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Good Morning, Everyone!                ⛽️  A JOB WELL DONE! ⛽️

🎶 You sacrificed to serve our nation, you make us proud in many ways. Because of you, we have our freedom….We honor you on VETERANS DAY...🎶 “On Veterans Day” – Words and Music by Karl Hitzemannm   2014   https://tinyurl.com/y8oe5qkq

🇺🇸 Today, Veterans Day…A day where we MUDDLE through the grounds of cemeteries, placing FLORAL pieces at the GRASSY headstones of our fallen heroes…A day to not make WHINNY sounds about the state of affairs of our nation, but to strive to FERRET out the issues that divide us, the PIMPLEs that besmirch our good name…And look to resolve them instead of worsening them…A day when we honor our Veterans, past and present, and hope that new days will dawn for America…days where every man can say that he DID WELL FOR HIMSELF...🇺🇸

To all our Veterans, to all our heroes, to you the heart and soul of all that is America, I thank you for your service, I pray for your strength, and I tip my hat to you in respect. Happy Veterans Day. God Bless America. Today and every day….🇺🇸

Today’s words weren’t OIL that easy…PIMPLE impelled a few of the Early Morning Jumblers to scratch their heads, while FERRET scurried around for a while before it came into view…The other 4 words…Iffy, but doable…

Our cartoon today has us back out on the OIL FIELDS, which we’ve visited many times before.  You may recall that just one month ago exactly, on October 11th, we visited with a couple who were not SITTING WELL because an OIL RIG had been erected right beyond their front porch…WELL at least today we’re nowhere near a Homestead…Instead we’re seeing a man who truly brings it on HOME! He’s a OneMan RIGGING Crew! And he’s telling us so, by saying..”I’m SUCCESSFUL because I do it all”! He DOES it all! And HE’s doing it WELL…Wink..Wink…He..DID WELL FOR HIMSELF! Good one, David! You definitely brought this one BARRELin’ home!

Ok, eye candy…You all know the DRILL..We look for the something that really WRENCHes our eye…We see an OIL BARON who stands out, but the rest is pretty BARREN…A green FIELD, two RIGS in the background. The Man of the Hour…all 24 of them, standing on a yellow ladder with a WRENCH in his hand, working on the MAIN gray RIG. On the ground beside him we see an opened red tool box…and right behind the RIG, we have the front end of an orange car. Not much to go on, a little BORING…But I did find three tiny BITS of candy…Our man is wearing a GREEN HAT, and a single bead of sweat is visible upon his face…But the real MONEY shot? The clasp on the OIL Barons’ TIE? There’s a tiny little OIL RIG on it! Jeff, that’s a HOLE lot of talent! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. And remember..OIL’s WELL THAT ENDS WELL, ⛽️🙋🏻

12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/11/2018

  1. Morning everyone –
    Very nice tribute to our veterans, Angela.
    The stickler for me today was definitely FLORAL, which I had to back into. I also had to pull out the dictionary to make sure WHINNY was a word.
    I saw did first for the answer and remembered well from last time, with the rest then coming into view.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. Thank you very much. I went back and forth and did rewrite after rewrite. My heart’s so heavy this morning, with the fires in California, and the loss of life that I hear steadily climbing…and the shooting also that they’ve just experienced. It’s overwhelming…Sometimes I do this with such a rope around my neck…it all seems so trivial. But I couldn’t ignore today being Veterans Day, so I did a double entry so to speak…WHINNY bothered me..I first took it as Whiny, and even wrote it as such..not the spelling, the meaning. But I’ve looked through past puzzles, and I’m not finding it, and I thought we had it before. I’m going to look again, as soon as I refill my coffee and take a deep breath! I thought HIMSELF first, and the rest presented itself…I always enjoy the way you approach the puzzles..Thanks for sharing…Have a great day…Love a Veteran! ❤️🇺🇸🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Agree with Caroline that Floral was the hardest word followed by Pimple a close second. The rest of the words came fairly quick. After writing down the letters and playing with the words the solution finally came into view. It’s amazing how sometimes the answer just pops into your head Angela,thanks again for the link. I forgot it was Veterans Day and hearing the song it was perfect for today even though I never heard it before. Your poem and puns and extras were most appreciated. Earl,nice job on a mix of words that for me would be impossible to do so well with what you do so well. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning,Sailor! Happy Veterans Day, and…Thank You, Sir, for your service! I hadn’t heard anything about FLORAL, until Caroline, and now you…It seems they’re LEAFing it alone..But as I said earlier, PIMPLE did stand out! 😉 And yes, sometimes you could stare at something until the cows come home..and Zilch! Other times…POOF! There it is! Who knows why? Thank you for the Shout Outs, and you’re welcome for the link. I know it helps you out..But forgetting it’s Veterans Day? Hmm..WELL, I’m glad I could remind you…And I hope you get to celebrate it in some special way…If I were still in Brooklyn, I’d take you to dinner…Stay warm, Brooklyn, and have a great day! 🇺🇸🙋🏻

    • Three for Floral? It’s FLOWERishing! Good Afternoon, Professor! Wishing you a great day! 🇺🇸🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – WELL, this was a challenge today. My hardest word was FERRET after seeing FETTER. Next hardest was MUDDLE, even after trying MEDDLE at first, and the other problem word was FLORAL after trying FALL something.
    I figured the last word of the answer had to be HIMSELF especially after seeing that the letters worked. Considered ALL BY HIMSELF but there was no ‘A’, and a pun on the “HOLE THING”, but a minute of staring at the remaining letters showed it.
    Interesting that the double letter trick could be considered on every word, working on WHINNY, MUDDLE and GRASSY, not working on FLORAL or PIMPLE, and doing both on FERRET.

    Angela, in my opinion you struck just the right balance between seriousness and levity, and you were not BORING at all. (I hope I’m not GUSHING too much.)

    Have a great day everyone, remembering the 100th anniversary of the end of the “Great War”.

    🎵 💯”On Armistice Day The Philharmonic will play…
    Armistice Day, Armistice Day
    That’s all I really wanted to say” 💯 🎵 (Paul Simon, 1972)

  4. David and Jeff…I’ve been meaning to ask..As of the 5th, the printing of the words has gone back to the thinner type it’s always been. Will it be permanent once again? Was the bold type just an experiment? Thanks…🙋🏻

    • David…What perfect timing…Just as the curtain was crashing down on what was promoted as a Football game, but just proved to be another exercise in futility for the NY Jets…I heard chimes…Had the Ice Cream Man Cometh? Had an Angel gotten her wings? Even better! It was you and Daisy! And I have to say…one cannot help but smile watching this video! You buoyed my spirits, and I laughed along with you…Change is hard. We all become creatures of habit, even if we don’t want to believe so. And as with most things in life, you’ll have the fors and the against, and some will be happy…and some won’t…And life goes on! Even with puzzles, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, I reallly appreciate it. Always a pleasure, David. Be well..and love to Daisy! 🐶🙋🏻

    • David. It’s a beautiful park, and Daisy looks quite content….I like the looks of parks at this time of year. The leaves make it seem so inviting…And i know you’ve had a snowfall already, so I’m sure this, today, was a real pleasure. Thanks for sharing. Have a great night! 🐶🙋🏻

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