Jumble Answers for 12/01/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!            🏈 THE FORWARD PASS 🏈

🎶 We love to watch the kickoff as the game begins, Pretty cheerleaders and las’ minute wins…The screaming crowd and the linebacker’s stare…Scrambling QUARTERBACKS and signals in the air…Big hits are coming, the ‘backs are cutting inside…Everybody turns it up Monday night…Are you ready
Are you ready…Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?…🎶 “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over (For Monday Night Football)” – Hank Williams, Jr. 1984  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=718swIfZKtY

🏈 While drafting Football players from College to the Pros,
I’m sure a lot of early thoughts are back where their mind goes…
They called him MOOSE, and the name stuck, a FACTOR was his size,
And SCREWY as it may have seemed, he tried not to surmise.
But dreams come true and now he wears the jersey and the PANTS, 
And playing in the NFL, he’ll soon hear all the chants.
‘Cause he’s achieved a lifelong dream that’s put him in a class…
With Quarterbacks who also saw their fame had COME TO PASS! 🏈

Once again today, we’re seeing words that have PASSed through these pages before. Except for MOOSE which last appeared on March 23rd, the others are all from 2017; and all seemed easy enough to TACKLE this morning, SAVE for a slight FUMBLE with FACTOR…But it was easily REVERSEd. So let’s CHECK DOWN with our cartoon…

Finding ourselves at a news conference, today we see MOOSE, the new QUARTERBACK for the NFL “Jumblers“, standing at a podium emblazoned with the team’s name. From the AUDIBLE, we can hear the owner congratulating him, while three sports writers are standing ACROSS THE MIDDLE, listening and capturing the moment. There’s a screen OFFSIDE to the left, showing a CLIP from years ago, when the new draftee was a young kid playing for his schools’ team. He’s heard “predicting” that he’d be a “pro QUARTERBACK” one day, throwing those winning PASSES. And as surprised as MOOSE seems by the FOOTAGE, and the GAP of years that has gone by, he realizes that his dream has COME TO PASS. Good one, David…ROLLOUT the red carpet!

So, eye candy. Except for the GOAL POST shown in the old footage, and the humorous, ubiquitous “J” for Jumblers Football Team, the only real eye catcher is the #12 on the jersey worn by our QUARTERBACK, shown back then as black on a gold jersey, and now, as gold on a black one.  For those of you not familiar with the game, #12 is iconic for a couple of reasons. First, it was the number that Joe Namath wore. Namath transcended the game of football. He was a superstar on and off the field and a hero of the 60s’ counterculture. He was the face of the entire AFL.  Second, during the 1970s, the #12 received the lion’s share of the best air time available, the Super Bowl. Three of the greatest teams of that decade, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins employed QUARTERBACKS who wore #12. And for a generation that grew up watching Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach and Bob Griese, the “12” emblazoned across a chest was more iconic than a big red “S.” That may explain why todays’ QBs like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, who have both taken their teams to Super Bowl wins, don the sacred number. And that may explain why Jeff figured he just had to PITCHure it.  LATERALly! So, in light of all this, my POST POSITION for the eye candy today goes to that #12. So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! Bye, bye...GO LONG! 🏈🙋🏻