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🎶 Well SHAKE it up baby now…SHAKE it up Baby, Twist and Shout….Come on, come on, come, come on Baby now…Come on and work it on out…You know you twist, Little Girl…You know you twist so fine. Come on and twist a little closer now…And let me know that you’re mine…Well, SHAKE it, SHAKE it, SHAKE it, Baby now…Well, SHAKE it, SHAKE it, SHAKE it, Baby now…Well, SHAKE it, SHAKE it, SHAKE it, Baby now….Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh…🎶 “Twist and Shout” – The Beatles  1963

🏒 A Kansas City KAYAK fan could sympathize right here,
With Hockey you get brawling too…and fans just love to cheer.
A penalty’s a given, players all possess a STASH,
The Sport is one of gamesmanship, so penalties? Not SCARCE.
It’s not for the faint-hearted, no soft GUITAR-stringing strum…
It’s facewash, bites and head locks..It’s the fighting and the scrum.
There’s blood, there’s brawn, you’ll get it all…a little this and that…
With Hockey you just never know what you’ll SHAKE A STICK AT! 🏒

Now this is a pleasant surprise. We’ve seen Baseball, Football, a CLIPPING or two of Basketball, but I only remember one previous HOCKEY puzzle. It was back on May 15th, when we watched a forlorn fan ordering Sunny Side-Down Eggs at the Victoria Diner. The place was nice, not a DIVE or anything, but our fan sure looked SHOT. And I remember thinking that maybe he should have ordered a MUFFIN that morning instead…Anyway, before I get TRAPped in the past, let’s SHIFT back to the present…

All of our words today are REBOUNDS, with Stash HOLDING the record for being the most recent, April 20th. So far this morning, no one’s CHECKed in with any concerns, but it is a Saturday morning, and with the late nights some of them keep on Fridays…I suspect a few may be DELAYED OFFSIDE. So, let’s just move on to our cartoon…We find ourself on the ICE of the fictional Kansas City Kayak’s HOCKEY ARENA this morning, watching a PLAYER, whom I’ll call MICH IGAN, COOLing his heels. The Referee is seen telling him to “Get in the box”, the PENALTY BOX, because he was caught HOOKING. For those of you who may not know, in HOCKEY, HOOKING is when a player impedes an opponent by putting the blade of his STICK into the other man’s body. It’s definitely a PENALTY. And as we see MICH SHAKING his STICK at the ref, our question is asking…The game had more penalties then you could..SHAKE A STICK AT! Well, GORDIE, GORDIE for us! HOWE cool is that one? GORD one, David! You’re definitely no HACK!

Ok, eye candy…I was trying to place the Jersey, but it doesn’t really look OFFICIAL. Since it’s Red, is it the Capitals, the Flames, the Devils, the Hurricanes? The partially hidden logo seems non-descript. Could be the LEFT WING of something, but I’d be SKATING on really thin ICE if I RUSHed to judgement. There’s a second player shown, already sitting it out in the box…MICH is seen being surly to the Ref…He really should CZECH himself..And we can also see the circled ZONE designation…but that might be the END of the details…So, what’s the eye candy? I think I’ll go with MICH’s NOSE…Something about it just sort of HOOKED me in! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone!..And I hope you all strike GOAL today! 🏒🙋🏻

12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/13/2018

  1. Space was SCARCE in the KAYAK so there was no place to STASH the old GUITAR.
    Three words gave no trouble. but the fourth was a blank. So I studied the cartoon and tried to think of phrases that might fit. Voila! “Shake a stick at” came to mind and so I backed into GUITAR. Strange combination of vowels tripped me up, I think.
    Thanks for the Beatle’s song Angela–always ready for the Fab Four.
    Great poem–hockey must be one of your passions. Up here in Western New York, many go ga ga for it at any level—and I have gone to quite a few games to watch nephews play. After a while, frozen feet and sore other parts, get OLD. Not complaining, just explaining why I have mixed memories of watching hockey games.
    Have a slamming Saturday everyone.

    • Good Morning, Earl…And Voila to you too! After I posted this morning, the Jumblers began to stir, and the only word that caused the slightest bit of disCHORD was Guitar. Not enough to STRUM up any trouble, but 2 people echoed your sentiment. The UI vs IU. They said that over the years, it’s always STRUNG them along…Brilliant sentenced as expected! 😉 Love the use of Stash. For some inane reason, I really like that word. Always have..IDK why…Weird? LOL…Thanks for the Shout Outs and the Poem Nom. I have been known to enjoy a Hockey game or two! 😉 But I don’t know if I’d call it a passion..More like a lustful pleasure! 😂😂 The violence does take its toll!😂 I like your subtle OLD reference…Trust me, if you’re attending outdoor games? Age don’t matter! It borders on brutal after the first period. ICE just goes so much better in the RINK of a glass! The Beatles? You’re very welcome…I knew beFOUR time that you’d love it! Have a good one, Earl. We’re having rain, and 47° right now, and it’s headed lower. And I also heard there’s flurries expected in a few areas upstate…What the PUCK? Wayyyyy too soon! 🏒🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. The words for me today we’re a little challenging So much so that I skipped the last word and went straight to the cartoon. That was an instant blind solve. Now knowing the three letters I needed,the final word came to me. And it’s right there in my basement for over thirty years. Every couple years I pick it up and strum the cords that I haven’t forgotten. Another satisfying finish. Angela,the song choice is 👌But the singers are 👎 I could thing of a few others that did a better job. I bet you knew that it would spark a comment. The propensity to liking stash and not knowing why brings up a possible freudian slip. “I don’t mean the one that use to be worn under a skirt or dress”. Could it be a substance that was hid under unmentionables so as not to be found by parents. Just throwing that out there. As always Angela and Earl did their usual good job. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Rainy Morning, Brooklyn! You know you already have me ROTFL! The Stash? I’m dying here! Just throwing it out there?? 😂 No, there was no Stash under the unmentionables! Only because I lived in fear of my parents! My Mother, God rest her beautiful soul, had no qualm whatsoever about invading my privacy! And she told us that up front…you know just in case we thought we had a chance in hell of getting over!!! 😂 So whether or not she really meant it? Who knows…I was never dumb enough to call her bluff! My Father,(again ditto on the RIP, etc), on the other hand was less vocal, but he did give us the ..”As long as you live under my roof…” speech, you know the one, right? And that alone was enough there too. Why tempt fate? 😂😂 So, no…no Stash…In the house..at least!!! 😂😂😂 Anyway…you’ve made my day..Maybe my whole weekend😉 It’s still early…remains to be seen..Oh, the puzzle! The last word..Paul, you’ve read Earls post, and my reply, right? You’re not alone. And I really do believe it’s the UI-IU. As for the solve, I agree. Very well-known phrase, besides Jeff tipping his hand with that shaking stick! Great puzzle, IMO. And yes, I know you’re anti-Beatle, but I can only split myself so many ways. Today, Earl nosed you out. I promise I’ll make it up to you…But let’s SHIFT back a little..You’ve played Guitar? I didn’t know. Very cool. And you know it’s never too late to try it again. Especially at this stage of your life..Retired, less obligations, much more leisure time, probably a lot more patience, can’t play Bocce in the winter…the list is endless! I’d give it a SHOT if I were you…Ok, enough! I need to start being productive and roll tomorrows’ meatballs…Figure I’m stuck in here with the rain and the sudden chill, so I may as well take advantage of it…Have a good one, Brooklyn. Thanks for the Shout Out, and again for the laughs! 😘🎸🙋🏻

      • Ah but your wrong my fair lady. We played today,even though guys showed up closer to 1:30 But the most we had was seven players. At least we had some laughs and collected $1:00 from the guys that showed for the next round of mega lottery. We had 37 on the last list. We do play bocce in the winter. As long as there isn’t snow on the ground we try. A couple of the guys had winter jackets on and were still cold. To me it was a crisp chill and refreshing.

        • Hey Paul…Do you really play in the winter? God bless you! I doubt I could swing that…I don’t think my fingers would cooperate…And funny you mention who “feels” the cold (and the heat), and who doesn’t..We just had a conversation about that today…We “settled” on that it probably has a lot to do with the different meds people take…Makes sense I suppose . And I say “settled” on because the conversation was a hoot in itself!!…The lottery’s gone wild, huh? Great to be in a pool…Glad you had a good day, Brooklyn…Hope your night goes the same…Sleep well. Pleasant dreams! 💤🙋🏻

  3. I also had a blind solve,even before I had solved all the words.Kayak was a recent repeat for me so no problem,but scarce was looking like caress at first.Another trip N to Ronald Reagan Dixon country on twin watch duty,but did get delivery of our paper 5 min before we left, on a cold foggy morning without Rudolph to lead our sleigh.

    • You guys are all becoming comedians, aren’t you? Well, you SLEIGH me! 😂 Rudolph…Indeed! LOL..Good Morning, Professor! You’re right…the solve was a gift today…Easy, breezy. We all seem to be in agreement with that..But Kayak’s not that recent, Chuck. October 2nd, ’17 to be exact, so you’ve done well there. Caress? I’m not TOUCHing that one! 😂😂 Safe trip, in LIGHT of the fog😉. No, seriously, drive carefully…Twin Watch! I love it! Have a good time with the Little Ones! Be well…🏒🙋🏻

  4. Hi all – Interesting that the double letter trick didn’t work on the second or third word, but putting ST (or SH) together gave STASH and putting SC together gave SCARCE.

    If I didn’t know that the Jumbles are produced six weeks ahead of time, I would have said that the guys moved on to hockey given the baseball results in and around Chicago and the Midwest. Still have the Brewers there to root for though, rivalries permitting.

    Saying “Give it a rest” to an official !!? Buddy, you just picked up an extra two for unsportsmanlike conduct!
    Yes, I was going to say that only hockey could inspire a Canadian band to choose the name “Five For Fighting”, but when I looked them up, they’re from Los Angeles and the leader is a big LA Kings fan. Who knew?

    Angela, the SF Chronicle has the players dressed in green, so given the five pointed star on the jersey, the only team they resemble to me is the Dallas Stars (formerly Minnesota North Stars).

    It would be more accurate to refer to “Twist and Shout” as a Beatles cover rather than a Beatles song; one of several covers on their first British album “Please Please Me.” Covered from the Isley Brother version which I remember well, but when I looked it up I discovered that that one was *also* a cover version. Sometimes you learn *two* new things in a day!

    Happy Saturday, everyone!

    (By the way, where’s the offending player’s helmet? Is he pulling a Gordie Howe Hat Trick?)

    • Hey Steve…Sorry I’m late…We’re talking the Beatles here! Talk like this can result in us losing our “cards”! Count me out! A Beatles song IS a Beatles song! 😉 Hope you’re having a good one, G! See ya at the record bin! 🎶🙋🏻

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