Jumble Answers for 07/20/2018






PRI   EUN   IA   HT   =   UP IN THE AIR 

Good Morning, Everyone!             🎈 AIR OR THERE? 🎈

🎶 Would you like to ride in my beautiful BALLOON…Would you like to ride in my beautiful BALLOON? We could float among the stars together, you and I…For we can fly, we can fly…UP, UP AND AWAY…My beautiful, my beautiful BALLOON. The world’s a nicer place in my beautiful BALLOON…It wears a nicer face in my beautiful BALLOON…We can sing a song and sail along the silver sky…For we can fly, we can fly…..UP UP AND AWAY…My beautiful, my beautiful BALLOON…🎶 “Up, Up and Away” – The 5th Dimension 1967 

🎈 Hot Air Ballooning…loved by some, while others shy away,
Exciting sure but just the same on ground a lot will stay.
Take me for one, I’ll make you PRIVY to what I would do…
I’d have that picnic basket with Champagne awaiting you.
My friends have gone and done this, some even did RERUNs,
I cheer them on and take some pics, as soon as they’ve begun.
They tease me as the INFANT, the one afraid to try…
“Do I look like a PHOTON, no”…Is oft my battle cry.
“I’m happy waiting down here, you can tease me I don’t care,
I’m having quite a happy time, while you’re UP IN THE AIR”!🎈

Looking at today’s words, my first thought was how often does PHOTON come UP in conversation? I took a PHOTO…ON the beach? Not the same, right? So, I’m thinking PHOTON may be the word to hold some of us UP today. PRIVY may cause a tic or two also…And there’s a possibility they’re both new words besides. I couldn’t find them in the records I have, but again, I use the JUST JUMBLE APP a lot, so for me, the words sometimes get blurred. Ok, on to our cartoon! Today we’re out in an open field, seeing two men discussing WEATHER or KNOT they should go UP in their HOT AIR BALLOON. Their apprehension stems from the fact that there are STORMS  showing in the atmosphere, and they’re using a WEATHER TRACKING website to guide them. So with our question asking if the WEATHER would be CLEAR? Our answer is UP IN THE AIR! Good one, David…So good in fact, that we’ve heard it before! Really! Last year we had two puzzles dealing with HOT AIR BALLOONS. One was in November…And the other, on July 8th, 2017?  The solution for that puzzle was: UP IN THE AIR! Talk about a Sweet Repeat! So I ask you, Jumble Guys..Has this ever happened before?

Ok eye candy…I’m running very late besides being a little under the WEATHER myself today…So, even though I like the detailed image of the WEATHER conditions on the iPad our balloonist is holding, and his hat is cute, with its little HOT AIR BALLOON emblem, the only thing lighting a FIRE UNDER me this morning? Would the BALLOON be FIRED UP like that while it was still on the ground? Someone enLIGHTEN me…please! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And don’t let anything BRING YOU DOWN...🎈🙋🏻