Jumble Answers for 05/12/2018








Good Saturday morning, Jumble friends! There’s no better way to start the weekend than with the Jumble puzzle. During the week I’m usually in a rush to put up the post before having to focus my attention on something else — but knot today! I took my time with the solve and what a gem of a puzzle it turned out to be.

I don’t recall the last time that I’ve been stumped by the first three clue words so I was both shocked and surprised. OUTWIT was the only word that was immediately visible so I decided to start my solve in reverse. Remembering the “Y” trick allowed me to find BAKERY after a few moments of just staring at the leftover letters. If you’re a first time visitor to this website, please allow me to explain what the “Y” trick is all about. If you find yourself stumped on an anagram that contains a “Y”, chances are it will be the last letter of the word. By placing it at the end of your layout you eliminate a letter which often times is all it takes for the solution to come into view. Next up was BISON and it ended up taking the longest to figure out so it’s my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. The “Y” trick didn’t work on YOUTH so a few self-jumbles got the job done. With the quartet of clue words complete, it was time for the cartoon.

Today’s panel takes place just outside of a home on a walkway. We see a man attempting to comfort a young girl that is seated on the ground and crying. Reading the dialogue and sentence we discover that the reason for her tears is that her brother tied her shoelaces together and she can’t untie them herself. Dad is furious at his son and instructs him to go inside and reflect upon his actions.

Just look at how sweet and innocent that little girl looks. From the cute flower on her shirt to that tiny tear upon her cheek, Jeff did a wonderful job stirring our emotions and getting us to feel sorry for her. And look at the way he chose to draw her brother. He looks mischievous in that dark colored Punisher t-shirt and hair that partially covers his eyes. Dad is surely going to have his hands full with this sibling rivalry for many years to come.

The letter layout kept the final solution well hidden, but BOY came into view with the letters being so close together. A few mental swirls of the remaining letters brought KNOTTY into view giving us a very satisfying finish. Have a spectacular Saturday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!