Jumble Answers for 08/25/2018






T   CM   LY   AI   =  “CLAM-ITY

Good Morning, Everyone!                   🍲 AW, SHUCKS! 🍲

🎶 Hey everybody gather round…Listen to that bongo sound, Grab the first one in your reach…Now we’re going to shake the beach. Do the CLAM, do the CLAM…Grab your barefoot Baby by the hand…Turn and tease, hug and squeeze…Dig right in and do the CLAM…Dig right in and do the CLAM…🎶 “Do The Clam” – Elvis  1965

🍲 I love making Clam Chowder, I love Seafood per se,
So many fresh varieties to cook such different ways…
The first time I heard Quahog, I thought it very strange,
A clam’s a clam…be CANDID here…why must the name be changed?
Like LAWYER and Attorney, who needs so many words?
The synonyms we use each day are sometimes for the birds!
An indentation’s called a NOTCH, there’s many words like this,
I’m going off the subject here…Let me get back to Fish…
The Clams ran out, panic ensues…is what we’re seeing here…
The Chef’s upset..(I’m thinking…do I need a COMMA there)?
With Quahogs being big and bold, they need these great big pots…
You’re making Chowder for a crowd? You need to make a lot.
So what became of this days’ fare…perhaps they served spaghetti?
Oh wait…Seafood? They’d still need clams! Just more and more “CLAM-ITY”! 🍲

Today’s words, while nothing to get STEAMED about, have SERVED up a few little  quirks. We have two words beginning with a SEA, COMMA and CANDID, and they both “C”ontain double “C”onsonants. A 4-C situation! NOTCH and LAWYER have very recently appeared, both in the same week…June 25th and 29th respectfully…and are now showing up in the same puzzle! Sweet Repeats taken to the exSTREAM, wouldn’t you say? As I said, just a few little quirks, for those of you who like to DIG a little DEEPer, and CHOW down with your words. And our CATCH of the day? Hmm…Perhaps LAWYER? But the jury’s still out…

Ok, our cartoon: Finding ourselves in a Restaurant Kitchen, we come upon a pretty DEEP SEA-N…The restaurant, “IT’S CHOWDER THIS WORLD“, known for CHEF ANN’s Famous CLAM CHOWDER, has run out of QUAHOGS, which is just a bigger word, for bigger CLAMS. And it SEAms to be at the worst posSEAble time…With orders still coming in, the Sous Chef, SHELLY, announces..”We’re Out”, and is left holding the bag. Or in this case, the empty Tray! What will they do? Did no one foreSEA this? Was someone being SHELL FISH? Should ANN be wearing a Hair NET? …So many questions…But the one in answer to our Puzzle? It was a …”CLAM-ITY”! Mmm..I mean Hmm…Ok, I’ll just spit it out…No use walking on eggSHELLS here…David, it’s a cute pun, but I think it’s just a little HALF BAKED! CaLAM-ITY….SHORE, I get it, but “A“! …You really went FISHING for this one, no?

Anyway, eye candy…Two boiling pots are shown, one ladled, flames flickering beneath them, and four empty SHELLS lie on the sideboard. We see SHELLY, FISHING around, hoping to SEA FOOD, with that….”OY…’STERS no more CLAMS” look on his face…We have our waitress, PEARL, in her SPAGHETTI tie, calling for two more orders, as she adds them to the ORDER WHEEL, and adds to the PEARL pressure. In the background, SILTing at tables, we SEA three diners, the SOLE woman, highly animated. On the table, salt and pepper shakers FLANK a bud vase. But the MAIN COURSE here today? It has to be ANN…Raising her MUSSELed arm, holding her head, GRITting her teeth. Wanting to scream..”SHELL no“!…She’s just so unSHORE of what to do next…She’s a virtual FISH OUT OF WATER! SHUCKS, I wish I could KELP…Just how will this end??? TUNA in next time, Folks, and we SHELL SEA!…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…Never get TIDE down by the PIER pressure of life…Come out of your SHELL…and make WAVES! 🍲🙋🏻

🙏🏻 Prayers for Hawaii 🙏🏻