Jumble Answers for 10/22/2018








Happy Monday, Jumble friends! Today’s game was a gimme with no ink spilled on any of the clue words or the surprise answer. Mr. Hoyt decided to give us a new clue word in GAZEBO but it wasn’t any trouble whatsoever. The remaining three clue words were all recycled favorites but their anagrams were new. The oldest of the bunch was INJURY and it was last used in gameplay on 3/26/17. Since all of the words were quite visible, I’ve decided to skip over picking one as the most challenging and have placed a poll down below where you can choose todays stumper.

Our cartoon brings us to the tarmac of an airport where we see a couple of Jumble characters saying their goodbyes. Their dialogues inform us that she’s off to Milan and he’s heading to Las Vegas. Judging by the woman’s fashionable appearance, I’d say she’s most likely going to be doing a lot of shopping on her short trip to Italy. Her hat seems very chic and it has four curly “things” sticking out of the top of it. What really caught my eye was the little “J” on her purse. I’ve only heard of the fabled Jumble purses, and it was quite a delight to see her wearing one! My favorite detail in the cartoon was the expression shown by the captain of the plane. She casually interjects that the plane is ready in hopes of breaking up the lovefest and getting the bird up in the sky.

The letter layout for the final solution was 6-letters in length making it impossible to keep the answer cryptic. I’m sure we’ll have some challenges later in the week so I’ll end it here. Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


23 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/22/2018

  1. 🎶 The best things in life are free…But you can keep them for the birds and bees …Now give me MONEY, That’s what I want, That’s what I want, yeah…That’s what I want…Well now give me MONEY…A lot of MONEY…Wow, yeah, I want to be free…Oh I want MONEY…🎶 “Money” – The Beatles 1963

    ✈️ 👗The phrase “Insult to INJURY” just quickly came to mind…
    You’d think with all her money, Mrs. Money’d dress refined.
    At least it’s not a TIGER print her outfit is comprised,
    But ZESTY maybe would describe the hat…I’m just surprised.
    Each year Milan hosts Fashion week, for Spring and Summer fare,
    October is the exact time that Lotta would go there.
    The culture that is Italy, the palaces refined,
    Are where you’d see the fashion shows, GAZEBOs left behind.
    As part of Fashions’ “Big Four”, Milan is very chic,
    I’m hoping maybe on the plane her outfit she may tweak?
    As Justin bids her fond farewell, till Vegas and roulette…
    We see our new-found millionaires…a part of the JET SET! 👗✈️

    None of today’s words COST any time this morning, FLEW right through them…GAZEBO seems to be new…as I believe are our couple to MONEY. NEW MONEY…

    Today we’re at an Airfield, where we see our couple, JUSTIN and LOTTA MONEY. Readers…Do you think we’ve finally found the winners of this insane Mega Millions? I think we can COUNT on it! Having just purchased matching planes, to match their seemingly matching egos, we learn that Ian’s headed to Vegas, most likely at a later date, since his Pilot’s unseen. We see Lotta’s Pilot, IMA PRIVATELY-EMPLOYED, telling her that they’re ready to depart for her FLIGHT to Milan. But DEPART that gets me is Lotta’s outfit! Anyway, I figure Lotta’s leaving FIRST, because if you look closely at Ima’s eyes, they’re DIRECTED right at her. So, with our question asking what they had? They had a JET SET! Cute and Quick…Dave’s done the trick!

    Ok, eye candy…Gray shaded Airstrip…MATCHING JETS, one prepared for TAKE OFF, it’s stairs descended. In the distance, black-silhouetted, we see the Control Tower, a plane departing, LANDscaping. There’s Ima, looking very crisp in her Blue uniform, complete with Shoulder Bars, holding a Brown flight bag. Her hat’s showing a wing-spread Eagle in FLIGHT. There’s a Name Tag on her Jacket, but it’s not PLANE enough to see. She’s gesturing towards the plane with her thumb that it’s time to go. We see JUSTIN, nattily dressed and looking sharp, sporting very cool Brown-tinted shades. Clad in a White Sports Jacket, Navy Pants and a Black Shirt. Sporting some rather odd facial hair though…A little bit of the Circle, the Duck-Tail, the Chin Strap and the Soul Patch…Trendy? Trying too hard? Should he have STOPped before going OVERboard? Neither HAIR nor there?…Hmm…And that brings us to LOTTA. Black Skirt, Purple Hat, Purple Bag, Purple flared Jacket…But the FLAIR? I think she’s in JETpardy there…She missed the FLIGHT with those earrings and that hat…Who still wears hanging earrings like that? And what are those 4 squiggly things springing out from the headband? Sorry, Lotta…All that MONEY just isn’t ADDING up…You’ve taken FASHION nonSENSE to all new HEIGHTS! And the worst part of this THREAD? The tattered hemline showing at her right knee…The worst faux pas! It’ll never FLY….Oh, sorry..I was so caught UP being Fashion Police, that I almost forgot the business at LAND…The eye candy…Look closely at Lotta’s Bag..the emblemed clasp? It’s the Jumble “J”! I ask you, Readers….Is there anything left out there that the Jumble Guys haven’t tried to inJET their name into? So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And remember…MONEY can buy you Fashions…but it’s the Fashion SENSE that can COST you! ✈️👗🙋🏻


    • Angela–You know I am a big Fab Four Fan, so keep the Beatle’s oldies coming.
      Ignore those who don’t find them hummable, singable, danceable, etc.
      Punificent post today. I only wish you had used one of my favourite JET songs—‘
      “I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane…..” Maybe it doesn’t fit with the JET SET reference but I’ve been mentally humming it most of the day—in between answering questions, leading people to places and generally trying to be helpful.
      Sorry I could not get back to you earlier, but you all know I appreciate your posts.

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      • Hey Earl! And I’m a big fan of your wild-life excursion today! Kudos! 👏🏻👏🏻 The Zesty food especially intrigued me. I LOVE Zesty food! The Beatles…What can I say? TBT, most every day, the music picks me, not the other way around…I seem to have no control over it! But it’s hard to please everyone…Just as it is in “life”! …And I’ve stopped trying to do that years ago!!! 😂😂 Saved a small fortune on therapy sessions, too! 😂 So, I just go with the flow….And I did think of “Jet Plane” while I was writing my poem this morning, (which I always do first)…The Peter, Paul and Mary version.(Just in case I get called on the carpet for who sings what)! 😉 I love her voice on it…And yep, I found myself doing the mental hum too…But since it’s really a relationship-ending song, and the puzzle did center on happy Conspicuous Consumption… Well, I just 🎶Let it Be🎶! 😉 .Anyway, you needn’t ever apologize to me…The way you spend your Monday’s is so admirable, you owe no one an explanation, I’M sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner…I had a crazy day, but trust me, nothing even close to the good you do! I’m more along the lines of the ..,🎶Voodoo..that you do..so well🎶…😉 And, as always, Thanks for the Shout Outs..You’re a gem! Hope you’re enjoying your night, Earl! ✈️🙋🏻

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  2. The TIGER was lured to the GAZEBO by the smell of ZESTY food and avoided INJURY from the broken glassware.
    Great post Mike, I’ll revisit later when I take a break. 👋🏽 👏🏾👏🏾

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  3. Good morning. Talk about polar opposites. Yesterday was a doozy today a walk in the park. Sunday you felt like a dummy and today a genius. But then again I’m thinking the guys must really think we’re stupid with such easy words. I never posted yesterday because I got started late and by the time I finally got the words I had to meet the guys and bocce. I never got the cartoon answer. Today nothing was a challenge. Thanks Mike for everything and Angela,nice song choice.I’d almost want to hear “Tiny Tim” sing that song over the Beatles. I did say almost! Nice work on the poem and puns. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. I missed you yday Yes, I know how you feel about the Beatles, but you do realize that some things just can’t be helped, right? You know I got your back, Paul…be patient. But Tiny Tim? I had no idea it was THAT serious!😂 Thanks very much for the Shout Outs, but I have to ask. You played Bocce y’day? We had winds here that were off the charts…didn’t you? 🙋🏻


      • Yes Angela. Being the weekend and Football season,we only had ten people playing. I don’t wear a hat 🎩 but yesterday I did (not that one shown,baseball cap) and it does make a difference. When the wind died down and sun came out it was sort of warm. With so few players,we played more games and finished at 3:30. I’ll be heading that way again soon. Take care.

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      • Yes, of course..A hat always makes a difference. But I’d have thought it’d be too windy to play…doesn’t the wind affect the direction of the balls? We had brutal winds out here, I guess it wasn’t that bad by you…Anyway, enjoy the game today..Good Luck! 🙋🏻


  4. Easy puzzle this morning. Looked at yesterday’s post and the puzzle really looked like a difficult one. Not sure I would have figured it out. Just returned from my Hudson River Cruise, Angela. Enjoyed a week in your beautiful state. However, it was supposed to be the Fall
    Foliage cruise and the foliage didn’t cooperate. We did take a photo by one tree with red leaves in Hyde Park but other than that the leaves are still pretty green. Seems like you may bypass fall and go directly to winter. It was 48 degrees one morning and this thin skinned Westerner was freezing. Happy Monday everyone.

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    • Welcome back Betty! I knew I’d have two questions for you:
      One, how were the colors? And Two (in my best Ed McMahon voice):
      “How cold *was* it?” 😂

      With everyone complaining about all the construction and transformation of the SF skyline, I thought you’d find this note in the Chronicle interesting – “The Roaring Twenties in San Francisco were a mixture of sedate respectability and wild boom times. The city changed completely in the ’20s with a whole new skyline. The 32-story Russ Building, the distinctive Pacific Telephone Building south of Market, the classy 450 Sutter office tower and two new skyscraper hotels — the Mark Hopkins atop Nob Hill and the Sir Francis Drake at Powell and Sutter streets — were built within four years of each other and gave San Francisco a distinctive new look.”

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    • Hi Betty! Ben tornato! Welcome back! And of course you would have figured out y’days puzzle..it wasn’t bad at all…Maybe just a little snag at the non-pun part of the answer…I hear you about the Foliage…I’m still looking for it myself every time I LEAF the house! In fact, I’m sitting in my kitchen right now, making the requisite chicken soup, 😉 and looking out the back doors at all the GREEN leaves..with the smidgens of Brown..And as you said, by now I should be awash in beautiful colors! But it’s just not happening. One day last week we had near 80°, another few, high 60’s. And then of course the 35-40’s thrown in. The leaves are as confused as we are! It’s sad…I usually walk around here, and I’m amazed at the beautiful shades of red, yellow, purplish-crimson and orange…Youre right..Fall? ACORNding to the calendar, yes…ACORNding to the elements? Not so much…I’m smiling at your freezing point, though! 48? That’s Spring! 😂😂 And this morning it was 35…I put socks on…😉 Winter’s coming! Sorry your trip wasn’t all it was meant to be…MAPLE next time! Again, welcome back, I missed you! Have a good one, Betty…🍂🍃🍁🙋🏻


      • Thanks for the item, Steve. Now we have the Millennium Towers which are leaning & sinking. They don’t have that situation in New York.

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  5. Hi all – All the unusual letters made the words easy, and the answer just took a second glance to come up with two three-letter words.

    Not too much going on in the cartoon, but I’ll note that it acts as a good plug for David’s “Word Search World Traveler” app.

    Mike, you need an option for “None of the above” in the poll. Just too easy today. And since I’m such a fashion expert, I’ll say that I thought the four “curly things” were supposed to represent feathers.

    I guess you’re right about nobody wearing earrings like that anymore, Angela. Now the big round wooden part is worn directly inserted into the earlobe! (Or maybe I’ve just been in coffee shops too often lately.)
    Next time just call “Money” a Barrett Strong song. I read a very interesting comment from Paul McCartney about why the Beatles sought out obscure-to-the-British American songs like “Anna”, “Chains”, “Please Mr. Postman”, ”Money” etc. to cover in the early years. Since the Beatles were always the most popular band they always went on last, and if they covered familiar songs, they’d be repeating songs performed by the opening acts. And the American imports were readily available to them because of Liverpool’s status as a huge seaport.

    Wishing everyone a great Monday!

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    • Feathers? PLUME are you kidding? 😂 And didn’t we have this same music conversation last time? Barrett Strong? Wrong! No way will I call it anything but what I did! What do you have against the Beatles lately? So, so wrong…They recorded it? They had a hit? We bought it? That COVERS the bases, G…It’s a Beatles song..We really need to 🎶Come Together🎶 with this! ..And way, way, yes to the coffee shop related styling…You do realize that’s GROUND Zero as far as Fashion goes, right? 😉 Have a good one, G.. And I hope 🎶We Can Work It Out🎶…🙋🏻


    • Steve:
      You said ” Since the Beatles were always the most popular band they always went on last, and if they covered familiar songs, they’d be repeating songs performed by the opening acts.” I read something from Paul McCartney where he said that the situation you mentioned was the reason he and John started writing their own songs, so nobody else would be playing them. He said something like there was no voice from the heavens saying “you shall be a songwriting duo”, it was for more pragmatic reasons.

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      • That too! Good point. Although a man came in on a flaming pie and said “You are Beatles with an ‘A’. “ 😂😂🙋🏻‍♂️


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