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Good Morning, Everyone!        👃🏻THE SWEET SMELL OF…DISTRESS”? 👃🏻

🎶 There’s a reason you’re everywhere…Breathe you in like you’re in the AIR..Maybe you should call off today….Give you girls some time to play…Cause you’re keeping me safe and warm, even when I’m home alone…Wearing nothing but your COLOGNE…Wearing nothing but your COLOGNE…🎶 “Cologne” – Selena Gomez 2015

👃🏻 At one time you’d hear “Would you…” Just before the spray unfurled,
Depending on how quick you were, you’re hit before you whirl…
The EFFECT of the scent would take, and now you would BELONG
Among that group who’s RUNOFF wasn’t fast and wasn’t strong.
The new scent, “STORMY Weather” smelling like new fallen rain,
Was now imbedded in your clothes, and seeping towards your brain.
There should have been a SAVIOR here, protecting you from this…
Next thing you know another’s coming…this time spraying “Bliss”.
“I need to get away from here, this store I should DISOWN
You’re thinking as you try to flee from here and these colognes…
There has to be a better way to reach “Tools..You Can Renter…”
Next time you’ll use the back door and avoid the FRONT AND “SCENTER”! 👃🏻

So,…Looking at our cartoon, and noting that our main character today is a “SCENTER”, and having been ambushed enough times in the past by going through those FRONT entrances…today’s puzzle solution was breathe of fresh air! Unlike our theme! And unlike some of our words today…Here’s the general consensus so far…1 and 2, check. 5 and 6, check…3 and 4? A few of the Early Morning Jumblers? See our poor unsuspecting Sprayee?  (Is that a word?)…They all Choked! One of those pesky combination words…RUNOFF, well, it didn’t Runoff their tongues that easily, and SAVIOR? I’m hearing that they thought there was a U in there..Saviour. Truth be told? Neither “looks” right. I guess it’s just one of those odd words…And I couldn’t find it in the archives either…so let’s deem it The First, and the Worst! Please write in and let us know your thoughts…

Our cartoon today is pretty clear. We find ourselves in the Men’s COLOGNE Dept. of Jumble’s. Yes, Jumble’s. I NOSE, I NOSE..But what can I say, Folks…I SCENT your amusement, and we do know about Jeff’s SCENTS of humor… But as we all know, entering a Dept. Store at its’ FRONT entrance, is like walking into a SPRAY FORAY! So, we see a FRAGRANCE MODEL as they came to be known, FRAGRANTLY, I mean flagrantly spritzing an unsuspected customer. And he’s like..”EAU..de Cologne is burning my eyes..Stop it”! Poor guy…I mean this really STINKS, don’t you think? But as we can see, the damage is done…And all because our Sartorial Spritzer got a new job and is now FRONT AND “SCENTER“. Good one, David…AIR, AIR!!

As for the eye candy? Escalator in the background, but I’m UP and DOWN about it. Yellow display bottles of Jumble Cologne, embossed wth the Trademark “J”. Again…What can I JAY? Large Yellow Cloud of Cologne seen surrounding our customer..Hard to bAIR….But I think I’ll go with the surprised onlooker, cell phone in handNot only can I SCENTS his shock, I can almost hear him saying..”Shouldn’t you be spritzing only conSCENTual adults”? So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone..And remember..If possible, always use the back entrance to these Stores…So you won’t end up the SCENTER of attention! 👃🏻🙋🏻


17 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/14/2018

    • Hey Professor…It looks like the word hadn’t been used since March 6th, 2015, but there were no comments made, so there’s nothing to compare with…But as I said, it caught my friends this morning too…The combination words can be tricky…Hope you’re enjoying your day. 👃🏻🙋🏻

  1. An EFFECT of the STORMY RUNOFF election was that the candidate thought to be the SAVIOR was found not to BELONG to the party and the chairman had to DISOWN him.

    Sunday Jumbles are always a challenge and today the scrambled word that slowed me down was DISOWN. I’ve said it before and I shall repeat it ad nauseum, I do not like compound words!!
    Savior was a tad of trouble because I prefer the British spelling—with a U.
    As for the solution? Really gave me difficulty. I thought SCENT would be part of the answer but it took a long time to decipher the pun—and then FRONT did not make much sense until I studied the cartoon more carefully. Clever play on words and pun.

    Angela—not a clue about Selena Gomez except knowing the name. Song and lyrics fit the bill.
    Sunday superlatives for the sentences and slippery plays with puns. Your always meet us FRONT and CENTRE with smiles, groans and sometimes eye rolls.
    Today’s cartoon reminded me of a “Friends” episode–or two–where Joey is a cologne sales person and gets into a cologne duel with another salesman dressed as a cowboy or is Joey the cowboy—details are not my forte.
    Fall foliage is fabulous for much of the forested areas in New York. Enjoy the great outdoors.

    • Hi Earl. Funny you’re mentioning Savior, as it stumped my friends this morning..although they didn’t know of the British spelling…They just thought the U should have been there.,.The answer came to me immediately because I’ve really been avoiding those FRONT entrances for years! Like your spin on the words, and if I discussed politics? I’d have a story or two that would make you laugh! Thanks so much for the Shout Outs and the Poem Nom, you know I try… and again special thanks for the alliteration. You gave me a smile, and you’re right on point with the Friends episode! Joeys co-worker is dressed as a Cowboy, in black, which prompts Joey to do the same, dressing in white. And when they both compete for a customer, the poor guy gets caught between them and sprayed in the eyes. I think Joey’s nozzle got stuck though…I do remember that the cologne was “Hombre”! I’m going to try and find a clip for you…The foliage isn’t yet in full bloom here, we’ve had those exceptionally hot days…but it’s starting…Hope you’re having a good one, Earl…Ciao, Bello! 👃🏻🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. No problems with the words. There was a second pass of two words and I had to put my thinking cap on but,all and all just minutes longer then yesterday. When it came time for the cartoon I drew a blank. I took the time to make myself a great breakfast with home fries,sausage,bacon,over easy eggs,whole wheat toast,coffee and orange juice, I’ll just save myself agita and sneak a peak. I’m glad I did because it wasn’t worth ruining a perfect breakfast. Angela and Earl thank you for your input. No idea on the song and your sentence was very visual. Them democratics are trying to infiltrate all aspects of the Republican Party. Shades of tricky Dickey. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn…I love the menu! Sausage and bacon. both? A man after my cholesterol-challenged heart! 😂 I love the combination, but I try to control the urge! 😉 And agita! You speak Italian? 😂😂 Glad I could help you out with the solve..It was very clever…And as I mentioned to Earl…we can’t do politics here..well I can’t anyway…I have enough grief within my own family!!! 😉 Let’s just all be sure to put our money where our mouths are, and get out and vote…Have a good one, Brooklyn…Ciao, Bello! 👃🏻🙋🏻

  3. Hi Angela and everyone,
    Timely sentence by Earl. And I agree with Earl about disown, which was the one clue word that I had to back into. Looking at my letters, I spotted front and the rest of the answer followed.

    • Hi Caroline Good Afternoon! I had one other friend vote for Disown, so yours now makes 3. It was last used on February 4th of this year, Super Bowl Sunday, in fact, as SWODIN, and interestingly enough didn’t catch any of us that day..I guess there really is no method to this madness we call Jumble! And yes, Earl’s sentence is definitely food for thought! 😉 You can see where my head’s at now, after reading about Paul’s breakfast, right? 😂 Hope you’re enjoying this cool, crisp day, Caroline…,Take care! 👃🏻🙋🏻

      • I didn’t recall seeing disown before. I think I remember the more unusual words better, like kayak and gurney. For breakfast I had some tempeh bacon, which is also good.

        • Hey Caroline…My head is so crammed full of words, that sometimes I just feel like throwing in the VOWEL and giving up! 😂 But yes, we had it, and we all seemed to OWN it that day…you also. As I said…it’s a madness! 😂 I’ve only had tempeh bacon once, and I remember it having a somewhat smoky flavor to it…I’m dangerous around bacon…it’s my downfall..😉 …Who am I kidding? It’s one of my many downfalls! 😂 Hope your day’s going well! 🐷🙋🏻

  4. Hi all – I was amused to see that the double letter trick worked on EFFECT twice. My second hardest word was BELONG – wanted it to be GLOBAL, and I *still* think BONGLE should be a word. And then STORMY took me the longest.
    No idea about the answer, but when I wrote down the letters and figured the middle word must be AND, I saw it.

    Department store, men’s perfume – might as well be the surface of Mars to me.
    Are we talking Rod Stewart again?
    🎵”Yes, I’ll pay your cabfare home
    You can even use my best cologne”🎵

    Have a great Sunday!

    Since Earl mentioned being a Beatles fan “Yesterday”, let me note this for him, Angela, Mike McCormick, myself and the others here – check out this link from UC:
    “New course on the Beatles comes together”
    “The course, “The Reel Beatles,” is open to undergraduate and graduate students. It will be taught by David Leaf, an award-winning filmmaker and biographer, who was a co-writer, director and producer of the 2006 documentary “The U.S. vs. John Lennon.”
    “The class will use video and film to tell the compelling story of how the Beatles became beloved and mythical,” said Leaf, a UCLA adjunct professor.”


    • Hey G. It looks like you were doused today…instead of spritzed! Some days it’s just like that…But at least you persevered! New course..”Comes Together”!…Great headline…But, IMAGINE? A Beatles course…it just BONGLES the mind! 😉 .Hope you’re having a good one, G! 🎶🙋🏻

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