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Good Morning, Everyone!          🍦 JUST A MATTER OF TASTE! 🍦

🎶 Oh, everyone likes ICE CREAM, yes indeed they do…Everyone likes ICE CREAM, I do, do you?…Search the whole world over, travel near and far…But everyone likes ICE CREAM, no matter who they are…🎶 “Everyone Likes Ice Cream” – Betty Lou & The Anything Muppets 1975       https://tinyurl.com/ya5darpy

🍦You’ve read it in the papers, you’ve heard it in the news…
That certain Ice Cream vendors have new flavors we may choose.
I’ve heard about the bacon, and as bad as that may seem,
I also heard about goat cheese, yep made into ice cream.
And DITTO for Cilantro, and Curry you can SNIFF
I don’t know what they’re thinking, but I don’t intend to whiff!
Next we’ll hear ’bout new POWDER that you mix into your milk…
And you’ll be drinking Balsamic Swirl and flavors of that ilk.
I just don’t understand it, and a SICKLE we may need…
To scoop up these concoctions…from some dairy animal feed!
Just give me my Vanilla, throw some Chocolate in the loop…
But all these new exotic tastes? Just keep the INSIDE SCOOP!🍦

We start our weekend off with a Saturday puzzle that SERVED  the solution right up. Once again, the descriptive dialogue, combined with the visual clues, made it a puzzle where we can say our Guys definitely DIPPED their hand! Todays’ words are all SWEET Repeats, with a VARIETY of game play. We’ve only seen SICKLE once before, back in 2017, and POWDER appeared twice…as far back as October 2014, and as recently as February 25th of this year. But our two 5-letter words are definitely old FLAVORites…DITTO’s been REPEATED in 6 previous puzzles, first in 2014, and lastly on April 3rd, but it’s SNIFF that failed to come up smelling like roses this morning. Despite having appeared 6 times in the past, it’s both our oldest word, with its debut on April 7th, 2014, and our newest with an appearance this past April 26th. And it also caused the most pause for the Early Bird Jumblers… Those 5 little letters weren’t that SWEET after all…

Our cartoon solution, on the other HAND was easily DISHED OUT. We find ourselves INSIDE an ICE CREAM Shop, where two FRIENDLY employees are GOOD HUMORedly overheard discussing new FLAVORS that are RUMored to be coming.  Still being only INSIDE information, Smoke Bacon and Cherry Pie are being mentioned behind the CREAMS, and from the height of the only customer, that tiny little boy, it’s safe to say the word won’t be LEAKING OUT. I doubt the little guy could care a LICK!! Standing on tiptoes, he’s just there for his ICE CREAM, and it’s all he’s CONEcentrating on! And I’m sure there’ll be no BREYERS’ remorse here either! So, in answer to our question…These employees had the…INSIDE SCOOP! Good one, David! TORTE and SWEET!

Ok, eye candy…The Showcase is entirely shaded in blue, so we can’t determine FLAVORS, but we can see that the second tub at front has Chips in it. The employee’s are clad in black and white vertically striped shirts under bright red aprons and TOPPED OFF with red head visors. The green CONE dispenser’s a nice touch, no WAFFLING there. And the SCOOP in our bald guys’ hand is too easily PICKED UP onso it’s not CHURNING any heads…I think I’ll just go with the CONE being prepared, which looks to be an ORANGE SHERBET…The SERVER’s DIPPING in for a second SCOOP. We got ourselves a DOUBLE header!! So…There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And if you’re anything like me, nothing beats VANILLA, CHOCOLATE and STRAWBERRY…Yes, I definitely have a NAPOLEON complex…🍦🙋🏻


35 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/15/2018

  1. So I got the clue to solve the puzzle but when it came to solving the first word I turned into a complete “idiot” – tracked back and served up a couple of twists to finally come up with a different flavor. And I’m with you – I’ll have none of those new flavors that attack the olfactory nerves. It’s either grapenut or frozen pudding and only between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Have a great day…

    • Good Morning, Jim. Yes, I definitely take a pass on a lot of the “new and improved”, I’m an incorrigible creature of habit. But I lack your discipline, Sir. Ice cream just throughout the Summer? If only! I’m one of those any day that ends in “Y” girls! 😉 I applaud your self-control! And as for IDIOT, since I posted before 3 AM…I hadn’t spoken yet with most of my Early Birds. The texts started coming in…and you’re not alone in what you saw! So I’m sure, Sir, you’re no idiot! Drop in on us again, it’s always a pleasure to hear a new “twist”, and have a Sweet day, albeit sans Ice Cream…😉🍦🙋🏻

    • Good Morning, Ed. LOL! May I ask if you’re a Midwesterner? I’m only asking because here in NY, we don’t know from Superman Ice Cream! If I’m not mistaken, Superman is made from Midwestern flavors like Blue Moon, Red Pop and Lemon. So it’s a blue, red, and yellow mix. Am I on the right track? 🙋🏻

  2. Ditto looked like idiot to me as well.I then was thinking sniff only had 1 f.Scoop came to me first,then inside quickly followed.We’re back up at Dixon for a twin watch this morning,so the online link came thru for me.

    • Hi Professor, Good Morning! I have to admit, since it’s been said, now I see IDIOT too,.😉 But I didn’t at first..And I think even if one isn’t familiar with the phrase, and needed to write out the letters for the answer, SCOOP was just lying in wait! Once again, cute and clever. Enjoy Dixon, and I’m glad you’ve made peace with the on-line version! It’s a God-send! 🍦🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Looking forward to Sunday in hopes of a challenge. Today was handed to us on a silver platter. Had a slight hitch on sickle and that would be my choice for hardest word. I wrote down the letters but only had to check to make sure when I looked at the cartoon and immediately thought of the answer. The creators have been spot on all week from the drawings to especially the answers. Angela,another job well done. You get 4 scoops from me. By the way,did you notice the late comment to Mike M about the movie and the sound track for it. Your thoughts. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. What’s it doing there on your side of the Bridge? It’s sooo dark here, and the rains been falling…So, just thought I’d ask..Todays song? Did you cringe? 😂 Yes, agreed…today’s puzzle’s a gift! It seems like all week or so, we’ve had such familiar phrases for the answers, that the words themselves are getting lost in the shuffle. Thanks so much for the Shout Out, Bud, this one was truly quick and painless. And I’ll gladly take you up on the 4 SCOOPS! But I’ll need some Chocolate Syrup too…What the hell..if it’s on you, I may as well go for broke! 😉 And yes, I did see your comment last night, but I didn’t touch it because I saw you had addressed it to Mike M, and I thought he’d reply. You’re soooo on the money with that soundtrack. Every song, every scene, was magical. That was a great movie, but I can’t watch it all that often. It makes me cry…I can be such a wuss at times, and this movie did me in more than once. And I’m sure a lot has to do with the music. I have the soundtrack too, but as I said, I don’t break it out that much…unless I need a good cry..then it’s a top-notch go to! 😉 And yes, the Gene Autry pick is classic! It’s toooo funny! I’ll leave you with the song that I think takes my breath away the most…It’s one of the songs I have on my play list that I use to toast my Father every New Years Eve as the clock strikes 12…I hope you enjoy it too..😢 Have a good one, Brooklyn. Ciao, Bello! 😘🙋🏻. https://tinyurl.com/ycswr48z

      • Angela it’s 52 degrees,dreary and damp. No rain now. Thought the song was cute. No matter what age,they make you smile. All you guys talking about ice cream caused me to go out to D and D and get 2 containers. Right now I’m having Butter Pecan. The other one is vanilla with chocolate swirls. Couldn’t find coffee ice cream.

        • Hey Brooklyn.Yea, it’s true with the Muppets…What’s not to like, right? It’s been raining here all day…slowed down now, but it’s still so dark and dreary. And who needs 50° in December? The weather’s all screwed up. Did you really go out to get ice cream? What a bad influence we are! I have some here, but I’m practicing extreme restraint by not going to it…and trust me, it’s been calling my name! I think I eat more ice cream in the winter, because I cacoon more..You know, stay home more…and cacoon. It’s too easy to just lay around and eat. Now you’ve got me thinking about the Butter Pecan…Jeez. And I know it’s in there too!!! We’re worse than the kids, huh? Ok, I’m weak…I’m going in..😉 but I’ll pass on the chocolate syrup…I got another party tonight…and I’d rather eat and drink the calories there! 😂😂 Enjoy, Brooklyn! 🍦🙋🏻

    • Paul/Angela–
      I didn’t see your late comment yesterday, but since you mentioned it, I went back and read it. I remember seeing Sleepless in Seattle when it came out, but don’t remember the music. Maybe I’ll watch it again.
      I remember reading years ago that Baskin-Robbins had developed a ketchup ice cream, but they never put out because it was too weird even for them!

      • Hey Mike. Good Morning! Is it still morning? Oh, yes, it is…Its been a longgggg day so far! 😂 .Just take a look at the artists alone…you’ll be blown away. Whoever did that soundtrack truly outdid themself. I wonder if it won any awards? If I catch a break, I’ll look into it. Definitely check it out though… you won’t be sorry. 🎶🙋🏻

      • See what I’m saying? Ketchup ice cream? For what reason? What’dya have it with? A side of fries? Decisions like that? I don’t RELISH the thought! 🍅🙋🏻

        • YUCK! Well, as long as it stays across the pond in Ireland, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. And here I thought I liked Ed Sheeran. Hmm. This puts me in a PICKLE! 😂🙋🏻

      • I’m serious about the ice cream.
        Now having my second round but fret not.I’m having it with dark chocolate syrup.Everybody knows its healthier for you.

        • LOL! So am I! Butter Pecan, and for some reason I’m washing it down with cream soda! Go big or STAY home, huh? 😂🙋🏻

    • LOL! Yes, it often does! In fact it calls my name every once in a while…especially at night! 😂 I’m pretty sure I know who this is…And I hope you’re enjoying that Cherry Vanilla…maybe even with a Roast Beef Sandwich?! Ciao, Bello! 😘….(And just in case this isn’t who I’m thinking…Disregard the Roast Beef reference…I got enough explaining to do every night)! 😂😂🙋🏻

  4. Hi all – Yes, I also got DITTO after first seeing an IDIOT (there must be a mirror in here somewhere.). SNIFF was easy when I used the double letter trick, and SICKLE took 3 or 4 jumbles. WEPDOR would be the defect in your WiFi software used by hackers. Then the answer was pretty easy.

    Have a great day, everyone.

    Random ice cream notes. Yes Angela, I also like the basic flavors, and Neapolitans of all types. You’d have to add Coffee to my favorites list – it’s a Providence thing for some reason, along with Eclipse coffee syrup and Del’s Frozen Lemonade.
    In the 80’s there was a local ice cream shop near me run by a former hospital administrator who’d had enough of corporate life. They always had weird flavors like Bubblegum and Star Trek. You reminded me of the time I took my brother there, because he liked to mix up their Orange Sherbet and Chocolate. The strangest I’ve seen lately is Avocado, and I’m sure they have Garlic flavor at the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival.

    Also, wonderful version of the Hoagy Carmichael song I’ve heard referred to as the “Standard standard”. That, “Crazy”, and the intro to “If I Fell” have what to me are the most interesting, unexpected and beautiful chord changes.

    • Well NOW I’ve seen everything. Here I tossed out “GOAT 🐏 cheese,”, and doubled-down with “dairy animal🐐 feed” ..all with you in mind…and ??? Not even a nibble! How you have grown, Grasshopper! Such restraint, such self-control…such? Indifference?? 😂😂😂 I applaud your stellar behavior! 👏🏻😂 But I’m surprised you got slowed down by SICKLE…I thought for sure you’d have had it at first SCYTHE! And special Kudos for liking the Neopolitans..We truly are a likable bunch! 😉 But as for your Providence story…We’ve been here before, remember? You’ve told us all about it. Remember I ordered both the Eclipse coffee syrup and the Del’s lemonade from Amazon, at your recommendation? Déjà YOU? I know it’s been a while ago, but some things should be sacred between friends)! 😂 And yes, I think 🎶Stardust🎶 may very well be one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Words and music alike. And Nat’s rendition gives me goosebumps…besides the tears. It’s hauntingly beautiful. And if you read the comments with it, (as we both love to do), you’ll see that everyone agrees with us. Have a good one, G. Here’s your reward 🏆 for not taking the bait! 😂😂🙋🏻

      • Of course I saw that Angela, but I know how it gets your…..mutton..so I just let it be, especially when you’re forced to do it by one of the cartoons. And yes, the Del’s video, the total Eclipse, etc. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • ROTFL! Yes, my Mutton! 😂 You know I’m just breaking ’em, Steve! Funny thing, I didn’t have to go with the Goat cheese, there were a ton of other flavors out there just as gross, I just liked the rhyme! 😂 Anyway…one thing. What video are we talking about? You’ve lost me.🤔🙋🏻

          • I can’t find the video I sent; you’d have to search the JA archives around the time you ordered the Eclipse syrup.
            “Great Grandfather DeLucia made the earliest Del’s Frozen Lemonade in 1840 in Naples, Italy. During the winter he carried snow into nearby caves and insulated it with straw. When summer arrived and the local lemons were ripe and flavorful, he mixed their juice with just the right amount of sugar and snow.”

            • Oh, ok yes..Tks…Right, I remember that now.. But I think it was IOW. Sugar and snow! 🍦🙋🏻

          • …and I just opened a Christmas card that shows a jigsaw puzzle part with a picture of a sheep standing at a well. Inside – “Wishing Ewe Piece.” 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

  5. Count me in with those who saw idiot first. However the rest of the words and the puzzle answer came easily. We have a restaurant here in San Francisco called “The Stinking Rose”. They advertise that they serve food with their garlic. And, yes, Steve, they have a Gilroy Garlic Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce on their menu. Happy Saturday everyone.

    • Hi Betty. That IDIOT’s really FOOLing with us today, isn’t it! 😉 You know I can easily do the food with the garlic, I cLOVE garlic…but the ice cream? I’d definitely have to SLEEVE it alone! Chocolate syrup or KNOT! 😉 Happy Saturday to you too, Betty! 🍦🙋🏻

    • “Food with their garlic”, I love it. Thanks for the info; I’ll pass on the ice cream, though. You probably don’t even need Google Maps to find the place; just roll down your windows and drive around!

      • You’re so right, Steve and if you go there, plan on washing or dry cleaning everything you wear because the aroma does stay with you.

    • Hi E..It seems you already have. Your name is printing, and you have a Gravatar (icon) assigned to you, so you’re in! Do you get an email from us every morning? That’s all it takes. As far as comments, feel free to do so anytime, as you’ve just done here. Welcome! 🙋🏻

  6. OK, I figured it out. My name is Alfred, 61, from Norwalk, Ct. (45 miles north of NYC) Born and raised in the Bronx. I am a semi retired financial manager. Please accept me as one of your own and I will start commenting on Monday.

    • Hello again, Alfred. Nice to meet you. As a rule, we don’t use last names here, mostly because this is an open public forum, and one can never be too careful these days. So if you don’t mind, I’ve removed your last name from your intro above. My name is Angela, I’m not 61, and I’m now living on Staten Island, NY. Born and raised in “the Garden Spot of the World”, Brooklyn, USA! (As Ralph Kramden loved to refer to it as)! 😂 I know Norwalk, I have family in both Wilton, and Milford, and Ct. is a beautiful state. And Alfred, (do we call you Alfred, or Al)?, if I’m not mistaken, you stopped in last week…Well, welcome again, and feel free to join us in our daily repartee. Start commenting any time, but just so you know, we’re here all day Sunday’s as well! 😉 24/7, 365! That’s us! Have a great day, and I hope to see you again soon! Ciao! 🙋🏻

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