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Happy Wednesday, Jumble fans! Let’s all give a warm welcome to HOBBLE for making its debut appearance into gameplay this morning. Our other three words were tried and true classics that were immediately visible upon first glance. LIVAT was the only anagram that has definitely been used before and I had to go all the way back to 5/17/16 to find it. Early voting in the poll indicates that MEADOW was the hardest to solve but I didn’t have to struggle with it in the least. It was also the oldest clue word of the pack with an in-use date of 4/3/17 while STOMP clocks in as the most recent on 5/22/18.

Jumble artist, Jeff Knurek, decided to give his usual Jumble characters the day off and instead gave us a cartoon featuring four furry friends. The sizes of the three deer pales in comparison to that of the singular gigantic moose that takes up almost half of the space within the panel. Our cartoon sentence sets up the final solve by making no mention of the moose which was our first big clue for today.

The moose can be seen looking at his watch where he realizes that he’s running late. Zooming in on the watch, the display reads 1:07 which most likely means that he’s 7 minutes late to depart. Jeff also gave us a fun fact by having the deer inquire if it’s true that he can run 55 kilometers per hour. A quick search revealed that they indeed can run at that speed but not for any sustainable length of time. Their trot, however, is approximately 20 MPH which is faster than the average man can run. They are also very adept at swimming and can reach speeds of 6 MPH for up to two hours!

The final solution consisted of an anagram that was 12-letters in length. As I previously mentioned, the word MOOSE was nowhere to be found so I was able to quickly cross out those letters. HAD and TO were found next leaving VA to complete the puzzle. David could have made this one a whole lot harder (and perhaps even punnier) had he not separated VA and MOOSE, but I’m sure he would have received a ton of angry email in return. Either way, it truly was an AMOOSING puzzle! Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!





21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/13/2019

  1. The MEADOW seemed to be a VITAL milieu for the MOOSE to STOMP and the newly born to HOBBLE in.

        • Have you ever seen one up close? I nearly had a run in with one a couple years ago while traveling in the north country of NH late at night. I was cruising along at about 40 mph and slammed on my brakes after noticing a large object up ahead in the roadway. After coming to a stop, the big galoot didn’t care in the least and just stood there until I started honking my horn. He then lazily wandered off into the woods without a care in the world!

    • Ah, Chuck..👏🏻👏🏻 It beHOOVES me to applaud your enDEERing entry! ANTLER doing a great job again today! 🌟🙋🏻

  2. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone. Here you go, Chuck….🐂🙋🏻

    ° Caught up in some brambles while walking through the MEADOW, he was forced to STOMP his foot down on something…resulting in bleeding, a HOBBLE, an ankle as swollen as a MOOSE hoove, and the realization that a First Aid Kit is VITAL…

    ° He longed to learn some dance steps that were popular in the 60’s
    To do more than just HOBBLE ’round…a fool for all to see.
    The wedding drawing closer, his date light on her feet,
    He lied and told her he could dance…and now he was dead meat.
    ‘Twas VITAL that he learned the STOMP, Watusi and the Twist,
    So many different dances that he saw upon the list.
    The wedding in a MEADOW, it’s not like he could hide…
    They’re putting up a dance floor at least a mile wide!
    So practice long and hard he must, just hoping to get loose,
    And if he failed he worried than that he HAD TO “VA-MOOSE”!

      • Thanks, Chuck. LOL…He may very well be. As are my 3 friends named Moose, and my one female friend who wishes to remain anonyMOOSE..Jane DOE! 😉🙋🏻

    • Here’s a ‘60s dance step for you!
      🎵”The kids in Bristol are sharp as a pistol
      When they do the Bristol STOMP
      Really somethin when the joint is jumpin
      When they do the Bristol STOMP”🎵

  3. Good morning. Enroute to A/C. Had another successful solve. Vital was the hardest word for me. Cartoon was another cute one. Not a blind solve though. On bus will try to get back later.

  4. Meadow was a problem for me as well,but then it suddenly popped into my head.With the moose in the cartoon,had to va- moose was also a quick solve.

    • Do you remember the EMPA-NADA’S puzzle from 11/16/18, Chuck? It was during guest Jumbler week and it caused quite a few complaints from other players. Today’s game was much easier even though it was along the same lines. I’m happy to see that you nailed it! 🙂

  5. Mike. My understanding is that some of these huge antlered animals won’t even budge for a freight train. Crazy!!

  6. Hi all – What now seems like the easiest word took me the longest – STOMP for some reason. Everything else came easily.

    This must be a scene in the Canadian wilderness if they’re measuring their speeds in KPH.

    Not much else to comment on, so I’ll just wish you all a great day and go off-topic.

    Caroline and Mike – Aboard the International Space Station yesterday:
    Captain: “Dragon Capsule, we specifically requested Peet’s coffee.”
    Dragon: “I’m afraid not, Dave.”
    Crew to each other: “Uh-oh.” 😂

    And here’s something from yesterday – I don’t know whether you’ve heard about the petition to change CVS pharmacy’s on-hold music. It’s horrible and distorted and hasn’t been changed since 2000 – it makes calling them an awful experience –
    “A Harvard Psychiatrist’s Plea To CVS: Please, Please Change Your Hold Music”:

    Well, I had to laugh when I experienced a counterexample. I called a local hospital to straighten out a billing issue, and not only did they answer quickly and were helpful, but when *they* had to put me on hold for a minute, their music was Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Looking Out My Back Door” and The Doobie Brothers’ “Listen To The Music”! 🎵🎵 😂

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