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Good Morning, Everyone!                👗  FASHION (NON) SENSE 👗

🎶 Well every time I turn around, you’re standin’ at my door, I’d like to ask you over but you ain’t my gal no more…You’re gonna WEAR OUT YOUR WELCOME treatin’ me like you do…Why don’t you leave me alone…’Cause you and I are through…🎶 “Wear Out Your Welcome” – Wayne Hancock 2016  https://tinyurl.com/y4eqgtw8

👗 The attitudes of models, these women food deprived,
May sometimes come off hinky, may seem a bit contrived…
The pressure to stay rail thin, success is not illGOTTEN,
The sleep CURFEW, the air-blown SMOOCH…the men a lot besotten’
The critics love to CACKLE, like nails on a chalkboard…
The media may criticize, yet still the girls adored…
They BROKER for these coveted spots, and then when they are chosen,
You’d think the most important thing would be just do the posin’…
But sometimes one may WALLOW in the thought that they’re the best..
And feel that personal fashion sense puts them above the rest.
So when an ego rears its head…and diva one becomes,
I guess a model easily may WEAR OUT HER WELCOME...👗

WEAR have I seen WALLOW before? On the Just Jumble App I supPOSE, because it’s not showing up in the Archives. But all our other words are, with CACKLE going back as far as 2016, and SMOOCH being PLANTED this past July. And while we’re FACED with masterful anagrams this morning, the word that PUT ON the most pressure?  CURFEW. It had it’s LIMITS…

Today our cartoon brings us onto the set of a FASHION SHOOT. We see the CLOTHING STYLIST, the PHOTOGRAPHER, the DESIGNER and finally our girl of (…those who get paid very well by…) the HOUR, our MODEL. Being shown the dress chosen for her to WEAR, we hear her having a bit of a FIT, and refusing to do so. With her attitude WEARing THIN on the nerves of both the Photographer and the Designer, we learn that this Designer won’t STAND for behavior of this FASHION, and it’s resulting in our MODEL being told to WALK. She managed to…WEAR OUT HER WELCOME. News FLASH…David’s done it again! Good JOB David!

Ok, eye candy. Without much detail displayed in the panel today, I didn’t need to RACK my brains out looking for eye candy. There’s the DRESSES, the photographers’ CAMERA, and the two adjustable light stands in the background. I don’t know…I supPOSE I’m being just a little too CLOTHES-minded, but I think it FITTING that I take a pass and WALK today…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! Hope it’s PICTURE perfect…👗🙋🏻

PS: 3:30 and still no colored puzzle to be seen…and I’m WORN out waiting! I’ll fill you in on the colors later..🎨

Later: COLOR COMMENTARY: The panel, a soft very pale BURCH…The dresses, all on red hangers: The one the model deKLIEINs: A medium blue, spaghetti strapped affair, with a deeply jagged hemline. (L-R)…A green one-shouldered number, with a pleated, I QUANT to say…tulip-like draping? A black top, red bottomed boxy piece, with a large red bow at the neckline, and lastly, a two-toned purple number, with a lighter shaded spiked neckline, matching an ornately shaped petalled bottom. The dress is fitted until the waist, and then spreads out FORD effect, into a ballooned LAUREN. ( Why? KORS I was going for “lower end”. Hmm…Not so much? Oh well, I took a shot)! The Model: Black halter top, with skinny white jeans and black spike-heeled CHOOS. The stylist: Teal T-shirt, tan pants. The photographer: Black tee, with jeans, (maybe WANGler’s), the camera he’s KARAN, gray with an olive green strap. And our designer: A mauve tunic, WORN with a black beaded necklace. Sans earrings…SAND MAN...😴💤😴

17 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/17/2019

  1. Good Morning, Chuck. This one really challenged me. SHOOT! It nearly WORE me out! I supPOSE I should have SHORTened it, but I couldn’t do so and still get it all to FIT. I PICTUREd a few other SCENEarios, but I couldn’t adDRESS them right. Anyway…this is WEAR I ended up…😉👗🙋🏻

    ° After she missed CURFEW, and was caught by the counselor sharing a SMOOCH on the front porch, (made all the worse by her answering his admonition with a CACKLE), he knew that this girl managed to WEAR OUT HER WELCOME; and the realization that he’d GOTTEN himself in way over his head by being the BROKER for taking care of these teens began to set in…and he could only WALLOW in defeat…

    • That was GREAT, Angela. It wore me out also, but I came up with the following: The BROKER wanted to CACKLE and WALLOW in the happiness of having finalized the sale, but first he had to get home and SMOOCH his wife and make sure their son had GOTTEN in under his CURFEW.

      • Hey Chuck. As I told The Professor, my mail got a little out of whack. (And like you, I was teasing my buddy Steve! 😉)… Thank you, and my compliments to you as well! 👏🏻👏🏻 Very nicely done! It wasn’t an easy one either…they were difficult words to meld. I trashed my first two attempts, and finally concentrated on working around this one. So, I’m curious…As a fellow NY Times Sunday X-word aficionado…what challenges you more? That..or this??🤔🙋🏻

  2. If I could read, I’d be better off. I misread the anagram for smooch and thought it was cosmos. Otherwise the other anagrams went well. We had another snow dusting, but my Sun paper was delivered well before 6 AM despite the snow. Enjoy the rest of the Presidents’ Day weekend.

    • Hey Professor…I’m sorry. My mail got all screwed up…Cosmos? No harm, no foul..we all do it onetime or another…At least you recovered nicely…Yes, my friends in Indiana got snow too. And we’re on deck for the wintry mix tonight…As we said the other day…winter’s far from over! Hope you’re enjoying your time with the family…👗🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – SMOOCH looked very familiar, CURFEW took two looks, and I got GOTTEN by using the double letter trick.
    Then I thought CATWALK might be in the answer, but there’s no letter K.
    Wrote down the letters and saw it.

    🎵”Abe say ‘You must be puttin’ me on!’”🎵
    Or taking it off, in this case. This conceited model really deserves a “dressing-down”, doesn’t she?

    Have a great Sunday, all!

    “deKLEIN” made me laugh, Angela. When she did, she was quickly shown the DIOR. I really thought you might go with one of these two:

    🎵”I’m a model; a fashion model
    I do my little dance on the CATWALK, the CATWALK”🎵

    🎵”Pretty little girl you’re just having fun
    You’re running all around and breaking lovers’ hearts
    Pretty little girl, I don’t stand a chance
    Without any money there goes our romance
    She always wears charms, diamonds, pearls galore
    She buys them at the five and ten cent store
    She wants to be just like Zsa Zsa Gabor
    Even though she’s Donna next door. They call her
    Donna, Donna the Prima Donna”🎵
    Dion DiMucci’s unimpressed by Gucci!

    I cheated on this, but who’s counting (don’t answer that!)
    “I’d WALLOW in guilt if I BROKER heart with a CACKLE after I’d GOTTEN a SMOOCH after CURFEW.”

        • LOL! …One potato, two potato? 😂😂 All in fun, G…But you had to figure you’d WALLOW a little crow with that one, no? 😘🙋🏻

      • Yes…There’s “cheating”…and then there’s throwing all kind of caution to the wind…😂🙋🏻

    • Yea, Tks…I gave myself a little chuckle with deKLEIN..And showing her the DIOR is a keeper! 👏🏻👏🏻 I’m disappointed in myself for missing that one!…But it was SMOOCH💋 that really made me giggle. We don’t hear that word very much anymore, do we? It’s an “old fashioned” kind of word. But It has a certain endearing quality about it, don’t you think? 💋🙋🏻

  4. Angela, For whatever reason I missed your post at 2:20. Thanks for the kind words and my answer to your question would have to be the NY Times Sunday x-word. Stay warm and dry and well!

    • Hey Chuck. No worries. I was flitting all over the place earlier.. I had too much mail coming in, and I got off track. You’re very welcome, it’s all much deserved. You’ve a clever mind. Yes, me too. I love the X-word. And I insist on doing it in pen! 😂 it’s a challenge for sure. I’m hoping we don’t get hit too badly with tonight’s weather. And I wish you the same….I think you’re on tap to get it worse than us…Hope your night’s going well! 🙋🏻

  5. Is your site under siege? Just finished Monday’s puzzle and tried to check in. Answers there but no Angela. What’s up with that.

      • …Jim…Recheck. It’s reading JomO. Good Morning. No siege. I’m here to post on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When Mike does Monday through Thursday he posts the words early for the early birds, and then opens the page for comments when he completes the post with his commentary. Usually around 9-ish. The name thing though seems to persist. Take a look back to Saturday if you can. Mike M wrote something up that he tried that corrected the problem for him. If you can’t locate it let me know, and I’ll reprint it for you. Hope your morning’s going well…🙋🏻

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