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Good Morning, Everyone!         👑🍳  WRONGLY “EGG-SECUTED”? 🍳👑

🎶 I’m SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD...Just rollin’ along, just rollin’ along. And I’m quittin’ the blues of the world…Just singin’ a song, just singin’ a song. Glory, Hallelujah, I just phoned the parson..”Hey, Par, get ready to call”…Just like HUMPTY DUMPTY, I’M GOIN’ TO FALL..Yes, I’m SITTING ON TOP, top of the world…Just rollin’ along, just rollin’ along…🎶 “I’m Sitting On Top Of The World”  – Dean Martin   1973

👑🍳 We all know Humpty Dumpty as a child’s nursery rhyme,
Recited when kids GATHER, for such a long, long time…
One wonders how it came about, were these words of MISUSE?
Why was there such excitement from what may have been abuse?
What was he doing on that wall? No legs did he AFFORD,
The GOSSIP went around that he had snapped his Spinal Cord…
Dressed oh so nice and with a Crown, he really looked quite SPRUCE,
Yet one can’t help but wonder…Was the SYSTEM that footloose?
Without two legs to guide him, was he placed up there to wit…
And left to meet his sad fate of DISASTROUS “EGG-SIT”? 🍳👑

WALL, WALL...Do you think today the YOLK’s on us? UnSCRAMBLING the words wasn’t a problem, but David sure DISHED out an EGGScellent solution! With all our words Sweet Repeats, there wasn’t any FALLtering there…They all went OVER EASY…but DISASTROUS?..Uh, yes..it almost proved to be! But let’s put our SUNNY SIDES UP, quit HORSEing aroundand get to our cartoon…

Today we find ourselves in late eighteen century England, PEERing THROUGH the LOOKING-GLASS, so to speak, as the Kings’ Horses and Men SCRAMBLE to find a way to help HUMPTY DUMPTY. Having fallen off the WALL,  he lies there all BROKEN UP OVER the whole thing! Poor HUMPTY…This is definitely CRACKED up to be a problem…And rumor has it he really was a good EGG…But what a MESStery…How’d he get UP there? Was he asSALTed? Could he have been just a YOLKen PAWN in some crazy Royal takeOVER? Could this have ended BUTTER? Is he really TOAST now? Or was he just SITTING there minding his own business? So many questions, and yet I fear we SHELL never know…BOTTOM line?…It’s definitely a DISASTER…Yep..it’s a DISASTROUSEGG-SIT”! Bravo, David! You’ve KIDded us once again!

Ok, eye candy…You have no idea how badly I was hoping one of the horses would be Black and White…you know SALT and PEPPER?…but gROAN, they’re not…Big expanse of Green grass, with Black-silhouetted trees WHEY off in the background. A Castle is seen OFF to the right, three flagged-spires showing. Nice POINTS, Jeff . Two FLUFFY clouds in the sky. The Kings’ Men are clad in Gray, with Red Sashes across their chests…And then we have our ENTREE, Humpty, himself. Red gloves, Gold unBROKEN CROWN, his innards YOKING into the ground…I’m going with him. From the looks of it? A perfect SUNNY SIDE UP result…Poor guy. He took a real gamble going up there…although it does look like he BROKE EVEN! So, There you have it YOLKS, Done! Have an EGGScellent day, Everyone! I’m OFF to PICK UP breakfast…I’m just BACON for some EGGS! 🍳👑🙋🏻

14 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/21/2018

  1. To GATHER GOSSIP about the new communications SYSTEM, the CEO had to SPRUCE up his wardrobe and MISUSE personal funds which he could ill AFFORD.
    Normally I begin with the first word and work my way down. Today? Started at the bottom and worked up—the first word did not come instantly, but the new SYSTEM worked for some reason.
    The solution? I thought EGG would be one of the three letter words and SIT also made the pun work, but DISASTROUS took some manic scribbling before I saw it.
    Great song Angela—forgot that “Humpty Dumpty” was in those lyrics.
    Like your poem and the dozens of puns were Grade AAA today.
    Thanks for all you do and enjoy you breakfast—-that’s an interesting word—-to break the night’s fast. Just musing.
    BTW Angela—I wanted to make the CEO a female but then the GOSSIP word had to be used and I wanted to avoid that image.

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    • Good Morning, Earl…LOL..I very much appreciate your sensitivity with the GOSSIPy issue! But I’m not YOLKing when I say that men are not immune! 😉 It’s been my EGGSperience that a lot of men (present company excluded of course) are no FALL guys when it comes to Gossip! We women have the name, but men definitely play the game! We’ll just call it a draw..and not TALK ABOUT IT any more! Kudos 👏🏻👏🏻 on your sentence, Earl, you created a great MIX! And you may have hit upon something with the BOTTOMs up…Let’s face it, the order was never etched in BRICK, I mean Stone…What matters is the unSCRAMBLING! As for “EGGS-SIT”? A brilliant pun, right? Immediately recognizable.. but I agree, DISASTROUS tried to cause some DAMAGE! I had decided to sleep late this morning and there were a least a DOZEN texts from the Early Birds, EGGSing where I was when I finally aYOLK! And they all were BREAKING ’em OVER Disastrous! 😉 A great SCRAMBLE, indeed…My song choice? For one of a very few times, I had TWO that I considered FRYING today…The other was a Bobby Vinton ENTREE, 🎶 Please Help Me I’m Falling🎶, but this one SERVED so much BUTTER! And as soon as it started playing, I knew I was FALLING for it! 😂Thanks for the Shout Outs and the Poem Nom, and I’m loving your “Grade AAA” and “dozens”! You know I love when the wit is RUNNING amok! And you’re always welcome…SERVING you all is my pleasure. As for breakfast..that was a little WHITE lie…I really had to get ready for Mass, but you know me…I just couldn’t resist getting that last CRACK in…Now I’m going to settle DOWN and DIG INTO those EGGS and BACON that I’ve been achin’ for…😉 Wishing you an EGGStrodinary day, Earl! Enjoy! 👑🍳🙋🏻


  2. A song that actually has Humpty Dumpty in it. Way to go, Angela. Many fun puns as usual.
    Some of the words were tough for me, with SYSTEM being the worst, even though I’ve seen them before. I thought EGG would be one of the three letter words, but I couldn’t get SIT until I found DISASTROUS. I’m off to buy eggs and some produce at the farmers’ market.

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    • Good Morning, Caroline. I know, right? We can’t BREAK this stuff up! 😉 And I enjoy hearing about the different ways we all COOK up to arrive at our solutions…EGGScelent call on getting DISASTROUS before SIT. 👏🏻 👏🏻 You may just FALL into a category all your own this morning! I hope you’re enjoying your visit to the Farmers’ Market. And..Thanks so much for the Shout Out. You know I CARROT all of you think…and I’m always aiming to PEAS! LETTUCE know how it goes! 👑🙋🏻


      • Market was fine, though it’s starting to slow down. Among other things, I bought some swiss chard (a challenge) and winter pears.

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      • Hey Caroline..Same thing out here. The mornings have been cold, and its dwindling down….Swiss chard? I’d have to agree, a challenge…I’ve dabbled once or twice, but it’s definitely not in my bag of tricks. Let me know how it goes…The pears? Yes, please!😉 Hope the day’s going well…🍐🙋🏻


      • I really SWISS CHARD that I enjoyed it more. MayPEA I need to give it another go around before I totally LEAF it alone…It has BEAN a while now..And I SAUTÈ had it on sale last week too…Plus, I do like Spinach..but KALE me what you will…I’m still a little aFRYed to try it again…😉
        Caroline..Don’t sell yourself short..You had it right there…”I was thinking it would be CHARD to make a pun with Swiss Chard”!
        …And Steve just gets BUTTER as THYME goes by! 😉 Hope you’re enjoying your day! 🍆🙋🏻


      • Hi, Caroline..Thank you, you’re very kind…But not really masterful, I’ve just been doing it for so long with my friends, and I enjoy it…And as you’ve said…there’s so much to laugh about. We all could use a lot more laughter in our lives. Hope you’re having a good night! 🙋🏻


  3. Hi all – A personal victory! I saw SPRUCE right away, one of my nemesis words the last few times.
    Tried GHT, but saw GATHER when that didn’t work. Double-letter trick for AFFORD (remember the low-cost “Canta Forda Computer” company?), saw GOSSIP after SOG-SIP (draining my Peet’s coffee), and MISUSE took the longest to see its prefix.
    The answer, Oy! So many letters I thought they might be going for something like “EGGistential cry-sis”. EGG had to be in there somewhere, but I had no ideas and gave up.

    I know what Mr. Dumpty was doing up there, though. He was trying to fit in with the “Elf (and everything else) on-a shelf” craze. Not a good idea for him.

    LOVE Mr. Ed conversing there. Here’s a joke from the Car Talk website about two people taking a job application test:
    “Upon completion of the test, both only missed one of the questions. Ray went to Cranky and said, “Thank you for your interest, but we’ve decided to give the job to the young lady.”
    Cranky asked, “Why? We both got nine questions correct. Since my uncle works here, I should get the job!”
    Ray said, “We have made our decision not on the correct answers, but rather on the question that you missed.”
    Cranky then asked, “And just how would one incorrect answer be better than the other?”
    Ray replied, “Simple, the young woman put down for question #4, ‘I don’t know.’ You put down, ‘Neither do I.'”

    Have a great Sunday everyone.🙋🏻‍♂️

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