Jumble Answers for 12/14/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!                    👯 IT’S JUST TUTU MUCH! 👯

🎶 TOot, TOot, TOotsie, good-bye! TOot, TOot, TOotsie, don’t cry
The choo choo train that takes me, away from you- no words can tell how sad it makes me…Kiss me, TOotsie and then, do it over again…Watch for the mail, I’ll never fail…If you don’t get a letter then you’ll know I’m in jail…TOot, TOot, TOotsie, don’t cry...TOot, TOot, TOotsie, good-bye…🎶 “Toot, Toot, Tootsie” – Al Jolson 1922 https://tinyurl.com/yd6t7ww4

👯 What surely is a grueling life, with nerves just WOUND so tight,
It’s not all POETRY in motion…practicing late nights…
Do some feel like a MASCOT, while others take their woes
And train themselves to bear the pain, that keeps them on their toes?
The competition can be fierce, a cross word they may UTTER, 
As Ballerinas vie to get one foot up on the other…
So these Two that we’re seeing, corps de ballet I presume,
Since Prima Ballerina just would never share the room.
But the audience sits totally rapt, and happily gives due…
Applauding as they smile, their eyes drawn TO TWO TUTUS! 👯

So, we’ve reached the end of another work week, and once more all of our words are reTREADS. And they’ve been SCENE many times before, TWO. I found POETRY 4 times, UTTER 5, MASCOT, 6..and WOUND, WOUND up our winner,  having apPAIRed in use on 9 previous occasions! How’s that for a PLAY BILL? And as much as I hate to SAY this, it was UTTER, that STOOD out as the POSER with the Early Bird Jumblers, and also DOUBLES as our oldest word today, having FIRST  apPAIRed on July 24th, 2014. But the PRIMA word quirk this morning? Did MASCOT look familiar? Well it should…We just saw it in PLIÉ 5 days ago this past Sunday , when it showed up as SMTACO! Hmm..A misSTEP perhaps? Anyway, let’s MOVE on to our cartoon…

Today Jeff’s bought us front row seats to the BALLET! 🎶Hey Big Spender…BEND a little time with me🎶 He’s given us a PAS DE DEUX, which despite what you many have heard, is not the French Father of twins! No, it’s a dance for TWO  BALLERINAS. And that’s what we see...TWO dancers, hands entwined, smiling down at us from the stage. Beautifully garbed in their TUTUS, as our dialogue afFIRMS, our question is asking where all the eyes were drawn? TO TWO TUTUS! Really great pun, David! And right to the POINTE! U had me at T!

Ok, eye candy…Our BALLERINAS are exquisitely dressed in shades of PINK and GRAYish light Blue…which tickled me pink…since the colors are related to a SWAN. LAKE it or not, I think it was intentional…The girl to the left, is wearing a pink leotard and tights, with her TUTU and slippers a contrasting gray. Our girl to the right, is attired just the opposite. The colors are beautiful. With a yellowed floor, the red of the backdrop curtain contrasts beautifully. Our audience consists of TWO women at left and one at right where they FLANK TWO men. I hate to say this, for fear of getting Jeff UP in ARMS again, but there’s really not much to see, as far as eye candy goes. And I hate to DANCE around the subject, but…Ok, look… I mean the DRAWing is right ON POINTE, but the EXTRAS in this SHOW? It’s a STRETCH…So, I’ll just let it ALLEGRO for today…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And I’m going to leave a little DANCE laugh for all the BALLERINAS out there…🎶Watch me whip…watch me CHAĪNÉ ne...🎶 And for the rest of us? May we all PLIÉ nice, and never know the AGONY of deFEET! 👯🙋🏻