Jumble Answers for 05/02/2018








Happy Wednesday, Jumble players! I didn’t have a chance to do the Jumble while I was away on vacation so I have an extra week’s worth of puzzles to do later on today. I couldn’t help but peek at a few of the cartoons and it looks like I’m in for a real treat! I’ll keep it brief this morning so I can get back up to speed with all that I’ve missed.

The first three clue words in today’s game were immediately visible. What caught my attention was that they all had a “Y” in the layout. If you’re a new visitor and had trouble with any of those Jumbles, my “Y trick” might have helped you out. If you see a “Y” in the puzzle, place it at the end of the word and work through the rest of the letters for the solution. It worked on two of the three words today so it doesn’t hurt to keep repeating that tip. WEASEL took a few extra seconds before it came into view so it’s my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. The two E’s followed by the S had me looking for words beginning with SE but nothing came to mind. As soon as I tried the W, the rest of the word just fell into place.

Today’s cartoon had a lot of dialogue in the middle of the panel so I couldn’t help but read it first. We discover that a small child doesn’t want to go to bed and he keeps asking questions to delay the inevitable. Dad looks thoroughly perturbed with his arms crossed at his chest while mom offers up a teddy bear to help lull her little one to sleep. Looking at all of the toys spread out on the floor shows us that the little guy was having too much fun and sleep won’t be coming anytime soon. On the floor we see a jump rope, a couple of socks, a shirt, a toy car and a frisbee. My favorite detail of this cartoon was the contrast in the eyes between mother and son. Her eyelids are almost completely closed while his are wide open and ready to keep the good times rolling!

The final solve was on the easier side with only 7 letters to work with. The YGU in the middle of the anagram allowed me to see GUY immediately leaving WHYS to be found shortly thereafter. It may not have been much of a challenge, but it made for a very satisfying finish. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!