Jumble Answers for 07/07/2018






HE SAID  – – –   SO   ME   H   ARI  =  I “SHORE” AM 

Good Morning, Everyone!            ☠ SHORE….LEAVE?

🎶 Any minute now, my SHIP is coming in…I’ll keep checking the HORIZON
I’ll stand on the BOW, feel the WAVES come crashing, come crashing down down down, on me..And you say, be still my love, open up your heart…let the light shine in…But don’t you understand…I already have a plan… I’m waiting for my real life to begin…🎶 “Waiting For My Real Life To Begin”- Colin Hay 1994

☠ Piracy upon the seas, is what we’re seeing here,
A ship and men all full of GRIME with ratty looking beards…
Ubiquitous the HOLLOW leg we cannot tell for sure,
The captains’ legs are hidden, but it’s usually de rigueur…                                               Are they back from a SAFARI, are they carrying hides and skins?
Have they taken every LASSO and tied up kit and kin?
Is there Mutiny on the Bounty…are we seeing a Flim Flam?
Do you think I’m glad to finish this? You can bet that I “SHORE”AM!

After a week of having a considerably easy go of it, with the exception of y’days solution THOROUGHLY stumping a few; and seeing 6 new words, (Baboon wasn’t), we come to Saturday, which can SAIL either way. Our words are masterfully anagrammed today, but still easily solved..Why? CORSAIR Sweet Repeats, that’s why! And our answer is for SHORE a gift, despite the”Quotation Trepidation” it causes some readers. So let’s SAIL over to our cartoon, and see what hints we can acCREW! Finding ourselves out on the HIGH SEAS, we’re aboard a PIRATE SHIP that’s coming within sight of LAND. We know this, because up atop the CROW’S NEST, a MATE is yelling...”LAND HO“. The Captain, one hand on the wheel, is HOOKED up in a conversation with a barefoot SHIP MATE, who’s seen saying that the Captain must be happy for SHORE to see LAND. Behind them, we see two more MATES, who seem ready for an ARRRgument. Wielding a knife and a CUTLASS, they seem ready to attack. To CUT MORE, perhaps? Do you think there may be a MUTINY aRRRising? Right before our very AYES? WOODEN that be something? And could that be the TREASON that the Captain is saying…”I “SHORE” AM”? Well, SHIVER ME TIMBERS, we got our solve! Good job, David! ARRREN’T you the clever one!

Ok, AYE candy? I like the Captain’s HOOK, but that’s not it..Something seems aMISS, and yet I can’t put my FINGER on it…And there’s that FIRST MATE not DECKed out with socks, but that’s BAREly it either…So, I’m going to go with the oddest thing I SEA…There’s a member of the CREW standing behind the two MENacing Mates, who’s looking up at the CROW’S NEST, and yelling..”WAIT“! Wait for what? What most of us wait for…Our SHIP to come in?? I don’t know…I’m just drawing a PLANK…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And remember…When at SEA, always carry a bar of SOAP…You know, just in case you need to WASH ASHORE!☠🙋🏻