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Good Morning, Everyone!             🌟  “SIRIUS”ly? 🌟

🎶 STARRY, STARRY night…Flaming flowers that brightly blaze, Swirling clouds in violet haze, Reflect in Vincent’s eyes of china blue…Colors changing hue…Morning fields of amber grain, Weathered faces lined in pain …Are soothed beneath the artist’s loving hand…🎶 “Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)” – Don McLean 1972

🌟 Out on a clear, BRISK evening, with the sky afire with light,
We see a group of stars OUTBID each other for what’s bright.
With a teacher who’s not BOSSY, but whose basic curriculum,
Involves being quite serious about what’s dear to him…
It’s obvious he knows his stuff, his actions do ACQUIT,
He wants these kids to know just where a special Star should fit…
So he stands outdoors and looks above, his mettle one of grit…
It comes to Stars, he’s earned his stripes, he’s “SIRIUS” ABOUT IT! 🌟

So, today David seems to have not taken our words too SIRIUSly. Not only are they all Sweet Repeats, they’re repeat Sweet Repeats. We’ve seen each of them more than once in the past, the most recent being BRISK which last appeared on April 7th. And the only word to LIGHTly DOG any of the Early Morning Jumblers today was ACQUIT. OUTBID TRAILed behind, with just one bid…Ok, on to our solution….

Today’s cartoon brings us outdoors under a STAR-LIT Sky. We see a Teacher, with four students, looking up at the clusters of Stars. He’s heard telling them about the Brightest Star, SIRIUS. Being a Star of the Constellation CANIS MAJOR, (Latin for “The Greater DOG“), gives it its’ nickname, “DOG STAR”. And as a little aside, the expression “Dog Days” of Summer, came about from the period when SIRIUS rises in conjunction with the Sun, July 3rd, through August 11th. Now how COOL is that? It’s bright, it’s huge…it’s a SIRIUS Star...and as a result…When our teacher’s talking? He’s “SIRIUS” ABOUT IT! Great pun, David! Once again…you’re our Shining Star!

Ok, eye candy…The SKY is darkened, with SIRIUS and the lesser Stars illuminated. The panel is totally shaded in Gray, it being night. Except for the blackened silhouetted Trees along the background, there’s really nothing to take a SHINE to…So I’ll just go with the young blond boy at left. He’s holding up his Cell Phone, and Jeff’s imposed the Stars themselves upon its’ screen…You GLOW, Jeff! Great deTAIL. What a BRIGHT idea! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And remember…We’re all STARS…CONSTELLATION prize or not! 🌟🙋🏻

14 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/19/2018

  1. In an attempt to OUTBID the competition, the BOSSY collector shouted a BRISK series of offers that seemed to ACQUIT her of earlier hesitancy.
    No problem with the scrambled words and after a little thought the solution became apparent with a slight groan.
    Big fan of Don McLean and had forgotten about this great song of his. Thanks Angela.
    Your poem is a heart-warming tribute to the virtues of teachers–they deserve more respect, IMHO, than they get.
    I did not see the child with the cell phone and went back to look for him and still could not make out the screen—amazing detail that you saw.
    Sunny Sunny Friday—-a one-day respite from yesterday’s chill–off for a morning walk to enjoy the foliage and the kayakers on the canal before it shuts down.

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    • Good Morning, Earl. Wonderful sentence! Just one tiny reservation, if I may? Must the BOSSY one be a woman? Just sayin’! 😉 And yes, it’s a good pun today! I loved it! I may have buried the song away too. It kind of saddens me, I think. but it’s a beautiful tune, right? And it just immediately popped into my head this morning. Thanks so much for the Shout Outs, and especially for the Poem Nom. I agree with your sentiment towards teachers wholeheartedly. And such dedication with this guy, huh? Taking from his own time to take these kids out after hours. But I have to add, I was wondering about those permission slips…In this day and age? No one takes a school-aged child out from the School grounds at any time without that slip. And at night…to boot? He must be a very well-respected and trusted man for this to occur. Kudos to our fictitious man of the hour! He’s just as SIRIUS as we suspected! Earl, I’m wondering where you were looking, that you couldn’t see the phone. Here’s a link..I tried to get in as close as I could. Look at his left hand, raised into the air. Touching just at the teachers right ear? I hope you’ll see the phone..Black screen with the Stars showing…Let me know… Beautiful day here also, albeit a tad chilly. We’re at 38°, but crisp and clear…I love it! Enjoy your walk, enjoy your scenery, enjoy your day! Ciao, Bello…🌟🙋🏻



  2. Another vote for outbid.
    With all the vowels for the answer, I knew I had to group some together and perhaps start the words with a vowel. I thought of it and about, which helped me find sirius after I first thought of Russia. Though I’m familiar with Sirius radio, I didn’t know the meaning of sirius. Another thing learned at Jumble University.
    Interesting info, Angela, about Dog Days.

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    • Good Morning, Caroline. I had another friend text me with an Outbid vote since I posted this morning, so you’re making 3. It’s now a tie…Curious to see how we fare today. Very good move with the vowels👏🏻! Russia made me smile! And Jumble University is a keeper. I like it… You’ve coined us a new one! A good one, too! 👏🏻 And it is kind of amazing if you think ABOUT IT, isn’t it? There is a lot of learning unleashed here. Who knew? As for Dog Days…I remember first hearing the phrase as a kid, and getting so upset…wondering what we would do..We didn’t have one! 😉 Silly things that stick in our minds! Hope you’re having a great day, Caroline! Be well! 🌟🙋🏻


  3. Serious (Sirius) why does this email always go to my junk box and if I forwarded to my inbox it comes up all jumbled letters why why why ??? A jumble fan. Any solutions

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    • Hi, Good Morning, Sir or Madam. I’m so sorry to hear about your problem…and I’m more sorry because I really don’t have a solution to offer you..What you’re saying has happened to many of us…the Junk folder issue. The other part, the jumbled letters, I’m not so sure. There seems to be a lot of little quirks with Word Press. I often find my own email in my junk folder…which boggles the mind, since I’m the one generating it. I wish I could help..Msybe, just a suggestion…How about trying to re-register? Hitting the “manage subscriptions” in the body of the email and seeing where that leads you? Again, I’m sorry you’re having the issue..But thanks for sticking with us in spite of it. Hope your day gets better! Be well. 🙋🏻


  4. Good morning. Nice song choice,puns and poem Angela. Another great sentence Earl. Even though it’s said it is a mans world. We all know that’s not so.The women let us think we do. No problem with the words today. Outbid was the last word that I got. Slightly longer to get than Acquit. The cartoon answer wasn’t so hard once I arranged the letters together. I got the last two words first which left the remaining one. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, STARshine! How you doin’? Thanks for the Shout Outs. And I just knew you were a man after my own heart.❤️.You know all about we women! 😘 Imagine that? Funny AND smart! You’re the total package, aren’t you, Brooklyn? 😉Hope you’re having a great morning so far..Beautiful weather, right? 🌟🙋🏻


  5. I also vote for acquit and outbid giving me reason to pause.As far as the solution,about and it were obvious choices,but seriously ” Sirius ” ,I really wasn’t familiar with the names of the stars but am an avid Sirius radio listener.

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    • Hey Professor…If you’re putting in both votes, than it’s still neck and neck…C’mon SIRIUSly? You’ve never heard of it? I know it so well…Hmm. Maybe it’s because people are constantly telling me that I got my head in the clouds??? Nice up here!!’ 😂 Have a good one, Prof! 🌟🙋🏻


  6. Hi all – Got everything but the third word, but as soon as I saw “I DOUBT”, I knew there was no doubt a-“BOUT IT”, this word would take awhile. Finally tried OUT and saw it was a dreaded Earl-type compound word.

    Just a couple of unrelated things while searching with Google and Wikipedia;

    It seems that Sirius appears the brightest to us on Earth, but the star Deneb is probably the leader in actual intrinsic brightness.

    If the kid has an Apple device, I suspect (and hope) that he’s using the IOS app “Sky Guide”, which I call “the sky app I had always been looking for.” It is an absolutely astonishing demonstration of what can be done with today’s technology, and will tell and show you anything about what you can see in the night sky, and everything you can’t see also (Want to fly over the surface of Europa?) Also: its free and easy to use.

    Angela, besides being a great song and about the night , your choice reminded me of the news about another great painting – Rembrandt’s “Night Watch” is about to start several years of restoration at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, and the whole process will be visible to the public and I believe streamed online, also.

    Have a great Fall day and weekend, everyone!

    🎵”Well here it comes –
    Here comes the night”🎵


    • Talk about Jumble University? You’ve done Caroline proud! 😉 Outbid’s in front…Have a good one, G. Talk to you later. 🌟🙋🏻


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