Jumble Answers for 10/12/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!         👔🎶BUY, BUY, BABY…BABY, BUY BUY!🎶👔

🎶 Twenty-five, all of these mixed emotions tangled up in pure confusion…It’s hard to let go of the past, but it seems easier as time is movin’. Well, you said he makes you laugh and he makes you happy…He sees you smilin’ back; it is everlasting…And so he’s TAILOR MADE for you, With stunning golds and hues…And once we told us to…Your persistent beating heart; it’s just a start…And I’m seeing you everyday. Never been like this before…It’s TAILOR MADE (TAILOR, TAILOR MADE)…🎶 “Tailor Made” – Colbie Caillat   2007

👖👔 Sartorial splendor I admit is something quite appealing,
I love a man dressed in a suit, not GUILTY for revealing.
If in a room of various dress I know my RADAR‘s hone…
I’d be attracted to the man wearing the herringbone.
Of course today it’s not the same as it was years ago…
Men don’t “suit up”…I have a HUNCH with this I’m quite solo.
A lot of dress codes BROKEN, styles come and styles go..
But I still like when my man puts a suit on, that I know.
The look, the cut, the color…it all gives me a charge…
So I’m all for a tailor who’s experienced “BUY” AND LARGE!👔👖

SEW, did any of today’s words get you Bonkers? When we saw BROKEN last, it was anagrammed as Kerbon. And it just so happens, it was on July 31st of last year…Same as Frigid was from y’day’ puzzle. I wonder if that’s a first? Two words back to back that had previously appeared on the same day? One of those quirky little Jumble things…Our other words? They FIT perfectly into our little circles without any SNAGS…didn’t they?

Our cartoon today brings us into a “BIG AND TALL” Shop. We see a man being FITTED for a suit, and the dialogue between him and the Tailor is letting us know two things…1-Our customer claims the suits ALWAYS FIT him great, and 2- According to the Tailor, Business is doing well…”BUSY“. So, a return customer…one who “BUYS” AND LARGE size it is? Well..Wrap it up, we’ll take it! Good one, David! You’ve made a sale!

Ok, eye candy? A few ITEMS to look at, but not really all that much MATERIAL to WORK withThe Gentleman being FITTED, in a Brown PATTERNed suit, that ironically looks to be herringbone! Our Tailor, dressed in matching Blue Jacket and Shoes, with Black Pants. He’s sporting a Shirt with a Button-down collar… In the background we see the back of another customer, and then a couple perusing a rotating rack of shirts. They appear to be extremely happy, smiling very animatedly towards one another…PANTastic  smiles…And off to the left, we see what appears to be folded pairs of Pants. But what’s SUITable for today’s eye candy? What FITS best? What’ll SEW this all up for us, without a lot of HEMming and hawing? It does SEAM to be a pretty TALL ORDER today, doesn’t it? Hmm..I think I’ll go with a PAIR ..I like the realism of our customer standing in his socked feet, Cuffs rolled up, with the yet to be ALTERED Pants, and I’m zeroing in on the TAPE MEASURE. It’s a dark Beige color…Since when? That’s not WHITE! So, There you have it, Folks. Done! Have a great day, Everyone! BUY-BUY! 👔👖