Jumble Answers for 04/22/2018










Good Morning, Everyone!     🙄 BECAUSE, SIGH…DON’T WANT TO…🙄

🎶Strollin’ with the one girl, SIGHINSIGH after SIGH…Nice work if you can get it, and you can get it if you try…🎶

🙄 So looking at our cartoon, we see a family here,
Two young boys and their Mother, and a Father in his chair.
He thought that he’d relax today, but seems his wife thinks other
It’s garden work for everyone, the boys hear from their Mother.
So BUCKLE down they both must do, perhaps she’ll pay them HOURLY?
Or maybe not, “Mood INDIGO” seems the song playing sourly…
They’d rather not make RADISH plots and pull the yard of weeds,
They wanted to play video games like SPLASH and Frenzy Feed…
But I think these two brothers’ LARGER wishes go denied…
And that’s why we see them upset, and see them “SIGHED”-BY-“SIGHED“! 🙄

I think my poem may lack sparkle today, but our words surely don’t. I’m sure David’s PULLED them from his hat before, but these anagrams just shine. My choice for the two that caused the most SIGHS? RADISH and LARGER. I saw Regale and something beginning with SH. But I blinked and they came SPROUTING out. Our cartoon: Today we see a family of four, Mother, Father and two young sons. The Father, wanting to simply LILAC in his recliner has just found out that he’s about to be UPROOTED from his reverie, and called to garden duty. His TULIPS are telling us that he’s not thrilled. The sons, STANDING TOGETHER, SIDE by SIDE, upon  hearing the news, cry out in unison…”But we thought WEED just hang out”. Hmm. This is not a ROSY situation. So, BLOOM do we think will win out here? It remains to be SEED. But our question is asking…How did the siblings express their displeasure? See those sLUMPing shoulders? See the looks of “HOE NO” on their faces? They…”SIGHED” BY SIGHED“! Well PANSY that! Good one, David, you old RAKE! (I know you really aren’t, but this IS a gardening puzzle…SOW let’s make beLEAF it’s a compleMINT ok)? A little hint here before we look for eye candy…If the SIDE BY SIDE pun didn’t come to you ASTER looking at the cartoon, and you wrote OUT the letters, SOIL you need to do, is PULL OUT BY, and then split up the double letters into two ROWS…I think today, the cartoon did give us a LARGER hint than usual. Ok, the candy…Not MULCH to see today…The only thing I’m getting a READ on is the newspaper in the Fathers hands…Let’s DIG IN…It has the Jumble with The Family CROCUS, oh, typo…Circus below it. It has a Boggle Brain Busters in the next ROW OVER. Two down from that is Ziggy. The FRAME in the middle, is showing a man with SPIKEd hair, wearing glasses. I have no idea who he is..ORCHID you not. Maybe someone can take STOCK, DIG into it, and let me know. As for the eye candy, I’m looking at the boys hands. Has anyone else besides me noticed that every time we see someone standing with their arms down, the hands are always shown with the fingers pointed backwards and up? That’s my candy today…I’m POSEYing a question.  Jeff…What’s the DIRT on that? So, There you have it, Folks, Done. It’s 6AM here in NYC. I’m throwing in the TROWEL and getting some rest….Have a great day, Everyone! 🙄🙋🏻




22 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/22/2018

  1. The RADISH farm also grew INDIGO and the SPLASH pool for the workers’ kids gave HOURLY pleasure and let everyone BUCKLE down for LARGER harvests this bountiful year.
    Clue words were no headache but the solution certainly was. All those letters and quotation marks on two words?? I didn’t get that the words were the same until I got a hint from the cartoon—two boys standing “side by side.” Which prompts me to ask you Angela—why not that song today??
    Just ribbing you. Great post with tons of puns and don’t denigrate your poem, it’s a gem, in spite of your self-deprecation.
    Sunny Sunday. Hip Hip Hooray!

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  2. Hi Earl. Good Morning. You’re right, great song choice. I’ve put it here for you. Your sentence made me laugh, not the easiest words to work with, were they? You’ve done a great job! Somehow I thought the solution was a give-away, and I’m glad you conquered it. Thanks for the shout out, and I hope you have a great day! 🙋🏻
    🎶Don’t know what’s coming tomorrow…Maybe it’s trouble and sorrow, but we’ll travel the road sharin’ our load…SIDE by SIDE. When they’ve all had their quarrels and parted, we’ll be the same as we started, just to travel along singing a song…SIDE by SIDE…🎶


  3. Clever puzzle today. I do love those quotation marks. Radish & hourly took me the longest to solve. Once I had all the answers to the anagrams, the cartoon was fairly easy as I just paired up all the double letters. Beautiful day here today. Hope it’s pleasant in your part of the world as well. Happy Sunday !

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  4. Hi all – I knew I’d seen RADISH before, but it took a second look, then had to write the letters to see LARGER. BY was the only two letter word possible, but I had to write the letters, saw two SIDEs, and realized what the pun was.
    “Shoe the children, with no shoes on their feet” – doesn’t anyone in this family have footwear?

    I did notice the hands, Angela. At least their feet and toes weren’t pointed backwards!

    Today’s “song from the ceiling” at Peet’s –
    🎵”Do you think she loves you?
    Do you think — at all?”🎵

    A not-at-all-trivial question for some guys I’ve known!
    When Terry Gross interviewed Matt Groening on her NPR show Fresh Air about The Simpson’s movie, she particularly liked the line when Homer was explaining to Marge – “You gotta understand – I don’t THINK about stuff.”

    Anyway, the song – yesterday we had CS&N; this was “Bluebird” from the previous group of both Stephen Stills *and* Neil Young (before they became “super”-sized 😉), Buffalo Springfield.

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    • …LOL! What’s next? 🎶Eat the babies, who don’t have enough to eat🎶? You old EAGLE-eye you! Just as I said, G, writing the letters just deSIDED it for you! It was very clever. That HAND thing…I can’t put my FINGER on it, but I have mentioned it before. Maybe Jeff can POINT out why he draws them as such. And how many times how we talked about “thinking” too much? 😂 Holier..It’s Sunday, be nice! 🎶Soon she’s going to fly away….🎶 My cue…Have a good one, G! 🙋🏻


      • The line is “FEED the babies.” 😂😂 Eagle-eye indeed, unless that’s a Freudian slip. I do admire W.C. Fields, as I’ve said before 😂

        For those of us ‘60’s survivors, “Eat the rich!” 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • G…LOL…Do you really want to play lyrics with me? One of the best known “mis-heard” lyrics songs.. Look it up! .🎶Eat the children Who don’t have enough to eat. Shoot the children with no shoes on their feet. A thousand people living in the street…🎶 What do you think I was going for with the EAGLE eyed? W C Fields, indeed! You should know me better, G. If I’m going to slip..it won’t be with Freud! 😂😂🙋🏻


      • Never heard that version! Thought it was another “Enjoy the nothing!” 😂
        “A nice chianti and some fava beans.” 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • Mondegreens! I used to hear people singing those lyrics, and I’d SMH…Hmm CANNIBAL Lector? See what happens when we “think” too much? 😂🙋🏻


  5. Good afternoon. Just obtained the jumble blog. Will read everybody later because I’m a little in a hurry to get out. Today’s words were a little hard but fun today. The only one to cause me trouble was Indigo. It took me longer to get that word then all the rest combined I was unable to get a blind solve so after putting down the letters I noticed all were doubles but two. I then separated the six doubles into two groups. The remaining two letters were “by “for the middle. The other words to my disappointment were “sighed”. Even though I got the solution,there was no satisfaction. Which by the way reminds me of that great song which I still have the record to this day. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Hey Brooklyn. I wondered where you were. I thought maybe you guys were down at the Bocce court looking for some Satisfaction! 🎶 I can’t get no…Satisfaction…I can’t get no “live ball” action…🎶 I still have my original copy, and I still listen to it…And I still sing those “other” lyrics too! 😉 When you do get back, and read my post, you’ll see that we were channeling one another’s thoughts with the solve. 🎶 Double your pleasure, double your fun🎶 ..with…I’ll let you finish the rest! Sorry you SIGHED over the answer, maybe you’ll SEED it differently later. Hope you’re enjoying the day! Talk to you later, Bud! 🙋🏻


  6. Hi, all! I just noticed that yesterday I wrote “Easy cartoon solve, easy words, done!” Well, I’m not writing that today!! I solved SPLASH with one glance and BUCKLE also except for not being sure whether it ended “le” or “el.” LARGER, RADISH, & HOURLY took extra glances and my hardest word was INDIGO. Last, with 2 sets of 6 identical letters separated by the word “BY,” I still took another minutes to get SIGHED twice.

    A sentence about a traveling farm worker tightening up his belt buckle and getting busy picking radishes for a small hourly wage is flickering through my brain, but I just got a better offer. Daughter called to say she’d like to meet us at IHOP at noon. Here I come, IHOP!!

    MIKE: We are still sending prayers & well wishes your way!!

    ANGELA: We are sending prayers & well wishes your way, too! I hate to mention that even though Jerry & I have declared ourselves “well” we are still plagued by coughing, runny noses, and a touch of extra tiredness. Some ailments just don’t know when to leave and stay gone!!!

    STEVE: I hope that you are 100% well!!!


    • Hi Lelia. The words were a little tricky, but overall, the puzzle was a clever treat! As for being under the weather, I guess everything has to run its course. Thanks for your kind wishes, and I wish you both the same. Enjoy your IHOP visit, and have a great day! 🙋🏻


    • Hey Chuck. Happens to all of us. Once you get that first glance word stuck in your head, it can be like a dog with a bone! And indigo isn’t exactly a household word. I listen to Sinatra’s rendition of “Mood Indigo” quite often so that’s why I recognized it instantly. (You’ll notice I even took the easy way out and wedged it into my poem)! So, let the Yucks fall where they may! There’s always t’row! Have a good night, Sir! 🙋🏻


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