Jumble Answers for 02/03/2019








AI   DCE   GA   NY   AS   PSH   =       EACH PASSING DAY

God Morning, Everyone!          🏈 DAY BY DAY….PLAY BY PLAY....🏈

Super Bowl Sunday! …And we’ve got ourselves a FOOTBALL Themed Puzzle!

I’ll be back….OK. Made 8 o’clock Mass and RAN BACK to  TACKLE today’s puzzle…

🎶 I find that DAY by DAY, you’re making all my dreams come true..
So come what may, I want you to know…I’m yours alone, and I’m in love to this DAY…As we go through the years…DAY by DAY…🎶 “Day By Day” – Frank Sinatra 1946  https://tinyurl.com/yag2g8vc

🏈 It’s hard to remain PLACID if you’re a Football fan,
Today’s the day we party across our entire land.
Large screen TV’s, and every single phone and/or DEVICE,
Is tuned into the Super Bowl…it’s Footballs’ greatest vice.
We root with ABSURD passion, whether our team’s there or not
We bet on every single thing…for everything a pot…
Commercials make debuts and SPLASH our consciousness with thought,
The money involved mind-boggling…but still the slots are bought.
But if we’re seeing Jared Goff, there’s something quite amiss…
Sean McVay has the GOATEE, but the body? What is this?
The man is lean, and quite handsome, so I must NOTIFY
You guys out there…can I be wrong and 16’s not our guy?
The bottom line, a Quarterback is who is on display…
And he, we know aims going longer with EACH PASSING DAY🏈

Two of today’s words called for a second PASS: DEVICE and GOATEE…but upon COMPLETION…all the Early Birds SCORED well…

Today we’re out on a FOOTBALL Field. We see a man who kind of resembles Bill Belichick, the Coach of the New England Patriots, who are playing in today’s Super Bowl, being interviewed by a female Reporter. She’s asking about the QUARTERBACK and the “Big Game“. But then we see the Quarterback, who’s wearing #16, and PASSING the pigskin… JARED GOFF, the Quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, who are also playing today, wears #16. And those are LA Ram emblems showing on the jerseys…So..maybe the woman’s interviewing Stan Kroenke, the owner of the Rams, and it’s Sean McVay we see saying “Nice throw” to Goff? A little confusing, no? Is it just me? Am I the only one out here in the END ZONE with thisWell, whatever…We still can see our way DOWNFIELD to get to our solution…The Quarterback’s performance improved with…EACH PASSING DAY! Good one, David…You’ve SCORED once again!

Eye candy…There’s a 513 on the Football that’s waiting to be PASSED next to Goff. But what’s it stand for? Total SEASON POINTS for the Rams?  No, that was 527. Goff’s Total Season PASSING YARDS? No, wasn’t that 483? I just don’t know…So I’m WIDE OPEN to suggestion…And I’m PICKING the Football, but I need an ASSIST…So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great Super Bowl Sunday, Everyone! And PASS those Hot Wings! 🏈🙋🏻