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Good morning, Jumble fans! Today’s game started out with four easily deciphered clue words that didn’t stump me in the least. All of them were recycled favorites from the past but their anagrams were new. FLOCK was the oldest of the quartet with its last appearance on 11/28/16. If you came here in search of the solution to one of them, my guess is that it would be STIGMA. Last used in gameplay on 3/7/18, it was jumbled as MATIGS which seemed a bit more difficult than how it was scrambled today.

Moving along to today’s cartoon, we see two Jumble characters that appear to be hard at work in a woodshop. The gentleman on the right can be seen sanding a beautifully crafted wood door that is laid out on a sawhorse. At first I thought the man on the left was handing the other guy some money but reading the dialogue and sentence quickly put that theory to rest. He’s actually offering him a different grit of sandpaper which our artisan rebuffs.

There were a few details in the panel that caught my eye. The most obvious one was the name of the business displayed on the window which was “Knock on Wood”. The next detail was that both of the woodworkers have name tags on the left side of their t-shirts but Jeff opted not to identify them for us. If you look closely at the extra sandpaper pieces on the door you can see that there isn’t much grit on them. Now look at the pieces that the gentleman on the left is offering up. You can see that Jeff strategically added more grit to the paper so we could differentiate between the two. My favorite detail of the piece had to be the design on the panels of the door. There is a gorgeous flower inlay on both panels with a small stem of leaves in each of the corners. While looking at the corners I noticed that there were two holes on the side of the door which represent a place for a door latch and lock. The only thing missing was the hole for the doorknob itself. Perhaps the woodworker got ahead of himself and started the finish work before the final hole was drilled, but he’s the professional so who am I to question his work!

The letter layout for the final solution was 12-letters in length. It seemed large at first but the answer was divided into four words with three of them only two letters in length. The visual clue of the differences in the sandpaper brought COARSE instantly to mind. IT and IS were neatly arranged together in the remaining letters leaving OF for a smooth finish. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 🎢 I don’t want to lose you, this good thing…that I got, Cause if I do, I will surely…Surely lose a lot…’Cause your love, is better, than any love I know…It’s like thunder, lightning…The way you love me is frightening…You better KNOCK, KNOCK ON WOOD, Baby…You better KNOCK, KNOCK ON WOOD, Baby…You better KNOCK, KNOCK ON WOOD, Baby…You better KNOCK..KNOCK ON WOOD…🎢 “Knock on Wood” – Wilson Pickett 1966

    🎢Matchmaker, Matchmaker…Make me a match…Two WOODEN DOORS, each with a latch…🎢
    πŸšͺ I’m starting to believe that all these “VOICEs” that I hear,
    Will someday be the end of me…the FLOCK of them will sear…
    Right through my head and cause a SPRING to go ahead and snap,
    “That’s it, she’s done…The songs have done her in…and it’s a wrap”!
    I don’t feel it a STIGMA, but just once I’d like to feel,
    That I can read a line and not hear music reel-to-reel…
    A puzzle about sandpaper…Two men with a Door Biz?
    Is all it takes to start me off? Why yes, …OF “COARSE” IT IS! πŸšͺ

    The KEY to today’s puzzle was once again PLANEly given to us with the dialogue, the real Nitty-GRITty. The answer was an OPEN and SHUT case…So, I looked to get a HANDLE on today’s words. With them all being Sweet Repeats, and none of them too ROUGH to decipher, I turned my attention back to our cartoon, to study it more CLOSEly…Finding ourselves in what appears to be the workshop of a DOOR factory, we see two men, whom I’ll call ROUGH and REDDY discussing the SANDING of a Door. Rough is seen asking his co-worker if the piece of SANDPAPER he’s using has enough GRIT. Maybe it WOOD be beneficial here if I paused and FRAMED out a little Sandpaper Grit BACKground for you before we go any further INTO this…I think it’s a FINE idea, and even though it may be a bit BORING, I know it won’t be HARD to GRASP. Grit refers to the size of the particles of abrading materials that are embedded in sandpaper. Basically, a small number such as 20 or 40 indicates a very COARSE grit, while the larger the number, (which could be as high as 1500), indicates upwards to an ultra-ultra FINE grit. And the most common grit sizes usually range from about 40 to 400. Ok, with that out of the WEIGH, let’s get back to our cartoon. Reddy is answering that he’s good. He “knows what he’s doing” …and the Sandpaper he’s using “is FINE”…And he’s right…A FINE or very fine Grit WOOD be used to FINISH off bare WOOD. So, in answer to our question…Is the Sandpaper ROUGH enough…OF “COARSE” IT IS! Now how aDOORable is that? Bravo, David…You’ve KNOCKed another one out of the park!

    Ok, eye candy. Both men are dressed in Blue Work Shirts, with name patches, but there isn’t a name printed on either. Rough, wearing a cap, and seen holding sheets of Sandpaper in his hand, has a bit of an ABRASIVE look upon his face. Seems odd though, since there’s really no KNEAD for it…MAPLE he’s just having a bad TREEaction to something. Reddy, smiling, and wearing a visor, looks to be taking things a lot more SMOOTHly. He’s wearing protective glasses, but as I live and BREATHE, he probably should be wearing a dust mask also. He’s seen SANDING, using what’s called a SANDING BLOCK to FINISH the DOOR.. And Reddy also has a stack of sheets by his side. And since we heard him saying that his Sandpaper was FINE, we can CEDAR final sanding going on. Notice that Jeff’s drawn lines of motion, to show the wrist movement going with the GRAIN? Great detail, because that’s what one WOOD be doing at this stage…The Door has an intricate Flower Design, and the entire area he’s working on is shown as Gray, while the FRAMING looks to be a Golden Oak. Two openings where it will HINGE are visible, but I don’t see a hole for a Doorknob..Hmm. In the background, we can see three FINISHED Doors, shown as white, leaning within a stand. A Doorknob is visible on one. I hope these Doors are going to be installed soon, since Doors lying DOORmant, and stored longer than an average of 24 hours, should be laid flat on a protected pallet. This is DEW to moisture, etc, and If you think about it, it’s a SWELL idea…Failure to do this, could result in these guys really getting HUNG UP. Also in the background, we see a Window, shaded in blue, with the name of the Company etched…”KNOCK ON WOOD”. And I ASH you, Folks…Is that a great HANDLE for a Door Company, or KNOT? I’m pretty sure Jeff had his HANDPRINT on that one. But the real eye candy, in my oPINEion? Well, maybe it’s more of an EYE SORE today….Because any good WOODWORKER knows that that Door should be resting on a PADDED SAWHORSE! And I’m very TEAKen with the absence of that! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a FINE day, Everyone! Here’s hoping your day’s not ROUGH, nothing HANGS you UP, and everything goes as SMOOTHly as can be FIR you today…πŸšͺπŸ™‹πŸ»


  2. Good morning. Thanks Mike for all your info. Even with my magnifying glass I couldn’t make out the name of the business. The K eluded me. Nice name for a business. Angela,your novel (no disrespect intended) covered all aspects of wood work.Terrific information given. Good song choice even though I felt like the needle was stuck on the old phonograph record. Thought the poor guy had a speech impediment. I had a laugh though which means you did a good job. No problem again with either the words on cartoon answer. The words were all done in under a minute and after a few minutes of looking at the letters for the cartoon,it came to me. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! LOL..Hey! You know the lyrics are KNOT my fault! That’s how it’s HUNG..I mean Sung! But a speech impediment? You definitely KNOCK me out, Bud! Thank YEW for the Shout Outs, you’re a Sweetheart…😘 And I know it’s rather long today, but I couldn’t CEDAR Forest for the TREES there for a bit, and I just figured…why KNOT? So, it might KNOT be POPLAR, but I’m used to getting SHADE! πŸ˜‚ I’m ROUGH…I can TEAK it! Have a good one, Brooklyn! HANG in there! πŸšͺπŸ™‹πŸ»


      • You’re great with puns and I wish I had your talent for words when it came time for my book reports in college. It would take me days to finish one. Gift of gab, I’m not. You guys set the good mood every morning. Thank you.

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      • Thanks, Paul…But don’t be so quick to sell yourself short…you’re no slouch…You know you keep me in stitches..And I’m sure you got enough gab to get over…I bet you’re the life of the party, Brooklyn! πŸ™‹πŸ»


  3. The answer took me longer than it should have because I didn’t think of coarse right away. I thought the answer was going to be it _____ as is. When this didn’t work out, I tried playing around with the letters and looking for other two letter words.

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  4. Hi all –
    πŸŽ΅β€I’d lay in a pile of burnin’ money that I’ve earned
    And not even worry about getting burned
    I’d climb the Empire State, fight Muhammad Ali
    Just to have you baby close to me
    Ain’t that tough enough?
    Ain’t that tough enough?β€πŸŽ΅(The Fabulous Thunderbirds)

    Tough enough and rough enough for this sanding job. The IC trick didn’t mislead me because I saw VOICE before I thought of using it. The words were quick, and when I tried OF at the beginning, the answer fell into place.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Mike, nice β€œsmooth finish” to your post. Such a finish would have been easier on your heart last night!

    Angela, my first thought was also that the worker should have at least a dust mask on. Another PSA – protect your lungs! Your β€œmusic reel-to-reel” made me laugh because there was a reel of Scotch recording tape at the thrift store last time in with the records, complete with how-to-splice instructions printed right on the inside lid. The lovingly handwritten contents listed showed that it belonged to a jazz fan.

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    • Exactly…They have full masks now…The more you know..πŸ’«, right? (I love those commercials)! And the “reel-to-reel” REELy makes my head reel! πŸ˜‰ Great day to you too, G! πŸšͺπŸ™‹πŸ»


    • It sure was a nail biter, Steve! The finish had me up WAY past my bedtime and it was tough to fall asleep after they trolled the Yanks with that Sinatra ditty. Sweet, SWEET payback! πŸ˜‚


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