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Good Morning, Everyone!     💰 ODDS…AND BREAKING EVEN 💰

🎶CHANCES ARE ’cause I wear a silly grin the moment you come into view…CHANCES ARE you think that I’m in love with you…Guess you feel you’ll always be the one and only one for me…And if you think you could…Well, CHANCES ARE your CHANCES ARE awfully good…🎶 “Chances Are” – Johnny Mathis 1957 https://tinyurl.com/y543kjff

💰The year was 1974 and Scratch-Off tickets hit…
An everyone was interested and wanted to try it.
The ADVENT of a new thing always comes with such a thrill,
And when there is no HICCUP it’s more exciting still.
After the FROSTY winter of 1973,
You walked by every newsstand, and there with EQUITY,
You now could buy a candy bar of chocolate and CASHEW,
And sort through all the Scratch-Offs to pick the best for you.
And with the odds to some DEGREE you just may have a shot,
To win yourself some money…maybe even that big pot…
These tickets with the chance to win…”instantly” done on purpose,
They reeled us in, as we now know…it only SCRATCHED THE SURFACE💰

No new words amongst our 6 today, but a few little quirks as I like to call them. The 2 previous times we’ve seen DEGREE, David offered them to us both times with all 3Es printed together. I think today’s anagram is more of a challenge. 4 of the Early Birds saw it as Dredge, and that might have been David’s strategy all along, since presenting it to read as Drege, does bring Dredge to mind. ADVENT has only appeared once before, in 2017, and CASHEW last seen on March 9th,’18 comes in as our most recent word, with its’ 4th appearance. We’ve seen EQUITY last in June ’17, anagrammed exactly as it is today, and going back to 2014, it’s the all-time oldest of our days’ entries. And HICCUP has been seen 5 times between 2015 through 2017. Which leaves us FROSTY…oddly enough appearing in both February and March of 2017, and both times as STORYF.

Today we find ourselves back in time to the year 1974. We’re at a newsstand, where we see a young woman having just won money from an INSTANT LOTTERY TICKET. https://tinyurl.com/hc67eab   The proprietor, who doesn’t look like our average Jumble character, left me SCRATCHING my head for a while, but I eventually give up trying to identify him. He’s heard telling our winner that the new SCRATCH-OFF TICKETS have been a big success. And a third character, standing at the window, is equally caught up in the frenzy, and asks to buy a ticket also. The solution came to me immediately, thinking SCRATCH, going by the word “just“…and knowing how popular the tickets are today...The launch just..SCRATCHED THE SURFACE…Good one David..”Yea, that’s the TICKEThttps://tinyurl.com/y3swnj53

Ok…Eye Candy. It’s kind of fun, seeing the little things that can’t possibly be 45 years old, can they? The pleated powder blue mini-skirt worn with the pink turtleneck and knee-high black boots. The aviator-type glasses are also a nice throwback. The man at the window, dressed in a suit and tie. The proprietor wearing a diamondcheckerboard polo…There’s the Candy Stand, but unfortunately it’s all shaded in beige…But it’s showing what looks like Black Jack gum at top left and another brand beside it. The 2nd shelf could be holding rolls of Necco candies. Marathon candy bars adorn the 3rd shelf, and the bottom shelf offers up Hershey bars and Baby Ruths. Above the stand, the cash register reads “.00” But the winning TICKET? It’s the TICKET. Jeff’s drawn it with lines of illumination surrounding it…It’s a hot ticket! And it’s colored yellow at left and blue at right. But it’s the writing that caught my eye…Looking closely, you can read the word LOTTERY at left, but on the right side? Get out your pens everyone…It says: 5-10-17-23-13-7. And at the top left hand corner #17. And I BET there may very well be a lot of LOTTERY TICKETS sold this week with just those numbers! Hey…You never know! https://tinyurl.com/y54ltowu

So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! …And Good Luck! 💰🙋🏻



24 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/10/2019

  1. Degree looked like dredge to me at first,but after seeing the 3 e’s degree came into view.On another note,the time change is nice to have for more daylight at night,but the loss of an hour’s sleep last night was difficult to deal with.

    • You should have done what I did…I just stayed up..You don’t really notice! 😂 Good Morning, Professor…Yep, Dredge…I really do think it was a set up! 😉 Have a good one, Prof. Get another cup of coffee..it helps! ☕️🙋🏻

  2. Morning, everyone –
    I was unable to figure out CASHEW until I got the answer.
    Angela, I don’t think I’ve thought of that song for ages but I could just hear Mathis’s voice in my head. I guess it made quite an impression.

    • You mean you weren’t thinking…”Cashew? I hardly even know you”!? 😂 That’s what comes to mind everytime I hear the word! Good Morning, Caroline…This song, right? I swear, I melt with just the intro..that piano…and what is that a guitar? I’m not even sure. It gets me every time…And once he starts singing? I’m done! Such a beautiful piece of music. Such a beautiful voice…It’s just one of those classic, romantic songs that never gets old…I listen to it all the time. (I’m a glutton for punishment)! 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed it..Wishing you a great day! 💰🙋🏻

      • It took me a second to get the cashew joke, but I really enjoyed it!
        I haven’t listened to Mathis but I will now.

        • LOL! Sorry, that’s me. Sometimes I not only push the envelope…I tear it up! I know I have a very strange sense of humor…You’ll enjoy listening to hm, Caroline, especially on a dreary day like this…his voice is so soothing…🙋🏻

  3. Good Morning, Chuck. Ok, this one I found tough…Drove me a little NUTS…And I know that I pushed the envelop here and there. But…here you go. Now on to the NYT X-word. Probably be easier than this was! 😂🙋🏻

    ° With the ADVENT of his new CASHEW recipe, he thought he’d finally achieve some DEGREE of EQUITY with the board, but he obviously never SCRATCHED THE SURFACE, since he hardly anticipated the FROSTY reception he received, which unnerved him so badly that he started to HICCUP uncontrollably…

    ° He never had an allergy, nothing to cause alarm…
    So he was quite surprised to learn a CASHEW could do harm…
    To what DEGREE must he now watch, where’d be his EQUITY?
    He so enjoyed a FROSTY brew with nuts…Oh woe was he!
    This newly ADVENT happening, now watching what he ate,
    He had no choice he garnered, what a HICCUP to his fate…
    He’d miss the nuts so badly, but the rash on epidermis?
    He couldn’t bear and so he settled and he SCRATCHED THE SURFACE

  4. Angela. Bravo on your sentences! I don’t know how you do it. I had most of my trouble with ADVENT, but DEGREE also gave me fits. I didn’t get the puzzle answer, so I’m not having a very good day.. I gave up on trying to manufacture a sentence with the six words. I’m hoping the NY TIMES x-word will be easier on my think tank. Hope your day is advancing nicely..

    • Good Morning, Chuck. Thank you very much. TBT, I don’t find it all that challenging because I’ve been writing since I was a kid, and I have an extremely vivid (read strange) imagination. 😉 But there’s no faulting you today, these were really tough. I was SCRATCHING my head there for a while. Mike adjusted the settings so that the poll could appear every day, and it showed up yday, but it didn’t materialize this morning, and I dont want to chance looking for it. It might involve Math! 😂😂 But I’m curious myself to see if DEGREE cops the prize. As I said in my post, the last 2 times it showed, the 3 Es together gave it legs in my opinion. Todays’ anagram is much more challenging. So don’t be so hard on yourself…chalk it up to that lost hours’ sleep. And I’m with you, I’m BETTING the X-word will be easier than this. I had people drop in, and I’m making my gravy, so I haven’t tackled it yet, but it’s on deck…I’ll let you know how I fare…And thank you, my day is going well…Hope yours is also. Ciao! 💰🙋🏻

  5. Hi all; Happy Daylight Saving Time (almost) everyone!  💤😴😴😴💤 What? Oh, where was I?
    I actually saw CASHEW right away from having been stuck on it so many times. I also fell for DREDGE, which I’ll blame on DST lack of sleep. When QUIET didn’t work, EQUITY appeared. I couldn’t believe FORTYS was right, so FROSTY took quite a few looks, but ADVENT was the hardest for me, maybe because it’s Lent and not Advent now.

    “The ADVENT of FROSTY 10-DEGREE weather killed many CASHEW trees and caused a major HICCUP in the farmer’s EQUITY”

    Thanks for the details Angela. I do believe you are absolutely right that those are packs of Black Jack gum, and from the vertical stripes on the packages in the next bin, those are Clove, and the one out of the frame must hold Beemans. Those three kinds of unusual gum were and are often bought together (Beemans was my favorite. I’ll post a link to their story separately).
    While looking it up though, I found that Black Jack was the first flavored gum, and it was developed by Thomas Adams of Staten Island in 1869.

    Have a great Sunday!

    And here’s to San Francisco-based Johnny Mathis, still going strong! IT’S NOT FOR ME TO SAY he’s the greatest of all time, but the way he’s going, CHANCES ARE he’ll still be singing at THE 12th OF NEVER.

    • Hey G…Nice sentence! 👏🏻👏🏻Kudos, Very nicely done. Steve, the gum? Where do you see another pack out of the frame? All I see is a blank space…And I’m really blowing up the panel, both in black and white and color…And Mathis? Amazing. I follow him on Twitter. Still touring too at 83 years young! We should all be so lucky…Have a good one, G…and give me a hint with the gum shelf…🤔🙋🏻

      • I don’t see another pack – that’s what “out of frame” means! 😂 I’m assuming that since there’s Black Jack and Clove, there must be Beemans in the next bin to the right that’s not in the picture since they were often sold together.

        • Uh, I’ll have to take a pass. It’s enough trouble looking for what Jeff IS drawing… If I have to start imagining what coulda 👀 shoulda? I’m putting in for combat pay! 🙄🙋🏻

  6. Degree has tripped me up before and did so again today. Took me a bit of time to get the cartoon answer but once I figured out scratched, surface fell into place. I’m a big Johnny Mathis fan. He’s a San Francisco fellow. Happy Sunday everyone.

    • Hi Betty. Good Morning! Not to worry, I knew that was you.,..Yes to Degree. It definitely seems to be the stumper for the day…And way YES to Johnny. The voice of an Angel! Hope your day’s going well…Take care! 🙋🏻

  7. Good afternoon. For those that have day light savings time,knowing it’s spring forward,fall back. You know your getting old when you go to bed and put the clock back. No wonder I was so awake and then realized I missed the 8:00am mass. I was proud yesterday that I stuck it out and finished jumble. Today I gave myself a pat on the back for getting all the words of which EQUITY took me the longest. I was stumped for a couple of hours on the cartoon and then came up with Scratches for the first word but,quickly realized I had to substitute the S for a D which gave me the second word. Angela,perfect pick on the song. Nobody tops him with that recording. It was rumored that his manager had to give him a vote of confidence everytime he went on stage because he thought he wasn’t good enough. One of the nicest guys around. You also nailed it with your use of words and puns. Until tomorrow stay well

    • Brooklyn…You have me ROTFL! But don’t think you’re old…one of my cousins did the same thing. And he’s 39. S–t happens! But if you were up so early, how’d you miss the Mass? You know anything involving Math has me over a barrel! 😂😂 Good Afternoon to you too, and thanks so much for the Shout Outs, Paul. As for today’s song choice, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard it sung by anyone else. And if I did, it obviously didn’t leave an impression. I just knew you’d enjoy it though. I too remember reading about his insecurity….just goes to show you, we all get stage fright in life…no matter where our stage may be. Hope you’re having a great day, Brooklyn, and just FYI…It’s now 3:18 PM…❤️😉🙋🏻

    • Boy…Are you gonna live a long life! (God bless, knock wood…I’m covering the bases)! I was just now thinking of you…My friend said he was going to call his sister, and you popped into my mind, since I know you share the Sunday puzzle with her…Ah, the Mini. By any other name…still the Mini! 😂 But 5400 B.C…Weren’t those loin cloths? 😉 I remember going out in the 70’s with alternate clothing in those gigantic bags we carried. ‘Cause I had to get past my Father…And once the coast was clear, I’d change my skirt. Sometimes the shoes too…because you know what they used to call those 4-5 inch heels…And my Father was very strict,…hence my intention to not die young!!! 😂😂 Always a pleasure to see you Clay, and thanks for the article. And you may just have restored that hours sleep to some of the guys out there with Miss Baker! Even barefoot she seriously had it going on!!!! 🙋🏻

      • I have 3 sisters and one old pic of them in the early 70s shows them all wearing miniskirts together as teenagers. They always talk about how embarrassing the picture is but somehow never throw it out. lol

        • LOL! And they shouldn’t. The only thing worse than embarrassing old photos is no photos at all. Today we’re able to snap a picture at the drop of a hat…but then it was so different. Sometimes by the time we got around to developing them, we couldn’t even remember when they were from! LOL! I love old pictures….So, three sisters? You must have been raised the Prince! 😉 Hope you’re having a great night, Clay! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🙋🏻

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