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Happy Thursday, everyone! The puzzles started out difficult this week and seem to be getting easier as we inch towards its close. All of the anagrams and their solutions were old favorites making them a breeze to work through. TALLER was the only word to give me a slight hiccup because I thought I saw RATTLE at first. Our oldest clue word of the group was FRIGID with its last appearance in gameplay on 7/31/17. After solving all of the clue words, I noticed that the anagrams given to us were in reverse alphabetical order.

Today’s cartoon brings us to the front porch of a home where we see two Jumble characters sitting on a swing. The female character is pointing to a pumpjack that is way off in the distance and she appears to be very upset by its presence. The cartoon sentence and dialogue doesn’t add any pertinent information which leaves us to rely upon the raw emotions shown by the characters to get the job done.

Even though the cartoon was simplistic in nature, there were a few details that made it visually interesting. We can see a few action lines to the side and rear of the porch swing making it appear as though it’s gently swaying back and forth. There are also action lines on the pumpjack which let us know that it’s not sitting idle. The gentleman in the swing is holding a frosty beverage and we can see a couple of ice cubes bobbing at the top of the glass. My favorite detail was the lawn decoration in front of the home. It’s comprised of 15 rocks, a few flowers and a duck in the middle.

The anagram for the final solution was 11-letters in length and kept the solution extremely cryptic. At first I saw SWING which threw me off as the remaining letters didn’t make much sense. For my second attempt I decided to cross out ING which brought WELL into view. SITT was added to the ING to complete the puzzle and made for an enjoyable surprise answer. Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 🎶 Time goes slowly, but carries on…And now the best years, the BEST YEARS HAVE COME AND GONE…You took me BY SURPRISE… I didn’t realize that you were laughing…’Cause you’re DOIN’ IT TO ME…(Laughing) it AIN’T THE WAY IT SHOULD BE…You TOOK AWAY everything I had, you put the hurt on me…’cause you’re doin’ it to me…(Laughing) oh, what’cha doin’ to me?..You took away everything I had, you PUT THE HURT ON ME…🎶 “Laughing” – The Guess Who 1969

    ⛽️ Perhaps somewhere in Texas, there’s a couple on a swing,
    Upset because an oil rig took ‘way the joys of Spring.
    Before they’d sit and TALLY up their blessings while they SWUNG,
    But now their view is sullied…Country blues are being sung…
    🎶 It’s TALLER than I thought it’d be, it’s turned my heart real FRIGID,
    I can’t relax on my own porch…Now I just sit and fidget…
    My Golden Years are tarnished and my peace is shot to hell…
    What can I do? I feel so blue…And I’m not SITTING WELL🎶…⛽️

    Today’s words, all Sweet Repeats. The Early Bird Jumblers CLAIMed that TALLY and TALLER caused them to DRILL a little DEEPER, but it wasn’t OIL that bad…Our cartoon? WELL let’s take a look…

    Somewhere out West, we see an older couple, unhappily SITTING on their front porch. Where they once were so PUMPed to be outside, relaxing and enjoying their scenic view, they’re now dismayed that it’s been ruined by a new OIL RIG. Their Golden Years? BLACKened! OIL because of this! And let’s face it, at this stage of their lives, it’s CRUDE to have to give up even a FRACtion of their relaxation time…You can’t help but FIELD for them, and it is kind of SOD…Anyway, they may be sitting, but the HOLE thing’s not SITTING WELL with them…Good one, David! WELL done as always…

    Ok, eye candy…Large expanse of Green Grass, sectioned off by the fencing that encloses their property. There’s a huge stretch of dirt, but it’s BARRELen. I mean Barren. We can see two steps leading up to the porch, but no railing to hold onto; and I’m a little surprised to see that at their ages this would SIT WELL with them. Too easy to fall and FRACture something, don’t you think? The man is holding a glass wth ice, and wearing Blue slippers. There’s a White Duck Lawn Ornament, with some flowers at its feet, surrounded by stones…Maybe to keep the MUD away from it? But the looks on both their faces is what SWUNG my vote today. Says it all. Her’s one of anger and annoyance, his more one of disappointment and disgust…BITUMEN and women can UNDERstand, I’m sure…Sometimes life can really be a HITCH…So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And lets hope OIL’s WELL that ends WELL…⛽️🙋🏻

    Thoughts and prayers 🙏🏻 for all our neighbors in Michaels’ path. Although my words here are light-hearted, my heart 💔 is not.

  2. The atmosphere in the pub went FRIGID when the TALLER of the players SWUNG his cue stick and broke the TALLY meter for the dartboard.
    The only word to slow me down was TALLER and that should not have been, if I had remembered the double letter. tactic.(Parenthetically—has TACTIC ever been a jumbled word?) The solution took a few minutes t because I also thought first of SWING but that got me nowhere.
    Thanks for the details and history Mike—I had to go back and count the flowers—a little obsessive of me, but….
    Angela–not familiar with your song but I’ll do some research. Like you, it is hard for me to be very upbeat when so many are suffering yet again. Thanks for the short respite from the misery that others are experiencing.

    • What was your flower TALLY, Earl? 😂😂😂
      There was enough information in your sentence to paint a vivid picture of the brawl. Well done! 🙂

      • Mike–I goofed—meant ROCKS not FLOWERS. And you were correct, it is 15. and thanks for the complement.

    • We crossed paths again today Earl. But this time I had to tell you that you paint a beautiful picture with your use of the words. You have me thinking every morning on how will he use them today. Can’t ask for anything more. Well done my friend.

    • Good Morning, Earl…On the run..forgive the typos.. I think you’ll recognize the song once you hear it…Your sentence made me laugh! That pub sounds interesting…Pool and Darts..AND alcohol? STROKES, POKES…and SOAKS? Dangerous combinations, right? 😂
      The Hurricane? You know you read about it, but then you watch the news and you can’t believe what you’re seeing… I doubt I’d have half the strength of the people being interviewed..The resilience of the human spirit is amazing…But doesn’t it seem like we’re hearing this every week? It’s just so overwhelming…I stopped into Church before, lit some candles…You feel so helpless. And you’re welcome for whatever respite you feel I’ve offered…It’s times like this that you feel you want to do whatever there is to help anyone, right? Even if it’s just a hug and a smile…Pouring rain here…Hang in there, Earl. 😥🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Thanks Mike and Angela for all the details,song choice, (which I’ll have to check out) and poem plus puns. Another easy breezy group of words today. I really don’t think I took more than say,twenty seconds on any one word. Looking at the cartoon answer,my first thought for the four letter word was “site”. Unable to come up with a word for the remaining letters,I put the paper down. After finishing my first cup of coffee and fifteen minutes later I went back to the picture. Bam. That light bulb came on. There in plain sight was the answer. There they are rocking away and it hit me with Sitting Well. Another great finish to a clever jumble. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • You’re most welcome, Paul. I was in a rush this morning so I was happy to have such an easy puzzle. You hit the nail on the head when you said the answer was “clever”. Have a great Thursday, my friend! 🙂

    • Hi Brooklyn…Good Morning…You’re very welcome, and Thanks for the Shout Outs. Let me know if you recognize/remember the song…It was pretty mainstream…Pouring buckets here…I can’t wait to get home…Hope you’re having a good one. Ciao, Bello.⛽️🙋🏻

  4. Taller was looking like ‘rallet’ at first,but eventually taller came into view.Who would have thought the Cleveland Browns would have more victories,2, in October than the Indians would have post season victories,who got swept and didn’t win even one.

    • It doesn’t seem fair, Chuck. If the Red Sox were defeated after winning 108 games, I would have lost my mind. I hope you’re enjoying some of the post season action though. Take care.

      • Mike, just how I felt when the 1993 Giants won 103 games and didn’t even make the playoffs. The year before the wild card, and Atlanta, in the NL West of all geographic absurdities, won 104.

    • Chuck, all I can suggest is that when the Indians and Yanks finish that round of golf you were talking about, all of you should join the massive party the A’s are having at the 19th hole — it’s been going on for days!

  5. Hi all – The double letter trick worked for TALLY. Then my first thought was TELLAR, but that couldn’t be right, and I saw TALLER. Then thought the answer would be (something) THEM, but SITTING came to me for some reason.

    I also noticed the duck. I thought maybe he had come down to pay them $50 for their inconvenience (old Groucho Marx “You Bet Your Life” reference), but went online and saw that it’s a lawn decoration. They should have checked the local mineral rights before they bought that house!

    Just a note about “frigid” – My grandfather told this story as if he believed it were true. I have no idea whether it is, but he was alive at the time it would have happened, so who knows? He said the company ran a contest to name their new appliance, but the president didn’t like any of he entries, and at a meeting said, “Look, it can’t be this hard to come up with a name. This thing blows frigid air over the food and….wait a minute, that’s it! Cancel the contest, it’s Frigidaire.”

    Have a great day everyone, good wishes to the Southeast.

    Angela, Mediocre Minds, Synchronicity, whatever, I’m still SMH. All morning, the song running through my head has been “These Eyes”, not only also by the Guess Who, but even with very similar lyrics to your choice. Have a good one.

    • Serendipity? I think The Guess Who had the mediocre minds too..They seemed very taken with the word HURT! But I don’t think they’re really that much alike..Except for a lot of HURT! 😂. They’re both good songs tho.. I’m gonna double check the lyrics….And I’ve heard that fridge story too, since I was a kid…so there probably is some truth to it. Notice how some older people still refer to any refrigerator as a “Fridge” or even a Frigidaire? Like the Scotch 😉 tape? My Grandmother called it a Frigidaire til the day she died..Always made us kids smile…Have a good one, G! ⛽️🙋🏻

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