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Good Monday morning, Jumble fans! Before we dive into today’s game, I’d like to take a moment to look back at the most challenging anagrams that we encountered last week. HOYTER, DIRHEN, and PRILTE were the top three most searched for clue words and APAOTHERSCT was the most viewed surprise answer. I’m excited to see what David and Jeff have waiting for us this week so let’s get straight to the fun stuff!

We know that the puzzles are generally on the easier side at the beginning of the week and get progressively harder as we make our way towards Friday. The first three clue words that we see today are all old favorites and not much of a challenge. My pick for the most difficult anagram of the day goes to our fourth word which was SHAKEN. It too wasn’t difficult but it did require a brief second glance before coming into view. With my Monday morning brain warm up complete, I ventured over to the cartoon.

The main characters of today’s panel were instantly recognizable as law enforcement officers and they appear to have a new piece of equipment that they’re ready to put into service. As the officer on the right takes a hands-on approach to familiarizing himself with the new gadget, the officer on the left appears to be taking his time and is seen reading the manual before he gives it a whirl.

Speaking of the manual, on the front cover it identifies the equipment as the “Speeder 2000” and it’s also on the side of the gun as well. I was scratching my head while reading the cartoon sentence because something seemed off. The sentence identifies the equipment as a radar detector, when in actuality it’s a radar gun or speed gun. A radar detector picks up on the radio-wave beams that a radar gun emits. It was a minor oversight in the wording of the sentence that had no impact on the final solve.

The surprise answer consisted of a 5-letter and a 6-letter word. I didn’t attempt a blind solve on this one so I wrote out my clue letters for assistance. The first three letters in the layout were “EED” bringing SPEED instantly to mind. READER was quickly found in the remaining letters for a very satisfying solution. Have a very happy Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. Good morning. At the debutante ball the poor young lady was Shaken because her slip did Droop below her Dressy gown and made her Excel with embarrassment. Today’s entire puzzle was no problem for me today. A second look at the cartoon resulted in a solve. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Oh no!!! How embarrassing, Paul! Great job on paining a vivid picture with all of the clue words. That was definitely a wardrobe malfunction…

      It sure was a typical Monday morning puzzle and I’m glad you didn’t run into any trouble. Have a great start to your week. 🙂

  2. It was a DRESSY affair and spirits began to DROOP when the hostess was SHAKEN by a guest who did not EXCEL by arriving in torn skinny jeans.
    Easy solve all around this Monday. I won’t be back until much later so may comment on other posts then.

  3. Good Morning, Mike. I like what I READ! Hope you have a good one! 🚔 🙋🏻

  4. Words came quickly,but I did give pause on the solution,even with the e-e-d letters in a row.Eventually solving it.
    FYI I actually recall taking a speed reading class in college.

    • Good morning, Chuck! Most visitors are searching for the surprise answer today so it seem’s that it’s causing some trouble.

      I’m curious about the speed reading class that you took. Are there any quick techniques that you learned that you’d care to share? I’ve read online that most people only read the first and last letter of a word allowing your brain to fill in the rest. Interesting stuff! 🙂

      • Indeed there was a FB post last week on making out misspelled words that had the correct first and last letters.The question was whether your mind could decipher the words only by their first and last letters and the context of the paragraph.I replied that I could understand the words and paragraph,despite the misspelled words.As far as my speed reading class,one of the few tips I recall,is scanning the page or paragraph,by looking down the center of the lines and sentences,to get the sense of the passage,and if you are really entranced,you can go back to read the paragraphs again.

        • I think we saw the same post. I could easily make out all of the misspelled words with ease and breezed through it. I’ll have to try your “center of the line” technique to see if I can pick up clue words and then go back and see what I missed. Thanks, Chuck! 🙂

  5. Easy time of it today with the clue words and cartoon answer, so good start to the week. By the way,Mike, I received the “early edition” of the answers to today’s puzzle yesterday afternoon. I’d prefer not to receive them early if possible. Have a good Monday everyone.

    • Hi, Betty. I’m not sure how you’re getting the Early Bird Edition because I don’t email it out. There must be a glitch somewhere so I apologize. If you’d please unsubscribe to the daily email and then subscribe again, maybe that’ll fix it. Please let me know if it works because you’re the only one that has brought this to my attention. I’ve been posting the early answers for many months now without any other complaints. 🤔

  6. Thanks, Mike, I’ll try that. I received them several months ago and then you adjusted something so I didn’t get them anymore and then they appeared yesterday. Tis a puzzlement.

    • I hope it’s just the email and not the answers. I tried “burying” the answers further down in the email with asterisks and also added a page break so you’d have to click the “continue reading” link to actually reveal the answers. I’m so sorry if it spoiled the game for you. 😢

  7. 🎶She’s got a TICKET to RIDE..She’s got a TICKET to RIDE…She’s got a TICKET to RIDE, but she don’t care….🎶

    🚔 My first thought was he’s lucky..A manual he’s got?
    Most everything you buy today, you’re stuck with…”And now what..”?
    “Where does this go…a wire DROOPs, and what’s with this here plug”?
    You need a PhD for this…I feel just like a slug.
    I used to really EXCEL at doing stuff like this,
    Just read instructions 1-2-3..It’s done…you have your bliss…
    So if these guys are reading, if it’s all there in ink…
    They’re way ahead in this here game…Yes, that is what I think.
    A manual all DRESSY, a cover with a pic…?
    Excitements got me SHAKEN, this really does the trick…
    If only we were lucky, had a book just when we’d need ‘er
    We’d all be smiling like he is…we’d all be the SPEED READER! 🚔

    The long arm of the law. Or the short hand approach of SPEED READING? A little hard to GAUGE today…Policeman left, (PML), appears to be a little SLOWer in getting it together. Policeman right, (PMR), took the Evelyn Wood APPROACH, and “breezed through” the manual. Oh WAIT. Let me BACK UP…Today’s words…Old favorites, easy, breezy, completely UNDER the RADAR. On to our CARtoon. First thought…You know when you’re DRIVING, and you see those signs..”SPEED checked by RADAR”? Is it just me, or do you start thinking MASH too? RADAR? RADAR O’Reilly? REILLY, nobody? Hmm. I guess I’m WAY off TRACK…Ok, BACK to the business at HAND. Two officers, SHOOTing the BREEZE, discussing a RADAR detector. PMR is REDy to ROLL…He took that manual and made QUICK work of getting it COPied into memory. So, he’s REDy…He’s a SPEED READER! Yea, that’s the TICKET! Well done, David! So, eye candy. Not much to READ here today…I’m going to CHANGE LANES completely on this one. Know what CAUGHT my eye more than the CARtoon? Something in Mike’s opening paraGRAPH. HOYTer. One of last weeks anagrams. David? Trying to pull a FAST ONE? And to think…none of us PICKED UP on it! So, There you have it Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And let’s all get out there and EXCELerate at something today! 🚔 🙋🏻

  8. Hi, all! Two-minute solve, which is par for Monday. I like the arrogant stance and facial expression of the policeman who is practicing pointing the radar gun at a motorist.

    About a year ago, Steve told us a very funny way to encourage someone to do speed reading in the form of a joke by a famous comedian. Hope he tells it today.

    Jerry’s tooth hurt more than my nose yesterday, so he is at the dentist and my apt. with our PCP is tomorrow morning.

    • Sorry to hear about Jerry’s tooth and your nose, Lelia. I’m glad that you were both able to get appointments quickly. Be sure to let us know how you both make out, ok?

      Well, we got the bee’s yesterday and introduced them to the hive. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I’d be and I only used a head cover. My son used full protective gear and did a great job dumping them all in. They seemed a bit weak from their travels from South Carolina to NH and weren’t aggressive at all. A few shakes of the container shifted them to the bottom of the box and then we poured them all in. I put the queens cage on a comb with some elastic bands and then put it in the hive. They’ll hopefully eat the candy and free her in a day or two and we can open the box and check in 1 week (next Sunday). The apiary gentleman told my son “no peeking until then” in a stern voice.

      It was so cold last night that I hope they’re doing fine. I haven’t seen any activity at the entrance so perhaps they’re eating the pollen and sugar water that we provided so they can build up some strength. I’ll gladly keep you informed if you’re interested. 😊

      Have a wonderful start to your week!

      • Hi, Mike! Wow! Your excellent write-up about your bee adventure made me feel as though I were right there watching. My favorite details were that you were not as nervous as expected, used only a head cover, your son had on full protective gear, and the bees you poured into your hive came from South Carolina. I also enjoyed hearing about the queen’s cage and the man saying no peeking. Yes, please keep me informed. I will be interested in hearing if you are rewarded with some honey after your careful work so far. I’m still smiling about all the wonderful details and the no peeking.

        Thanks for your concern about our nose & tooth. Jerry just got back from the dentist where he learned that the tooth broke off under the gums so he has to have it surgically removed & replaced with an implant. Not surprising because that is one of the 2 teeth that got damaged when he bit the 20 foot tall roof of the building he was stepping off of when his ladder malfunctioned. No, not a typo. He “bit” the roof.

        Time to feed Jerry some mush. Ha ha
        Loved hearing from you!!

        • I’m so sorry to hear about Jerry’s situation! Dental surgery is very painful and I wish him a speedy recovery. And good luck during with the visit to your PCP today for your nose. Hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy a nice lunch afterwards.

          I’ll gladly keep you informed about the bee’s as we’re still buzzing with excitement here. It was cold again last night so I gently pressed my ear against the hive this morning and I hear “activity” inside. All of the materials we’ve read say that 5 days is long enough before we open the hive and check on the queen. We’ve decided to open it this Friday instead of Sunday. I’ll let you know what we find. 😊

      • That’s “the bee’s knees”, Mike. Keep us updated on all the latest buzz. I’m sure you’ll get some honey too, because that queen sounds like a comely lass!

    • Hi Lelia – Good luck to you and Jerry at your doctors.
      And I’m happy to re-channel Groucho Marx’s advice to “touch a match to the top of the page.”

      • Thanks, Steve. I couldn’t remember that it was Groucho Marx. Much of what he said can still be repeated because it’s classic, like watching a classic episode of MASH or Andy Griffith.

    • Hi Lelia – Here come the Stanley Cup playoffs. You definitely need a schedule if you want to follow any of them. Arizona finished last in the Pacific and are out.
      There are 8 different series, 4 each in the West and East. I’ll be following the Sharks playing the Anaheim Ducks on even-numbered days starting Thursday, and the Vegas Golden Knights vs the LA Kings on odd-numbered days starting Wednesday.
      Games in the West start around 7PM; Eastern games usually start around 4 PM. In the East, Toronto is playing the Boston Bruins starting Thursday.
      The channels can be anything. For instance, the first four Sharks games are on USA, NBCSN, CNBC and GOLF (What an indignity!)
      This all goes on until mid-June. Got all that? Good! 😂 

  9. Hi all – Pretty instant solve on everything.

    Angela, any day that starts with a Beatles quote can’t be all bad.

    Just two observations. Thanks for pointing out “Speeder 2000” Mike. That used to be the way to indicate that something was modern or futuristic. The first time I ever saw someone take note of the fact that the year 2000 was actually now too close to use that anymore was when I first saw Joel Hodgson’s comedy show around 1990 set in the future, and saw that he had titled it “Mystery Science Theater *3000*”, an indication that these guys were pretty sharp.

    Secondly, for those who may not have heard the story, radar was developed just prior to and during WWII by the Scotsman Sir Robert Watson-Watt. When he was caught speeding by a radar gun in Canada in 1964, he wrote a poem called “Rough Justice” that included the lines:
    “Pity Sir Robert Watson-Watt,
    strange target of this radar plot
    And thus, with others I can mention,
    the victim of his own invention.”

    See you tomorrow. I’m always surprised how many historic events have happened around these two weeks or so, so for the first in an occasional series:
    4/9/1865 Robert E. Lee surrenders.

    • By the way, trooper, you’re so engrossed in your new toy that you didn’t notice the speeder who just 🎵”Blue Bayou”🎵

    • You’re right, G. Especially anything from🎶RUBBER Soul🎶! 😂
      And re-CHANNELing Groucho? 🤔🙋🏻

  10. “No Re-PLY” again! That joke’s getting TIRED. I’ll give everyone a BRAKE and re-TIRE it.
    VULCANIZED Rubber Soul – What the Puck?

    • ROTFL…GOAL!! 👏🏻 🏒 Old PUCK and FIRE! Kudos! And the RE-tREAD besides! 👏🏻🙋🏻

    • 👏🏻 Yes, Bud, take a BRAKE. Perhaps a PIPE dream may be relaxing….😂🙋🏻

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