Jumble Answers for 05/06/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!      🔌🎚HOW COOL IS THIS? 🎚🔌

🎶 They got an HEIR CONDITIONER for when I’m hot…A RADIATOR for when I’m not…Two big chairs sittin’ side by side, with a Holy bible and a TV guide…TV guide, TV guide, great God o’ mighty…It’s a TV guide….🎶

🔌🎚We just got in from a long day, the parties back to back…
The Derby and the Cinco crowds, I need to hit the sack.
If I eat just one more NIBBLE, I think that I may burst…
And I need to get out of these heels, cause man, do my calves hurt.
The Air Condition’s blasting, and I’ve GOTTEN quite a chill…
So I’m opening the windows, let the fresh air the rooms fill.
Then I see the puzzle for today, IRONIC comes to mind.
‘Cause air condition is the theme that we are going to find!
Or is the word coincidence? I blur them quite a lot,
Sometimes my friend may HOLLER that what I call one is not.
But I liken it to gambling, a CASINO game of dice…
Using one word when the other is the one that would suffice…
Hmm…Before I lose my train of thought, and God knows where that ends
I better do this write up..(And I’m squeezing in OFFEND)…
Let’s see what’s with our family and the business that’s transitioning…
And concentrate on dealing with today’s theme “HEIR” CONDITIONING! 🎚🔌

Early Sunday morning, and I’m looking at today’s words. Old favorites, and pretty easy, BREEZY, right? Or did you think you’d NOT GET GOTTEN? We’re you put OFF by OFFEND? What about CASINO? Now if I had to put my money on the ODD word for today, that would be the one I’d BET on…But you know what really BLEW me away about today’s words? The onslaught of double consonants! Two “F”s in OFFEND, two “B”s in NIBBLE. two “T”s in GOTTEN, and two “L”s in HOLLER! And in each word, they go together! Now how COOL is that? I don’t believe we’ve ever seen this before! I mean I wouldn’t take a VOW..EL, maybe I would! But it is quite a coincidence, right? Anyway…Let’s not put this OFF any longer, and just RUN over to our cartoon. Today Jeff is showing us a Father, Mr. JOHNSON, with his son, JR, and his daughter, FRIA, at their place of BUSINESS. Looking CLOSEly, we see their names are written on their name tags. FRIA! It means cold! You PLUGGED a real good one in there, Jeff! Well done! The cartoon shows that Mr. JOHNSON has DRAFTed  a new sign announcing that he’s formed a new BUSINESS: JOHNSON FAMILY HEATING & COOLING. By the happy looks on everyone’s faces, you can almost feel the TEMPERATURE changing in the room. You get that WARM fuzzy feeling…Nice to see him create a LEGACY for his kids….Makes you a little MISTy eyed, doesn’t it? Yea, gives you CHILLS! Anyway, he’s shown HEIR with his two HEIRS. Cute. We can see JR, screwdriver in hand, announcing that he’s just fixed the HEATING/COOLING unit in the picture. He NAILed it too! His Father taught him well… And our question GOES ON to ask…what would you call what Mr. JOHNSON is giving his kids? …”HEIR” CONDITIONING! Well flip the switch, there’ll be no COOLING our heels with this one! We got our solution! Good one, David! That word “conditioning” just FLUE right off the page! Ok so, with all our DUCTS now in a row…let’s move on to the eye candy…I like Mr. JOHNSON’S mustache, but you don’t have to be a SEER to know we’ve seen too many mustaches already. I like the little name plate on the HVAC unit...but I don’t think I’ll put it into the SCRIPT…There’s the two symbols on the sign: The sun, and the winter branches of a tree…Definitely RAISES the bar, and of course there’s JR’s screwdriver, but mentioning it again might be a little TOOL much..So, I guess that leaves the coil wiring and what I think is an adapter or a capacitor on the floor…I’ll go with those. Not that I’m a big FAN, but mostly because I need to WRAP this up…So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And be COOL..🎚🔌🙋🏻