Jumble Answers for 07/12/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!       🏃🏻🔫 CHASE, RATTLE AND ROLL 🔫🏃🏻

🎶There’s fear and darkness all around you…The criminals are on the run.
No use in hiding in the dark, I’ll hunt you down…’Cause I’m the dog….I’m the dog…The big bad dog…THE BOUNTY HUNTER…🎶 “Dog, The Bounty Hunter” – Ozzy Osbourne 2005

🏃🏻🔫 A Bounty Hunter’s job involves the chase to get the money,
The man who is a HIKER to these guys is far from funny…
Run from the law? No it won’t do – Jump bail? It’s quite ABSURD,
They’ll PUSHUP every obstacle…by money they are spurred…
A flair for the dramatic, an EMCEE of a kind…
They can be quite flamboyant, once they have someone to find.
These criminals who are at large, they think they have a scheme?
The Bounty Hunter’s chase is on – Watch him PURSUE HIS DREAM…🔫🏃🏻

And…So It begins…Thursday, WORSE-day? And here we were doing so well, right? RUNNING along, easy, breezy, maybe a tic or two…And then, today? A few words to CAPTURE our attention! We have three Sweet Repeats, and another new word in PUSHUP. RECORD breaking in my opinion. So many new words. And how funny is it that the Auto-Correct gave me a RUN FOR MY MONEY trying to type it? It kept hyphenating the word. PUSH-UP! So, I Googled it…and lo and beHOLD, there it was, both ways. And being one of those Combination words that so many of us try to AVOID, I’m choosing it as the word that’s BOUNTY give us some grief today! And BY THE WAY, yesterday’s JIGSAW? It was also a new addition to the Jumble Vocabulary, which if my figures are correct, now brings our total to 3,217 words. Anyway, enough of this wordplay…Let’s TACKLE our solution…Today, Jeff’s brought us to the office of the “GOTCHA BOUNTY HUNTERS“. We see our Man of the COWER, who I think I’ll call PUP, shown interviewing a new recruit, SKIP, who’s voicing his life-long DREAM to PURSUE criminals, and become a BOUNTY HUNTER. PUP is obviously very TAKEN IN by the guy, so he hires him right on the spot. I mean let’s face it, anyone with this kind of enthusiasm, you can’t let GET AWAY, am I right? So with our question asking what SKIP’S planning to do? PURSUE HIS DREAM! Good one, David! Take ARREST after this one…you’ve EARNED IT!

OK, eye candy…We have a few angles to PURSUE today…There’s the WANTED POSTERS on the wall. Two men: David, on the right, and perhaps Jeff at left? Looks like him, but it could be a case of MISTAKEN IDENTITY. SKIP’S shirt is emblazoned with a Star, but that remains to be SEEN…We’ve got PUP, outfitted with those Spiked HANDCUFFS you may have seen AROUND. Oh, it’s called ARREST cuff? Sorry, my bad. He’s also sporting a hanging earring, HOLDING a Wanted Poster, and wearing an odd pair of boots…TRACKING boots perhaps…But what really CAUGHT my eye this morning? PUP’S TATTOO…It’s Monopoly’s UNCLE MONEYBAGS, in character as JAKE THE JAILBIRD, being dragged off TO JAIL, by the truncheon-wielding OFFICER MALLORY! Now what are the CHANCEs of that? Way TO GO, Jeff! You’re a real CARD! And I’d say you COLLECT major Kudos for this one! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! GET OUT there and CHASE your DREAMS🔫🏃🏻🙋🏻