that both of you can “out” me on the basis of what I post and where.

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    • LOL…I knew you were on a different device..Busted! 😂 Can’t help recognizing you..You have a unique tone…After a while one can “read” a person…Have a good one, Earl!

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  6. Hi, all! I knew the cartoon answer immediately and the first clue word, but the other 3 words made me use my thinking cap, even an easy one like RERUN with the hardest one for me being PHOTON, which I called “a STEVE THE SCIENCE MAN word.” Just returned from an annual check-up dr. apt., lunch out with Jerry, and now headed for a long, summer siesta. It’s 108 out there!!


  7. Hi, Steve! I loved your cheerful comments to me of coincidences concerning monsoons & music, and I loved the song, “…Before I Go.” The mellow guitar playing, peaceful singing, and enjoyable lyrics are all beautiful to me. Thank you!!


  8. I got PHOTON easily because it is a weapon in the Star Trek universe…The energy output of a photon torpedo, according to the Technical Manuals is a maximum theoretical yield of 25 Isotons and a maximum rated yield of 18.5 Isotons. According to the TNG Technical Manual, photon torpedoes use 1.5 kg of matter and 1.5 kg of antimatter. Apparently it is also in the Star Wars universe…The proton torpedo was a type of ordnance used throughout the galaxy. Its most notable use was during the Battle of Yavin, when Luke Skywalker destroyed the first Death Star by launching a pair of proton torpedoes into a thermal exhaust port.

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    • Hi Clay…Ok, here’s the deal…I’ve never seen a Star Trek episode, nor a Star Wars movie…So. Except for these Isotoner gloves mentioned of which I’ve many pairs…I got nothin’ as we say in Brooklyn! ..Hope you’re having a good night! 🙋🏻


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