Jumble Answers for 01/04/2019







Good Morning, Everyone!            🛩 LEAP OF FAITH….AWAITS 🛩

🎶 Then JUMP…For my love…JUMP in, and feel my touch, JUMP if you want to taste my kisses in the night then...JUMP, JUMP, for my love…JUMP, JUMP…for my love..🎶 “Jump” – The Pointer Sisters 1983  https://tinyurl.com/yb87mt6e

🛩 I’m one of those who strongly feel that floating through the sky
Attached to strings and canvas is a sure fire way to die…
My GLOBAL sights are satisfied by looking at a map,
I’d rather have a MISFIT with some shoes or with a wrap…
I feel my sweat GLANDs acting up just thinking of a jump,
To leap out of an airplane makes me need an oxygen pump…
HENCE here I stand, feet on the ground, the way God has designed…
And late for lunch is more my speed regarding FALLING BEHIND!🛩

The only things new about today’s words are our anagrams, since collectively we’ve seen these words 11 times before. HENCE, comes in as our easiest solved, with GLOBAL holding the honor of being both our most recent at July 17th, and the hardest one to get past. 5 of the 11 Early Birds FELL BEHIND because of it…

Our cartoon today places us on an airstrip, which we learn is the location of a SKYDIVING SCHOOL. We see a man and a woman, looking terribly disappointed to hear that their lesson has been DELAYED. Another man, presumably the FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR is heard telling them that everything’s UP IN THE AIR, (PUN intended)…because both the MECHANIC and the PILOT missed their ETAs. The Mechanic called in sick and the Pilot’s late. Has he FLOWN the coop, or is it just a case of FALLING BEHIND SCHEDULE? We don’t know…The male student, is quiet, while the female is stating how she needs the JUMP for her certification. Certification? I’m thinking more along the LINEs of Certifiable! What is it with this seemingly sudden urge to Skydive? I mean we’ve always known it was there, but doesn’t it seem that lately every TIME you turn around someone else is FALLING for the idea, and making headlines with their head DIVES? Getting a RISE out of being strapped BEHIND another person and JUMPING out of an airplane? Seriously…don’t they see the GRAVITY of the situation? Personally, I just don’t get the attraction, and I do consider myself a pretty well-GROUNDED person. Anyway, that’s just my TAKE. OFF the mark? Perhaps. But in answer to our question, the DELAYS are a result of…FALLING BEHIND! Kudos, David…it SOAR is a good one!

Ok, eye candy…The aforementioned looks on the Students faces..mouths WIDE OPEN. Both have Parachutes strapped on their backs. The Instructor, looking sharp in his black FLIGHT Jacket and blue cap matching his pants, is holding a WRENCH. Hmm. A Wrench? Is he an Instructor? His cap displays a tiny Parachute! How CHUTE! There’s the Grassy field…and a Black silhouetted Control Tower. A Light Beige Airplane…But here’s where things get a little FLIGHTY…Back at the Plane? There’s a ladder, and a man in a red cap standing on it. He’s intently looking into the engine well, with his tongue hanging out, showing his degree of concentration…But I thought the Mechanic called in sick…So who is he then? And now that I mention it? Why’s our guy UP FRONT holding the Wrench? This opens up a whole new Pandora’s Tool Box, don’t you think? And the Wrench? Mikita? DeWalt? No, it’s the JUMBLE Brand! Hmm..What kind of a School is this anyway? The FLY BY NIGHT Skydiving School? Well, I guess it’s better than the School of HARD KNOCKS, right?  So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And always remember…CHUTEing off  our mouths when we’re faced with an unforeseen DELAY is never the best move…Don’t let it go on reCORD that you cause adRIFT…Better to remain calm, FLY under the radar and just stay GROUNDED…🛩🙋🏻