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Good Morning, Everyone!         🏌 “WON” FOR THE MONEY? 🏌

🎶Sing, sing, sing, sing…everybody start to sing, like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah…Now you’re singin’ with a SWING…Sing, sing, sing, sing, everybody start to sing like dee dee dee, bah bah bah dah…Now you’re singin’ with a SWING…🎶

🏌 A young girl all excited, the happiness is felt
A championship, her first we see, she has under her belt.
How many tears may have been shed, and did she ever WHINE?
Were fingers blistered in the quest, did she use IODINE?
We see that she did MANAGE to put lessons to use,
And now the joy seems palpable, the praises so profuse…
Was money won here also, did Sydney score some cash?
It would be nice cause then she’d start a personal little STASH
It’s great to have accomplished success within the game,
A win’s a win and Victory proves that it’s “WON” AND THE SAME! 🏌

There was no reason to WHINE over today’s words…all old favorites. But did IODINE sting a bit? Out of all FORE wordswas it a little ROUGH? Well, we’re in the CLEAR now, so let’s BOUNCE over to our cartoon…Today we find ourselves out on the GREENS, in what may be a real SLICE of life. We see three women, dressed in purple. Which for those of you who are regulars to this SCRAMBLE GAME, is PAR for the COURSE. The younger woman, SYDNEY, we’ve come to know is Jeff’s daughter. We see her jumping for joy, and SWINGING her CLUB in the air…As anyone WOOD with such a VICTORY. Especially their FIRST, of COURSE. The female TWOSOME are seen cheering for her, while David is seen WAGGLEing his finger in the air. Sydney has WON her first CHAMPIONSHIP, and our question asks…What are VICTORY and VICTORY? “WON” AND THE SAME! Cute pun, David, but..SHOOT…MY AGE may have something to do with this, or maybe it’s lack of sleep, but I’m a coming up a little SHORT. GAME is “WON”/ ONE, I get the pun…but why the DOUBLES with VICTORY? Am I PLAYING with a HANDICAP here? Am I getting the SHAFT? Is it because it’s only FOUR? IRON Know…I’m just not HOOKed. I may need a MULLIGAN….Maybe Dave will GIMME a hint…But since we have our solution, I may as well get out in FRONT…NINE o’clock I have to be somewhere…So, let’s CUT over to the eye CADDIE...There’s a GROUP of silhouetted spectators in the backGROUND…a little GRAINy. There’s the scoreboard, and even though HALF the names are CUT off, we can see the letters KNU, for KNUREK on top…nice PROp, Jeff. There’s Dave’s hat that we’ve seen beFORE, a PERFECT, ROUND hat..but nothing MAJOR…There’s Sydney’s Golf bag lying on the GROUND, with her named emblazoned on the side. Can’t MISREAD that…And, of COURSE, there’s the BALL SITting there in the CUP, with Jeff’s LINE graphics showing how that last SWING landed the WIN…PUTT my EAGLE eye is PULLing me towards the little Caddyshack Groundhog Head Cover WEDGEd in the bag. To be FAIR…WAY too cute! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! It’s Friday! Get in your GROOVE, kick up your HEELs, and go for the Gold…or the GREEN…Whatever! Just PLAY THROUGH…And I bid you a fond FOREwell…🏌🙋🏻



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  1. Good morning. Nice post Angela and use of the words. The only word that was a cut above the others to get and cause a deep gash in a complete instant read was Iodine. Taking a break to look at the cartoon was a ten second stop. I went back to that third word and the light bulb finally went on. After writing down the letters and cross checking with my answer,it proved correct. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. How’re you doing? See, I wasn’t LIEing when I said IODINE would sting a little…And I’m loving your “cut” and “deep gash”! Good ones! Did you think I wouldn’t catch ’em?😉 Thanks so much for the shout out…You’re one of the MAJORS to me! Have a good one, Bud! 🏌🙋🏻


  2. The streak is intact; couldn’t ace the blind solve again, today! Words flowed easily and the puzzle was a quick solve afterwards.

    Until tomorrow.

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  3. Iodine was a repeat word for me, and stash made me pause.I thought the solution was ‘one’ for the money as a blind solve,but given the letters and a ‘w’ , won for the money came quickly.


    • Good Morning, Chuck. I think Dave’s HOLE intention may have been to make us think ONE, perhaps by using the word Victory twice…TBT, it caused me to SMH a little….Of COURSE using WON as the pun was a STROKE of genius, but it still had me sPUTTering a tad. Yes, we had seen IODINE beFORE, but the SCRAMBLEing this time had a HOLE new STING to it! Glad to see you, and glad you WON out! Have a good one, Sir! 🏌🙋🏻


  4. I got stung by Iodine – All those vowels but eventually worked it out. Cartoon took me a little longer to solve but did figure it out. Happy Friday everyone.

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    • HI Betty. Good Morning. Yes, I believe IODINE may just burn a lot of us today. And the solve was a bit easy to MISREAD. But I’m glad you FOLLOWED THROUGH! Wishing you a great day! 🏌🙋🏻


  5. Hi all – IODINE was the word that took an extra glance. I was talking with one of my doctors about seldom heard old medicines like quinine, gentian blue and iodine, but he assured me that they’re still effective and used, especially in the less developed world. There was also a comic strip called “Little Iodine”, but I remember almost nothing about it. It must just not have run much in my local papers – I can’t believe *anything* was before my time anymore.

    Not only is Sydney’s name atop the leaderboard, it appears she beat out Michelle Wie. Wheee!

    🎵”Take to the highway won’t you lend me your name
    Your way and my way seem to be ONE AND THE SAME …
    I guess my feet know where they want me to go
    Walking on a country road”🎵 Sing it James.

    And for the last history note:
    1912 – Fenway Park opens in Boston.
    See if this sounds familiar, given the opening of this year’s season – The first game was an “April 9 exhibition against Harvard College, a 2-0 contest the Sox won amidst snow flurries. Opening Day of the regular season was scheduled for April 18, 1912 and not only did that day get rained out, but both Patriots Day games on the following day did as well – and the newspaper headlines focused mainly on the sinking of the steamship Titanic, which had sunk on April 15.”
    The Sox went on to win the 1912 World Series against the NY Giants.

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    • Hey, G…Little Iodine, the female Dennis the Menace for her generation! My uncle was a graphic artist. After he died, we found tons of comic books, all genres in his treasure trove. Iodine was amongst them, and we all got a few good laughs…And this morning, at 3:30, I was reading up on Iodine, looking for a pun…No pun, but it worked better than Benadryl! ..Put me right back to sleep! ..🙄 .🎶Mama don’t understand it, she wants to know where I’ve been….I’d have to be some kind of natural born fool to want to pass that way again…🎶 Been there, done that! Sweeeet, Sweeeet Baby James! Ever hear his rendition with NY’s own Carole King? ACES! …And finally..Thank you! Some History not TOTALLY cringe inducing…(Red Sox and Titanic did taint it a tad)! 😂 But I was so hoping you’d go with the first National League game played at what came to be known as Wrigley Field…🎶Someday soon…goin’ with him, someday soon…🎶 I still have HOPE…Have a good one, G! Talk to you later.🏌🙋🏻


      • Interesting, I hadn’t heard that. I’ve lived fairly close to both parks, but between the two of them, I’ve only been to one game, and that was at Fenway.
        Wow, a record collection and a graphic art collection – you are doubly blessed. One of my uncles was also a commercial artist and my brother could draw very well, but I didn’t get that gene, and I don’t think either of them collected comics.
        🎵”He loves his damned old rodeo as much as he loves me
        Someday soon”..🎵 Guess what I just read in the paper yesterday. Stephen Stills and Judy Collins appearing together at a small venue around here next week. I guess they’ve kissed and made up after all this time. And on that subject, I also read this yesterday – EBT music critic interviewing Gordon Lightfoot, who’s playing around here this week. I just had to chuckle at the healthy perspective he shows here:

        GL: Nobody had any idea that “If You Could Read My Mind” would become a hit single.
        EBT: One of the best songs of the entire ’70s.
        GL: It’s much better now. You can always do it better. Every night that I do it, I can always pour a little bit more into it. It relates to a period way back in my life, when my first marriage was falling apart. It doesn’t bother me to think of it. My youngest kids are in their 50s now.


      • 🎶And when he comes to call, my pa ain’t got a word to say…Guess it’s ’cause he was just as wild in the younger days…🎶 Classic. Together…Again? It has been a lonnnnng time. Heals all wounds, I guess. Look, at this stage of their lives, they need to make peace, don’t you think? Oh, Steve, I don’t have the collection. I wish! We split it up, amongst all of us nieces and nephews. I got some classic pieces, but we all shared in the wealth. And I’ve been told I can draw…blood from a stone! 😂That’s the extent of it! Lightfoot’s another card! He’s turning 80…If he doesn’t have some sort of prospective by now…when will he? And he was so sick for a while, remember? All those surgeries and such. He’s a survivor, I guess…I saw him once, years ago. Just Imagine how many times he’s sung that song over the years…It is a good one…🙋🏻

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  6. I looked through the comments to see what the other “Victory” is as Angela pointed out. Is ita nickname for a golfer? I looked up nicknames and got nothing! I don’t get the phrase otherwise!


    • Hi Clay. I looked online trying to make a connection, and came up empty also. I still feel I’m missing something, but what I’m not sure. Sorry I can’t help you…Have a good night. 🙋🏻


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