Jumble Answers for 10/06/2018








🎶 Say that you’ll BE THE ONE...Drowning in my heart, to be…Drowning in your arms, (take me)…3 summers heat, tangled up In sheets (take me)…Breathing as you where..Lying on The floor. Take Me…Take Me🎶 “Be the One” – Poi Dog Pondering 1992

Dear Jeff:
🎤🎸October 6th and shall I guess where you’ll be at nightfall?
Poi Dog’s on tour and tonight will perform at Thalia Hall…
Or maybe you went last night? Either way I’m sure you’re there,
To hear your band especially play the song you love to hear.
So, RATIO and CLANG? I think I’ll just let them go by…
I doubt I could make sense of them…Let’s stay with old town Chi…
I’m looking for a PONCHO, but no one seems to be clad,
This just might be the lamest HANDLE on a poem I’ve ever had!
I’m Pondering band members but…Ah, Jeff, to guess each man?
Just wish me luck…I hope I get it “A-CHORD-ING” TO PLAN 🎸🎤

Our words today, all old favorites, caused four Early Morning Jumblers to have a tic or two with PONCHO. Having last been seen exactly four weeks ago, on September 8th, it was a bit of a poser that day too. But our other three words were easily deciphered…

Today’s cartoon brings us to what I believe to be Thalia Hall in Chicago. We see our noted Graphic Artist,  Jeff Knurek and his lovely wife, Kathy, standing at the PIT at a POI DOG PONDERING concert. Booked into Thalia Hall for October 5th and 6th, PDP has been on tour, and is just releasing their latest album, 🎶Remnants of Summer🎶 For those of you who frequent our blog, you probably know that PDP is one on Jeff’s favorite BANDS, and today we see that Kathy hasn’t curbed that enthusiasm!. In fact, she shares in it! AcCHORDing to her dialogue, we see that my featured song choice this morning, 🎶Be The One🎶, is “their song”….and I might have guessed that it was 🎶Puppy Love🎶…PDP is comprised of a lot of musicians, but today we’re seeing only seven here, or perhaps just six, and for the RECORD, I’m going to try to identify them for us. If I get them right, VIN..YL be good for me…if I’m wrong, then the ball’s in Jeff’s court. Pro, me…CON..CERTainly he’ll help me out…Ok, left to right…Robert Cornelius, Charlotte Wortham, (or Carla Prather)? Frank Orrall, Susan Voetz, Paul Martens, and behind him, Ted Cho. The woman farthest right, praising the “perfect SET LIST” and the GREAT HARMONIES”, wearing the Headphones, and the Red POI T- Shirt? I couldn’t get a BEAT on ..Abra? Moore or less? No, I doubt it’s her.😉..She’s probably just the SOUND Technician…But it is this woman’s SOUND bite that’s giving us our solution today…The BAND’S stage PERFORMANCE was going...”A-CHORD-ING” (TO) PLAN! Now how good does that SOUND, Folks? This one’s a HIT! Great pun, David! You’ve COMPOSED a real winner today…

Ok, eye candy… There’s Frank’s two-toned Black and Red Guitar. And if you look very closely, at the top of the Headstock, above the Tuning Pegs, there’s the tiniest disc, reading POI.  It’s an amazing detail. Kudos Jeff. There’s Susan’s Violin, and Paul’s Horn…Two hand-held  mics, and the one on a stand. There’s the six lines of wiring on the floor, coming from the amplifier at the right of the stage, but oddly I can’t TRACK it’s CONNECTION to anything…But the eye candy…if I had to BUTTON it DOWN? It has to be Jeff’s Black shirt…It’s got sleeves, it’s got buttons…it’s got a collar..it’s got a white squiggly pattern! Can it TEE? Yes, it can! And I’ll be DOGgoned! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone….And if you’re lucky enough to be at Thalia Hall tonight? EnPOI the show! 🎸🎤🙋🏻