Jumble Answers for 12/07/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!                🐛 GRUB-A-DUB-DUB 🐛

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on…🎶 “Space Oddity” – David Bowie 1969     https://tinyurl.com/y97ao3fn

🐛 As many of you surely know, Grubs in the grass remain
One of the things we dread to find, a gardeners true bane.
Those TORRID days we spend outdoors, trying to cultivate
A stretch of grass to GLOAT over, a display quite first rate…
We chase away the TOMCAT, the rabbits and such ilk…
Our SUNNY dispositions hoping to grow grass like silk.
But Grubs show up and oft times tend to definitely take its’ toll
And we’re left high and dry as we perform our GROUND CONTROL🐛

So, Fellow Jumblers, we’ve sucSEEDED in drawing another work week of Jumbling to a close…and as our week winds down, we find that all of todays’ words have been PLANTED here before. The one word that stopped 7 of the 11 Early Bird Jumblers dead in their TRACTS this morning, and had them SCRATCHING their heads, is TOMCAT, one of those oft times complicated compound words. …And it just so happens to be the oldest of the group today, having last appeared way back on August 6th, 2015, and anagrammed as MOACTT. There was also a very slight PAWS at TORRID, but GLOAT and SUNNY easily SHONE through…

Once again today, we find ourselves outdoors in a field of GRASS. Jeff’s LANDED us onto the GROUNDS of the Lyndon B Johnson Space Center, in Houston, Texas. This is where Spaceflight training, research and flight CONTROL take place. You know, the GROUND work…We see three LANDSCAPERS, one most likely an Environmental Engineer, whom I’ll call Tom Jones, and two other GROUNDSkeepers, named HOEmer and DRAKE. Tom is kneeling, as is Hoemer, inspecting the dead patches of GRASS that have been caused by GRUBS. It’s most likely mid-summer, (which is when we usually see this type of damage) and the white C-shaped larvae of various beetles and chafers, has unfortunately FEASTED themselves into our SOIL and eaten away at our GRASS ROOTS...We see Tom turning and HOEmer tugging on pieces of the TURF. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that when GRUBS are the culprits, the dead patch rolls up just like a carpet, and you can easily see that it has no roots. It’s totally ROOTless! But our dialogue is telling us, that desBLIGHT the presence of these intruders, our men stay calm and in CONTROL, and remain solidly GROUNDED. GRUB Spray is mentioned as a solution, and we feel assured that it’ll definitely sucSEED  in restoring the 🎶Green, Green Grass of Loam…🎶 So, in answer to our question…The LANDSCAPERS specialized in…GROUND CONTROL!…And that about COVERS IT! Good one, David…MEALY good one!

Ok, eye candy…We see two beige-bricked buildings, with a large structural sign identifying it as the Johnson Space Center. The NASA logo is featured, which is a Sphere representing a Planet, the Stars representing Space, the Red Chevron, in the alternate shape of the constellation Andromeda, (which is a Wing representing Aeronautics), and then the orbiting Spacecraft going around the Wing. There’s also a logo displayed on both HOEmer and Drakes hats, and HOEmers’ shirt, that appears to be a triangled Blade of GRASS. There’s a large black and white Aircraft at the backGROUND, off to the right. DRAKE, at left, is holding a rake, and a small utility bucket’s behind him. He’s wearing black PLANTS, I mean pants, and his shirt is teal. HOEmer, kneeling off to the right, wears jeans and a navy shirt. But it’s Tom who provides us with the candy today. He’s wearing white gloves…White gloves? To work in the GROUND? Hmm..I think we’ll need some exSTAINing here…He’s digging with a three-pronged Cultivator, and he’s a leftie! I’ll give you a big HAND for that Jeff! He’s dressed in black pants, to match his tie, a brown vest, and a white shirt. But the cute little treat that I KNEEded  to see this morning? He’s wearing khaki-colored KNEE PADS! I just really FELL for those! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! Bye, bye…GROW Long! 🐛🙋🏻