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Good Morning, Everyone!               🎭 THE “DON” OF COMEDY 🎭

🎶 Something familiar, Something peculiar, Something for everyone: A COMEDY tonight! Something appealing, Something appalling, Something for everyone: A COMEDY tonight! Nothing that’s formal, Nothing that’s normal, No recitations to recite…Open up the curtain: COMEDY Tonight!🎶 “Comedy Tonight” – Zero Mostel 1962

🎭 Comedy’s a funny thing…depending where you FIXATE, 
To get a laugh some comics will cajole, while some berate…
Don Rickles was the Master when it came to “Knock-Knock” jokes,
Not who’s there, but instead he’d knock the heck out of most Folks.
Yet no one tried to TOPPLE him, he reigned for many years,
With jokes that he’d REUSE and still bring most people to tears.
Beloved by other comics, figuratively they would KNEEL,
And praise his comic genius, citing him as the Real Deal…
Delivery and timing, the insults came with such ease,
He earned the nickname Mr. Warmth…He was the “EXPERT-TEASE“! 🎭

The only word of ours this morning that’s not showing up as a Sweet Repeat is REUSE. And the early morning consensus is that it may also be the word that’s USEd up most of our time! 4 of the 7 people that have checked in so far this morning have chosen it as the toughest word of the day…2 others were transFIXed by FIXATE, and the last chose TOPPLE..FUNNY, the difference of opinions, right? SoI’ll leave it up to all of you out there in the AUDIENCE…What word TICKLED your fancy this morning?

Today we find ourselves sitting ringside in the AUDIENCE at a DON RICKLES Show. Two couples are seen. One roaring in LAUGHTER, the other smiling, but a little apprehensively, since they’ve become the OBJECT OF DON’S AFFLICTION! Known ironically as Mr. Warmth, DON RICKLES, who passed away last year, built a COMIC EMPIRE on being the KING of The INSULTS. And he was definitely an EXPERT! A ROUGH-RIDING one, but an EXPERT! As we’re seeing here in our cartoon, he’s latched on to this couple and is TAUNTING them with one of his favorite routines, the “Is that your wife”. Most likely afraid of what else he might say, we see our husband saying, “Hey now“, and our wife, “Watch it, Don“…We can only imagine what’s coming next! So, the solution, in answer to our question?…He was well paid for his “EXPERT-TEASE“. BRAVO! Very good one, David! Let me PUT DOWN my coffee and give you a ROUND of APPLAUSE!

Ok, eye candy. Hmm…This is a ROUGH one today, and I’m not JOKING! .DON in a Burgundy tux, microphone in hand. Two round ringside tables, a couple at each, dressed for a night out on the town…Cocktail glass with an olive,  highball glass with ice…Not much to mix up there. I’ll tell you what…All KIDDING aside, I think I’ll just take a pass today, and leave you with a little bit of DON RICKLES himself  instead…”You know, every night when I go out on stage, there’s always one nagging fear in the back of my mind. I’m always afraid that somewhere out there, there is one person in the audience that I’m not going to offend!”...And I’m pretty sure his fears were always unfounded…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And I hope someone makes you LAUGH today…😂🙋🏻


12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/05/2018

  1. To TOPPLE a corrupt regime, the monks would KNEEL in public, FIXATE on wrong doings and REUSE slogans that proved effective.
    For me, REUSE took the longest to unscramble. The others came quickly at first glance. The solution? Took longer than usual, due to the inverted commas and the number of letters. Having an X in the answer made it easier.
    My sentence is more serious than the cartoon but with four words as verbs I was limited.
    Angela, you certainly did a great job using those four verbs in your poem. I’m glad I read it after I composed. And your song? Haven’t heard Zero Mostel in a long time—thanks for reviving some pleasurable times.
    Looking at the cartoon—Don Rickles is shown as a fairly young man–no wrinkles—nice way to remember a comic genius.

    • Good Morning, Earl! Fantastic sentence! Your imagination definitely TICKLES me! And what’s wrong with a serious sentence? In my opinion, that was one serious man! He seriously went for the jugular! 😂😂 As for the verbs…They were a tad tricky…I was concerned mostly with TOPPLE. Trying to get the words to relate to the theme, besides rhyme sometimes makes me SMH! But today, I worked the rhyme backwards…it was easier! 😉 So, another vote for REUSE. It’s definitely running ahead… I’ve had one more since I’ve posted. And an odd looking anagram, right? Especially considering it’s only 5 letters… It’s very well done. As to the solution, I already had Taunt in my mind, so TEASE was immediate…and the EXPERT was right there as soon as I glanced over and saw the “X”. I usually ZERO in on the solution before I look at the words. This was a MASTERful pun this morning for sure! Yes, Zero Mostel and Don Rickles in the same breathe! What a morning, huh? 😉You’re very welcome for the song, and I’m glad you enjoyed it…As for how he looks…I don’t see him as that young..I was a little more taken with him looking so grumpy…Not that he was a ray of sunshine on stage! 😂😂 All in all, a fun go of it today, and I agree, the man was a comic genius..Much Thanks for the Shout Out and the Poen Nom..Have a good one Earl. It’s crisp and cool here…and it feels great…Hope you’re having good weather too! 🎭🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. When the football players began to Fixate and Kneel at the National Anthem, it had their ratings Topple and owners had to Reuse old clips to try and swing the negative results. Move over Queen of soul and make room for this Queen of songs. Great work Angela. Another song I have to check out. Terrific use of the words, poem and puns as always. Earl, another fine job as always. Since the cartoon answer was in quotation marks, snd being anxious to slip in my use of the words, I found it real easy to give up solving the final answer. I didn’t have to much trouble with the words. For me it was Kneel that took the extra seconds to get. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • ROTFL! “Queen of Songs”? ..Thanks, Brooklyn..You keep me in stitches! And you’re going to recognize the song..It’s from Broadway, years ago..”A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”. So this foray into the sentence-making! 👏🏻Kudos!👏🏻 You’re getting to like it, aren’t you? As with Earl, I so appreciate the imaginations you men possess…And you’re so timely with this one…So much dissension within the NFL. Great job, Brooklyn! 👏🏻 Now I’ll make you LAUGH..I’m reading along, and I come to where you say..”anxious to slip in my use of the words..I FOUND IT SO EASY…” And I’m thinking, Bravo, Paul, you found it so easy…And then I read…”SO EASY TO GIVE UP…solving the final answer”!!! 😂 LOL…You kill me! Seriously, I had to LAUGH OUT LOUD! I swear, you’re better than Orange Juice in the morning!! 😘 You’re the first to come on with KNEEL..It seems today we’re spreading the wealth!…Thanks for the Shout Outs, and the LAUGHTER! You’re a Gem, Bud! Have a good one…🎭🙋🏻

      • Fixate came easily, but reuse was the final solve. Go Tribe go, tough game vs Astros, but they usually beat Verlander, but that was when he was with the Tigers rather thn the current WS champs, Houston.

        • Hey Professor…Good Afternoon…I never expected REUSE to be such a snag, but the numbers don’t lie…Houston. So not a favorite team of mine..They’re tough. Here’s to a good game..Nice that’s it’s an afternoon one…Good Luck, Chuck! ⚾️🙋🏻

  3. Oddly enough reuse was the word that took me the longest to solve this morning. It took me a while to arrive at the cartoon answer. I keep thinking X-rated so put the puzzle away and come back to it finally figuring out expert so tease fell into place. Was not a big fan of Don Rickles. Happy Friday everyone.

    • Hi Betty. Good Morning..Oddly, maybe, but it’s running way ahead of all the others. Who knew? I like the X-Rated, 😉, even though, as brutal as Rickles could be, I don’t think he was ever really off color, was he? I was never a big fan either. I gave him his props, but I always felt uncomfortable with his insults, and I never really got the big attraction.. I saw him twice, in Atlantic City. Trust me, neither time my choice. Once, we even had ringside seats, too…But you know there was NO WAY I was sitting that close to him! My “Other” wasn’t thrilled with my decision…but TBT, it wasn’t up for discussion! 😂 But you know what blew me away? The day he passed away, that night Jimmy Kimmel made such an impassioned tribute to him in his opening monologue. It actually brought tears to my eyes…I guess you had to know the man. Story was he was nothing like his stage persona…Hope your day’s going well…Ciao, Bella! 🎭🙋🏻

  4. Actually the 1:00 Central time start conflicts with an accordion performance I have scheduled at 2:00 this afternoon at a local assisted living home.

    • Oh, Professor! Tough break! Well, record it…and try not to talk to anybody til you get home! 😂 🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – This time the X helped as soon as I saw FIX. TOPPLE appeared as soon as the two P’s went together. Yes, a funny thing happened on my way to this FORUM Angela; REUSE showed up. It took the longest until I put the RE at the beginning, probably because I half-expect a HYPHEN in that word.
    The X also helped with the answer – saw it as soon as I wrote the letters down.

    It is odd how sometimes the comedians that other comedians think are the funniest leave me cold, but they’re the experts and who and what make you laugh is so unique to everyone. The pros seemed to like Jonathon Winters, Robin Williams, Ernie Kovacs and maybe Gilbert Gotfried the most and my opinion of them varies wildly. Any I’m missing?

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Angela and Mike, some wonderful nostalgia last night during Dodgers/Braves with Bob Costas doing the play-by-play and telling stories when they showed Don Newcomb (age 92) and Sandy Koufax sitting in the stands. Koufax looked like he could still have climbed down and pitched a couple. Didn’t see any reference to Tommy Lasorda or Vin Scully yet – maybe it’s “World Series or bust” for them?

    • Et tu, REUSE? Again, who knew? And here early this morning i just figured my guys needed more sleep! Humor is very selective, don’t you think..? And it’s somewhat personal, too. As far as the comedians “comedians”, I think a lot has to do with them knowing one another on a personal basis, away from the fray. You see the man behind the mask.And I also thinks there’s the gender divide. The Board all loved Rickles. I was happy many a night to stay in the Casino while they enjoyed a show of his. Same thing with Louie CK, even before his true colors came to light. The man, to me, was/is a cretin, plain and simple…But again..what makes one laugh, may not another. And here you mention Gilbert Gotfried? Just the sound of his voice and I’m suicidal…What can we say? I don’t know who I’d really call a favorite. Billy Crystal? Jerry Seinfeld, for sure. And Steve Martin? Love everything about that cutie Patootie..Anyway…I can’t believe Dom Newcomb is 92! God bless him. But then, again, Lasotda’s 91, right? .I like seeing the Old Timers..Have a good one, G..⚾️ 🙋🏻

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