Jumble Answers for 04/23/2018








Good Morning, Everyone!                   💋 KISS KISS! 💋

🎶 It’s the way you love me…It’s a feeling like this. It’s centrifugal motion. It’s perpetual bliss…It’s that pivotal moment…It’s impossible…This KISS, this KISS, (Unstoppable)…This KISS, this KISS…🎶

💋 Kismet is defined as fate…and look at what we see
Our question gives us “FATE” and SMOOCH“…and that’s inevitably!
And then our dialogue goes on, to mention paths that crossed
The clues are making this quite clear…there’s no way to get lost! 💋

JOSTLE may shake you up a tiny bit, but as with the rest of our words, we’ve seen it before. Our cartoon shows us a couple on a doorstep gazing lovingly into one another’s eyes. DESTINY is in our dialogue…Jeff has shown us the path…Our question tells us it was FATE…Their MEETing was meant to be…He’s going to KISS her..It’s “KISS-MET“. Well touch up that lipstick and straighten that tie…Oh, wait, there is no tie. But there were enough hints to lead us right to the solution this morning. Good job, guys! Eye candy? Clearly ensconced on the sides of the door? SCONCES! I’ve seen the light! So, There you have it, Folks! Done. Plain and simple this morning. Easy, breezy just like our puzzle. Have a great day, Everyone! I hope to be back later with a little bit more. But in the meantime..I leave you with a kiss…💋🙋🏻

FYI: Mike is on vacation this week. Enjoy, Mike!



30 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/23/2018

  1. Crazy day, Folks! Under renovation, inside and outside..Under the weather…🎶Under the Boardwalk…🎶 Oh, wait…different blog!!! My time’s just not my own today…Threw together this little rhyme for those who may be used to seeing one…Have a great day…💋🙋🏻

    💋 There’s nothing like a love that’s new, excitement so intense,
    (And then of course we settle down and get some common sense)!
    But till that time’s upon us, we don’t SKIMP on display…
    And usually we see a lot of those old PDAs….
    Our minds could use a JOSTLE, IMPORT reality,
    So that we’d see what others do…it’s not just he and she…
    And then those crazy hormones that new love can infuse
    Would stay in check before we hear..”Hey! We are not AMUSEd”!
    So while it’s so exciting, we mustn’t ever forget
    That people have no need to know when first we did “KISS-MET”! 💋


  2. Morning, all – Easy except I had forgotten what kismet meant and had to look it up.
    Finally some warm weather here. Yesterday I saw a bunny in the backyard, the first time in several months.

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    • Good Morning, Caroline. Kismet! One of those words of “whimsy” that we don’t see enough of, right? Cute, clever, easy breezy puzzle, perfect Monday fare! Let’s hope our weather finally found its way home…and stays put! We’re so overdue. And a bunny? How cute is that? Have a great day! Enjoy! 🐰🙋🏻


  3. Good morning. Hope you have s great vacation Mike. Thanks Angela for your double play. Nice poem and use of the words. For the song I’d go with Elvis with Love me Tender. I hope you get better. Hopefully the warmer weather will put the zip back in you and you’ll fly like an eagle 🦅. Not that much trouble with the words but,just one came instantly. The cartoon answer came once I looked at the letters and kiss was among them. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. I like the “double play”, very much. You know any thing baseball related always piques my interest! And thanks for the shot in the arm, Bud, you know I needed that. But even though my zip may be stuck right now, I’ve no intention to stop tugging at it! Hopefully it’ll loosen up soon! 😉
      So, between us, early Elvis gets my vote every time, but since the puzzle dealt with Kiss, and not love, I went with the first thing that started playing in my head. And this morning it was 🎶This Kiss🎶 I have FAITH you’ll enjoy it if you gave it a listen. And as soon as the guys give us a puzzle about Love…or Steak, your choice goes to the top of the list. Thanks for the shout out, Bud, and I hope you enjoy this beautiful day we scored today! Talk to you later…Ciao! 💋🙋🏻


      • Good morning Angela. Being stuck in the 50-60s music I don’t know what the title of the song is on your opening line. I checked out Kiss which led me to Trevor Jones, and there is no singing. Clue me in please.

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      • You could never be stuck, Brooklyn, you’re just a tad under-exposed! Happy to help. The song is “This Kiss”, by Faith Hill. She’s a country singer, married to Tim McGraw. But, it gets better…He’s the son of Tug McGraw, the adorable Mets pitcher who coined our beloved rallying cry..”Ya Gotta Believe”! Now you tell me, Brooklyn, where else are you going to find such wonderful information? 😂🙋🏻


  4. The IMPORT shop was a place to AMUSE and to JOSTLE but not to SKIMP.
    .Clue words and solution were not a problem, in fact today was a blind solve for me.
    However, four verbs? Difficult to write a coherent sentence and I only changed one into an adjective. Perhaps when I have a chance to re-think I’ll be more inspired.
    Very romantic song choice, Angela, and thanks for the poem–I always look forward to that.
    About “Kismet”. Wasn’t there a musical with that title? I’d Google but my short break is over.
    🌞 🌞 Two days!

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    • Good Morning, Earl. I had the same thought! Verbs running amok! But as usual, you’ve handled it quite well…Kudos! And when you get back later, see if you get not only my Anglophile reference, but the reason I went there this morning. (Of course, I also had you in mind). Glad you liked my song choice, she truly does that song justice. The only thing better than listening to Faith Hill, is listening to her with her husband…That’s a great duo. And thank you for the poem shout it, much appreciated. As for Kismet, you’re correct. A musical both on Broadway and later as a movie. Have a good one, Earl. I hope you get through early enough to enjoy some of this beautiful day..🌞🌞.outdoors! 💋🙋🏻


      • I’m sure Victoria Regina would be in the same mood, given the circumstances.
        A Royal birthday bash and a Royal baby? What a week for the Windsors.

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      • ROTFL! Pip, pip, Cheerio, old Chap! 👏🏻 Extremely well done! You never cease to amaze…or AMUSE me, Earl! What a week, indeed! And along the same line, this sentence came to mind..For you, 🎶Sealed With A Kiss…🎶…💋🙋🏻

        Trying to SKIMP, and avoid paying the IMPORT tax, the visitor figured maybe he might distract the immigration agent, and AMUSE the crowd If he’d JOSTLE around while on line.


    • Earl and Angela, IMPORT could be considered a noun, as in referring to a foreign car as an import, or an observation of little import (like this one! 😂).

      Also for you Earl from The Beatles:
      🎵”Good day sunshine,
      Good day sunshine,
      Good day sunshine.
      I need to laugh, and when the sun is out
      I’ve got something I can laugh about.
      I feel good, in a special way.
      I’m in love and it’s a sunny day.”🎵


      • Good point…As long as you don’t start teaching Math 101, Bud, I think Earl and I will be ok…We’re still working on it…😉🙋🏻
        Not being one to SKIMP, she was hoping to AMUSE and perhaps JOSTLE some fond memories by treating the entire IMPORT-Export division to an anniversary dinner.


      • Thanks Steve or as the Brits would say. “Ta” and your Beatles song was very appropriate for the weather here . I was inside at my volunteer job today but did get out from from time to time. Using IMPORT as a noun did not enter my head this AM. Perhaps I should delay posting until I have given the words more thought.
        Angela—great sentence. And as for my response to your post–what would you expect from an EARL? After all Earls rank right up there after Dukes. Just saying.

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      • I expected.nothing less, Sir. And I championed your clever response! And now Gene Chandlers 🎶Duke of Earl🎶 Is streaming through my mind! I may just have to dig it out and listen to it toKNIGHT! But delaying your posts would be akin to your throwing a spanner in the works! I’ve grown too accustomed to having you here in the mornings!’ (And now I’m hearing..🎶I’ve grown accustomed to his face..he almost makes the day begin..🎶 I’ll have to stop now, Earl…Because despite it being pleasantly euphonious, it can become very confusing after a while! 😂😂 Have a good one, Sir! Ta ta! 🙋🏻


  5. Thanks again Angela for all that information. Outside of the do wop era my next station was always country music. Knew all about father and son and thank you again but didn’t know her song or who she was married to. I will now, after leaving this to listen.

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    • You’re very welcome, Paul. Anytime. So you knew about the McGraw men, huh! I should have known. I think all of us Mets fans do. I love the connection. Tug was something though, right?Crazy man out there. Colorful..to say the least! 😉 Faith Hill is a sweetheart. I have a lot of her music. I hope you like the song…🎶🙋🏻


  6. Hi, all! Any explanation will take longer than the solve, but I’ll explain anyway. I knew that the first thing I needed was a synonym for “destiny” and “fate.” When “kismet” came to mind, I decided that KISS-MET would fit the cartoon so I went with it. Done! All 4 words were easy Monday solves for me. Done, again!

    Angela, thank you so much for telling us that Mike is on vacation because after hearing last week that he was taking care of a couple of family members who were not feeling well, I would have immediately thought he had to take them to the doctor this morning. Now I can imagine them all well and having fun together.

    Angela, thanks for mentioning the sconces & reminding me of a story:
    When I was in High School, we had only one decorative light beside the front door. When my parents heard a car pull up in front, signaling that I was home from a date, they gave the poor boy barely enough time for one kiss before turning that light on & off three times which told me to “Get in the house right now!”

    Hope you’re well, Angela.

    See you tomorrow, all!

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    • HI, Lelia. Yes, agreed. Really easy one today. I knew you all might be worried about Mike. His family was only sick for two days. Well I don’t mean only, two days is enough, when you’re sick. What I mean is, they weren’t sick all week. Thankfully, whatever it was all cleared up in well enough time for them to leave for vacation. Everyone was well and excited last night.

      Turning the light on and off! Like a SOS! Too funny…But I think my experiences may have been worse. We didn’t have sconces on our house. We had streetlights that saved us all a pretty penny on the electric bill. But we did all have stoops. Beautifully made brick stoops. In Brooklyn, the stoop was the place to be. Stoops are synonymous with NY. You sit on them, you socialize on them, you play stoop ball on them, you even fall in love on them! (But that’s a whole other story). My Father loved “sittin’ on the stoop”. If I was even 5 minutes late, I never took a chance on being dropped off at my door. I knew he’d be out there waiting…So I’d get out of the car on the corner of my block, and walk down. And sure enough, there’d he’d be. And sure enough I’d be in hot water… but at least the boyfriend du jour didn’t have to suffer too. I always wondered why he never just walked to the corner and busted me. And why he was never out there when I got home on time for that matter. When I got older and asked, he said…”I never wanted to deny you your privacy, and I never wanted to embarrass you. I just needed to keep you on your toes. I was comfortable sitting out there. You’re the one who chose to walk…” HA! And here all along I thought I was slick…And just for the record…I could have become a ballet dancer… Hope you have a great day! 🙋🏻


      • GREAT stories!
        🎵”The first thing I remember
        I was lying in my bed
        I couldn’t of been no more
        Than one or two
        I remember there’s a radio
        Comin’ from the room next door
        And my mother laughed
        The way some ladies do
        When it’s late in the evening
        And the music’s seeping through
        The next thing I remember
        I am walking down the street
        I’m feeling all right
        I’m with my boys
        I’m with my troops, yeah
        And down along the avenue
        Some guys were shooting pool
        And I heard the sound
        Of acappella groups, yeah
        Singing late in the evening
        And all the girls out on the stoops, yeah🎵 ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️


      • Yea, but he didn’t move to Queens until he was four! And Queens ‘ain’t no Brooklyn! 😂 🎶Well I guess I’ve been in love before, and once or twice have been on the floor..but I’ve never loved no one the way that I love you…🎶 Ah, romance! 😂🙋🏻


    • Hi, Steve! Thanks for saying “GREAT stories!” for Angela’s and my stories.
      Thank you for giving us a GREAT song in return. I think “Late In the Evening” is a very pleasant song with expressive lyrics that make you feel like you’re there.

      When you said that your most beautiful “song from the ceiling” at Peets had a gorgeous guitar break by Stephen Stills, I looked it up and was delighted with the guitar solo at the beginning and at least 2 more guitar breaks with each one having more & more elaborate guitar sounds. Wooden Ships, wow! I related more to the guitar playing than the lyrics.

      Today my “song from the dashboard” (in my car) was “Guitars & Cadillac’s.” The lyrics were rather gloomy but it had some good guitar playing.


      • Lelia, I was hoping you would look up Wooden Ships, and I’m glad you really enjoyed it. I was impressed anew when I listened to it again also, and the amazing part is that Stephen Stills played virtually all the music:

        “With the exceptions of drummer Dallas Taylor and a handful of rhythm and acoustic guitar parts from Crosby and Nash, Stills (accorded the moniker “Captain Many Hands” by his bandmates) handled most of the instrumentation (including every lead guitar, bass and keyboard part) on the album.”

        While we’re here, let me suggest two others for you.
        “Guinnevere” from that same CS&N album, (actually David Crosby playing guitar on this one) and
        “Bluebird” with Stills playing with his previous group. Buffalo Springfield.
        Maybe “Rock and Roll Woman” also from Buffalo Springfield.


  7. Hi all – The only thing that took extra time was IMPORT, but that’s of no consequence.
    I fear this romance is doomed, though. They are obviously fashion- and especially footwear-incompatible (“You could put a eye out with those things!”) So goodbye – “Kismet, Hardy.”

    And speaking of feet, it finally occurred to me what the backwards-pointing fingers in Sunday’s cartoon reminded me of – The Mad Magazine Don Martin character “Fester Bestertester”, who always had huge, double or triple-jointed feet which bent at improbable angles.

    Hope you feel better soon Angela. When you do, just recycle all those old PDA’s like Newtons and Palm Pilots. 😉

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    • Hey, G. Fashion challenged? That’s something new? Let’s be honest here, this never was Madison Avenue! Anyway, when you’re newly in love, you really don’t mind all that much. As I said earlier…it’s later on that the common sense KICKS in! I’m familiar with the Bestertester feet too, but I really do wish Jeff would enlighten us on those hands. Maybe..🎶Someday soon…🎶
      But now, I’m stuck. Recycle PDAs? You’ve completely lost me. (And that’s becoming a regular thing with me around here lately)! PDA is a Public Display of Affection. Are you talking a personal digital assistant? I mean, I was really fond of my old Blackberry too…but I can’t remember ever kissing it! …Holding it close..maybe, but…😂😂 Have a good one, Bud. And I’m against the rail, but not overboard…Thanks for the shout out. 💋🙋🏻


  8. From these comments, it looks like I’m the only one who got ASUME instead of AMUSE! I got the answer, but I thought the Jumble guys made the mistake! So, upon learning the correct word, I found out that I wasn’t AMUSEd! Ugh!

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    • Hi Carol. You made me giggle! We’ve all been there, done that! So you ASUMmEd the Jumble Guys made a mistake?! They haven’t been caught yet, but, hey, you never know! And you should be AMUSEd…after all, it’s only a game! As long as you get the answer, well that’s the IMPORTant part, right? And let’s face it, there’s enough things in life today for us to say Ugh to…this shouldn’t be one of them! Thanks for sharing, and please come back again. Wishing you a wonderful day, Carol! Be well. 💋🙋🏻


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