Jumble Answers for 04/21/2018








Good Morning, Everyone!             🍕PIECE…AND TRY IT? 🍕

🎶(Take it)…Take another little PIZZA my heart, now Baby…(Break it), break another little bit of my heart, now Honey..(Have a)..have another little PIZZA my heart now, Baby….You know you’ve got it if it makes you feel good…

🍕 There’s nothing quite like pizza, especially in New York
Synonymous with who we are, just like the way we “tawk”.
Where some will look for COOKIEs, and others long for cake,
I’ll choose a pizza anytime…parlor or one I’ll make.
People from babes to NINETY cannot resist it’s lure…
And pizza parlors in NY are counted by the score.
The PROOF of a successful place is where the crowds you’ll see
Wrapped ’round the block like CONGA lines, abreast by two or three.
I don’t think I could say enough ’bout pizzas satisfaction…
I would invest just like our girl for a PIECE OF THE ACTION! 🍕

Looking at today’s words, I kept thinking about…how hungry I was! What can I say? I hear the word PIZZA and I become like one of Pavlov’s dogs…I could eat PIZZA every day, during any SEASON. As for the words themselves, despite being all old favorites, the anagrams are just enough of a challenge to whet any APPETITE. Ok, let’s see what our cartoon enFOLDS…Today Jeff places us at a PIZZA PARLOR, where we see three men and a woman. The dialogue tells us that the woman has recently invested in the place, and as she’s eating a SLICE of the PIE, she’s voicing her happiness over her decision. The proPIEetor, looking a little too CHEESY for my TASTE, is seen telling her he’s glad she now has a SLICE of the PIE; which with our question, was my first thought. PIE..Piece of the PIE. But, the INGREDIENTS just weren’t there. Two “C”s, one “P” just aren’t CUTTING it…But noticing the male patron standing there COOLING his heels, with money in his hands, and the word “invested” in our dialogue, TOSSED a new thought my way…, and I took a GAMBLE…She wanted a ….PIECE OF THE ACTION! Good one, David..I BET you thought we WOODn’t see that coming! Ok, eye candy…Glancing aROUND again, trying to see what I can TAKE OUT of the cartoon, I’m ROLLING my eyes at the proPIEetor. I mean, I’m no SQUARE, but between his long ombré beard being held with a band at the BOTTOM, and a very long earring STRETCHing down, well…KNEAD I go on? There seems to be MUSHROOM for improvement here…PERSONALly, I never SAUSAGE a look in a PIZZA place…It just seems to SERVE up an unSAVORY image. There’s the worker, seen SLICING up a new PIE. Wearing a hair net, and sporting a soul patch, he has his tongue hanging from the side of his mouth, and his ear is gauged with a ROUND plug. Didn’t they go out of style, DOUGH? Ear today, gone TOMATO? I think I’m just going to go with the only thing I can really get a HANDLE on today…Next to the him? Leaning against the counter? The HANDLE of the PEEL? (A flat, shovel-like implement, used for carrying PIZZA in and out of an OVEN). It’s the only thing that really aPEELs to me today…So, There you HALVE it , Folks! DONE. Have a GRATE day, Everyone! And remember…No matter how you SLICE it, in life there may always be someone trying to sTOP you from being yourself. Don’t be fOILed! ..The important thing is to consider the SAUCE. 🍕🙋🏻


38 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/21/2018

    • LOL…Good Morning, Big Guy! flEAT-footed, huh? Good ones! You always make me smile, Caro! Hope you have a great day too! 🍕🙋🏻


  1. Good morning. Great choice for the song.Nice use of the words and very informative regarding the picture. I went back and finally noticed the cook with rubber band around his beard. Today’s words were no problem except for Conga. I kept seeing cargo. When I first looked at the cartoon,I had “Piece of the”. But,the last word had more than three letters so I was looking for names of Italian pies. After finally getting the first word I knew it had to be Action for the cartoon answer. For me a disappointment. Even though it would have been an instant blind solve with pie for the last word,I would have been happier with that answer. Oh well,you can make people happy some of the time but you can’t make them happy all of the time. I’m still jealous of their talent. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. I feel the same WHEY! Piece of the Pie just seemed so right, right? 🙄 Funny turn that it took DOUGH. I mean, Piece of the Action is ofttimes heard, but considering it was Pizza, Piece of the Pie just ROLLED off the tongue a lot easier IMO. IDK, two days in a row now, where some PIECE of the puzzles’ wording has me WANTING for MORE! What can we do, Paul? As you said, can’t always suit everyone’s TASTE. And as for jealousy? You, Brooklyn? IMO, you’ve got all it takes…you’re funny, you’re witty, you can DISH it out just fine…Don’t underestmATE yourself, Bud. You’re definitely TOPs in my book! Thanks so much for the shout out! And have a good one! 🍕🙋🏻


  2. The NINETY- year old COOKIE maker gave PROOF that she was still agile by joining the CONGA line at the wedding reception.
    For some reason none of the words came instantly this morning. I got them and the solution but definitely no blind solve! Parlor worthy cartoon and thanks for drawing attention to some details I overlooked Angela. Great poem and you said all that can be said about NY City pizza. Have a pepperoni of a day and don’t be cheesy when you slice your piece of the action.
    Sunny day finally! Off to walk along the canal and look for birds and listen to nature.

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    • CONGAruent on the NYC Pizza! Can’t be BEAT! You know it’s all in the water! I saw something on the news the other night regarding Pizza making, and it said that a process has been developed that can take water from anywhere and “turn it into NY water”. Rejoice Pizza lovers Nationwide! SALIVATEtion has arrived! Great sentence, Earl, especially with the Conga, and love your salute SEASONed with puzzle-related words! Glad to help out with the cartoon, and thanks so much for the shout out! Nice weather here also, finally is right! Enjoy your walk, and hope you have a good one! CHOW! 🍕🙋🏻


    • LOL…I’m already invested heavily in Facebook…I’m ready to turn the other cheek!! 😂 Good Morning, Joseph. Welcome. I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure. Hope you’ll become SEASONED like the rest of us! Have a great day! 🍕🙋🏻


  3. Morning, all –
    Just a little trouble with the number NINETY (again) and CONGA.
    A Rochester restaurant has a pizza “bandiera” with three color sections – spinach, ricotta cheese and tomato sauce. It looks like the Italian flag. 🇮🇹
    Wishing all a great weekend.

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    • Hi Caroline. Good Morning. Bandiera means flag in Italian, and we know people by that name also. It’s a beautiful sounding word. And that pizza must taste as good as it sounds! Let me know if you try it. I’d like to try making it. Despite looking at the two Ns in NINETY, I had Entity in my head, same as last time, and CONGA I feel will WIND up the stickler for today. Wishing you a great day! Take care! 🍕🙋🏻


      • I have had it numerous times and like it very much. Sometimes it can be a little soggy because the crust is thin. I didn’t think of entity like you and Betty but I did think of a misspelled word – Tinney.

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      • Oh you have. I think I’d like it too. I’m not big on soggy pizza though either. It must be from the spinach…It’s funny because growing up, my Father always told us to never “dirty” our pizza or our scotch…Cheese only, and on the rocks…And we’ve all kept to that principle! 😂 But I’d try this pizza, if nothing else than to give the kids a more fun way to deal with greens. It can be a challenge sometimes…Thanks for letting me know, Caroline. When I make it, I’ll give you my review! Take care. 🍕🙋🏻
        PS..Oopps..I forgot ENTITY…It looks like Steve thought it also. Tinney now made me think of John Tunney, a senator from California who died recently. His father was the legendary boxer, Gene Tunney. My mind goes to the oddest places! LOL…CHOW!! 🙋🏻


      • I’m not touching this one! Even DOUGH I have a reponse or two that would make your day! 😷 😷🙋🏻


      • Good luck with the pizza, Angela. Part of liking it is just the fun way it looks, and the fact you can eat it and cut it different ways. I think you’re right about the spinach being a big factor. The restaurant puts quite a bit on so the pizza looks like the flag.
        I can’t recall that Senator but I do remember the boxer.

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      • I can only imagine, Caroliine. It’s sounds adorable. I’m very into my food “looking good” besides just tasting good! Presentation is so important! 😂 If I’m not mistaken, spinach is about 90% water by weight, so if they’re piling it on with a trowel (😂),you’re going to have one soggy pizza! You know what I’m thinking…I may try it with basil instead of spinach. I absolutely love basil…Want to hear something wild! I’ve never in my life bought basil. We’ve always grown our own, and frozen batches of it for when it gets cold. I saw my Grandparents do it, my Mother, and now I do so also. In fact, I make the little ones help me wash and dry the leaves and wrap them. I’m getting ready soon to work on my plants for this year. The weather’s been so cold, or I would have started already. I could be wrong about the senator, I’d have to look it up. My head’s full of so much nonsense! 😂 Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather.Take care. 🙋🏻


      • Tks, Caroline. It’s just something I never gave a second thought to, it was always there.😂 I give so much of it away during the summer, because if you don’t cut it down, it starts to wilt on you. Same thing with tomatoes. You can only eat so many at once! I just give away bags at a time. I can’t wait until the weather turns “normal”, so everything’ll bloom right. Whatever “normal” is anymore, right? I’ll let you know when we make the pizzas! Have a great night. At least we’re not freezing anymore! Buona Notte! 🙋🏻


  4. Hi all – Hey, there’s that pesky shipment of COGNAC getting in the way of my CONGA line again. “A Piece of the Action” – a memorable but pretty far-fetched episode of Star Trek. Otherwise, instant solve.

    Angela, I also thought “Entity.” From The Entity, starring Barbara Hershey, what can I say? Also, check this out:

    🎵”If you smile at me, I will understand
    ‘cause that is something everybody, everywhere
    Does in the same language.
    I can see by your coat, my friend, you’re from the other side.
    There’s just one thing I got to know; can you tell me, please –
    Who won? “🎵
    Ah, the most beautiful “song from the ceiling” yet at Peet’s – walked from the parking lot right into Stephen Stills’ gorgeous guitar instrumental break in the middle of “Wooden Ships”, written by Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane, performed by the *first* supergroup, Crosby, Stills and Nash (before Neil Young joined) on their 1968 debut album.
    🎵”Go, take a sister then, by the hand
    Lead her away from this foreign land
    Far away, where we might laugh again.
    We are leaving, you don’t need us.”🎵
    A message from me to the young CS&N from this strange, foreign land, fifty years in their future.

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    • …You had me until the last panel…Then I was BOWLed over..(BUTT not in a good way)! G, you BEING you would go to Barbara Hershey, with ENTITY!..LOL…You had a major crush on her! Me BEING me, can’t speak on Star Trek. And I CONGAr on 🎶Wooden Ships” but “first” super group? CS&N? What about the Beatles? The Stones? 🎶 Teach your children well…🎶 …while they’re STILL YOUNG! 🎶Something..🎶 is amiss! 🙋🏻


  5. Ninety is the word that tripped me up this morning. I kept seeing it as entity. Had the answer to the cartoon so worked backwards and figured it out. Caroline, we used to have an Italian restaurant in the city that served Pasta Tri – Colore. The big plate of pasta arrived with three sauces on the top of it – pomodoro, pesto & alfredo. The waiter then proceeded to mix it all together. Though it may not sound good, it tasted delicious. Happy Saturday everyone.

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  6. Hi, all! Easy cartoon solve, easy words, done! I surely related to our sentence today, Earl, because the last time I was in a Conga line was at a wedding reception.

    Is it my imagination or am I suddenly quite hungry for a slice of pizza?

    Speaking of something tasting good, we bought the Burt’s Bees honey cough drops you recommended Angela, and I like them. I remember now, I used to think they had too much Menthol but not anymore with many of my taste buds past their expiration date.

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    • Hi Lelia…I doubt it’s your imagination! I’d be curious to know how many of us here today are eating pizza as we speak! I know I sent my friend out to get us a few pies…As I said, I could have given Pavlov’s dogs a run for their Kibble! I’m glad you like the Burt’s Bees. I should have mentioned the menthol. I shy away from menthol, because I have esophageal issues, and it can be very irritating. But for some reason, with these, I’ve never gotten that overpowering taste. Actually, I favor the Honey Lemon ones over the plain Honey. I buy bags at a time, because I’m always giving them away to everyone. I hope they offer some relief. Take care, and have a great day. (Order the pizza)! ! 🍕🙋🏻


  7. Steve, nothing you have to answer, just me finally answering your questions. I asked Josh how many grooves on an LP album and he said, “Twelve, but that’s a guess. You need to ask my dad.” I Googled it and the answer was 2.

    Progresso soup…PURCHASED! Just waiting to be eaten at lunch today. Thinking ahead about the gold panning excursion, Jerry found the soup for me. Smart boy!

    Josh reminded me that he said the exchange of guitar strings sounded like “Nashville tuning.” I Googled “Nashville tuning” and it was an informative interesting, and fun read. They replace only 4 of the 6 strings, and it is also called high-stringing a guitar.

    Last, if they had put the Home On the Range notes in the cartoon, they would have had to write for permission.


    • Good points about copyright issues and Nashville tuning – I’ll look that up. I’m sure you know how high-strung some musicians can be!

      Kids these days! 😂 Has Josh ever seen an LP? 😂 Most people, if they don’t catch on to the trick question, guess in the hundreds or thousands.


  8. Mike, we will continue sending prayers and well wishes your way all weekend, looking forward to your report on Monday of how your precious ones are feeling. Daughter, Jerry, and I had the same thing with the worst cough ever, but all 3 experienced it differently. Daughter made herself go to school every day that week, I stayed in bed 2 days and took lots of naps the rest of the time, and Jerry stayed in his recliner the whole week moaning & groaning.

    Today he is on an outing with fellow APA members, looking for gold on a new claim doing what is called “dry washing.” The creek is all dried up so they’ll shovel stuff (dirt, rocks, sand, & gold) into a dry washer, shake the stuff through a screen to get rid of the rocks, and then pan for gold with the stuff that came through the screen in water that they took with them.

    Now back to your patients with the patience, love, & plenty of hydrating liquids you have for them.


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