Jumble Answers for 02/01/2019







Good Morning, Everyone!      🎳  STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT 🎳

🎶 Rolling down the alley…Anticipating [the] tally…Rolling down the alley, BOWLING Sally and me…The score will show we are pretty bad, but look at all the fun we’ve had…Rolling down the alley…My Sally and me…🎶 “Bowling Song” – Joe Montgomery 1957    https://tinyurl.com/y9ads8bz

🎳 These bowlers clad in matching shirts, are looking like league mates,
We see them trying hard to set a morning bowling date.
One TIDIER than the other, they both appear quite calm…
I’m CONNED to think Florida’s the scene, because I’m seeing palms…
Their team name is OMEGA, but trust that they’re not last,
Bob, shown at left’s called WIPER…he’s cleaned up in the past.
And Dan who sits relaxing, hot coffee in his cup,
Appears to like a later start, he’s not that early up.
They’ve scheduled a Monday…that seems their paradigm…
Now all that’s left for them to do is just PIN DOWN A TIME…🎳

…I’m trying to PIN DOWN some TIME myself…I overslept, and now I’m caught up in a bit of a scheduling dilemma. So I’m going to take care of some business here, grab that cup of coffee, and I’ll be back in a little while with plenty of TIME to SPARE…How about we meet back here at NINE…🎳🙋🏻

Searching the Archives for today’s words, I had a feeling I might not find CONNED or TIDIER…and I didn’t. New entries into the LEAGUE. Our other two words though are true Oldies but Goodies, both ROLLING way back to 2014. OMEGA, making its’ 6th appearance today, was last seen on October 18th, ’17, as Ogame, and WIPER, having appeared 4 TIMEs in the past, was last here on November 16th, ’16, where it was anagrammed as Riwep… And it was TIDIER that was AWARDed the “Three STRIKES you’re out” prize for the day, since it stumped 6 of the 11 Early Birds….But now, let’s switch LANES and get to our cartoon…

This morning Jeff’s brought us to a warmer climate, and to what appears to be a warm, comfortable friendship. Two wonderful things,  that especially in light of the weather, I think we’d all be happy to PIN our hopes on. Although we’ve had BOWLING as a theme in our puzzle 4 TIMEs last year, (the last being on November 5th), and twice in 2017, today it’s a little more personal. We see two men, identified by the names on their shirts, as BOB and DAN. Trying to PIN DOWN a date and TIME to meet for BOWLING, we overhear that 9 o’clock seems a little too early, and that 10 PLAYS out better, since Dan, seen doing the Jumble, needs the SPARE TIME. So in answer to our question? They need to...PIN DOWN A TIME...Good one, David…you’ve THROWN us another WIN!

  • Ok, eye candy…Where do I start? At first I was trying to PIN DOWN the two men, since it’s obvious they’re not the usual generic Jumble characters. I thought maybe they were Jeff or David’s Fathers, but it’s hard to gauge the ages of these men, and besides, I know that Jeff’s father is named Tom, and David’s is named Russell. So that was my first STRIKE…Whoever Bob and Dan are remains to be seen…Ok…Starting left with Bob…The shelf hanging near his head, shows 3 Trophies. A BOWLER in stance, 2 BOWLING PINS  with a BALL, and a PIN AWARDed in 1978,  for a 299 GAME and looking to be sponsored by Budweiser. I can make out the Bob on it, but the last name is indistinguishable. As is the writing on the 2nd trophy…If anyone of you can make out the lettering, please write in and let me know. Moving on to Dan…We see a Jumble coffee mug, with sTEAM emanating. Next to it we see a BOWLING BAG, with a CROWN logo, and a name below it that’s beginning with a “K”. I know that Brunswick uses a crown as its logo, but it’s a 3-pointed one, which thus Crown isn’t,  and then what’s the”K” for? So…STRIKES 2 and 3…so far! Dan has his newspaper opened before him, and on the left hand side, we see a Sudoku grid, with Family Circus beside it, and below it the Jumble he’s working on, in pencil. It shows Jeff and Gizmo. The opposite page, top to bottom, is showing 4 drawings, and they’re harder to decipher. I think it’s the comic strip “Pearls Before Swine“, since I’m seeing Rat,  the 2nd one I’m drawing a blank on, (Again, if anyone can identify it, please let me know), the 3rd reads ” Hi Angela” with a Smiley Face and signed “Jeff“, and the last is a drawing of 2 Snowmen, one of whom has lost his head, which is lying between them. This drawing looks very familiar…but I can’t put my FINGER on it…And I’m feeling like I’ve lost my head here too, for more reasons than one! There’s a lot to SPARE! So my eye candy today? I’ll let you guess… What do you think it is? So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And 🎶Let the Good Times Roll🎶…Shirley & Lee 1956   https://tinyurl.com/yab9yze2    🎳🙋🏻