Jumble Answers for 07/29/2018








ARA   IRM  KI   DRE   BED   NET   =   EAT, DRINK, (and) BE “MARRIED”

Good Morning, Everyone!               🍾 THE MARRYING BIND 🍾

🎶 LOVE AND MARRIAGE, LOVE AND MARRIAGE…It’s an institute you can’t disparage…This I tell you, Brother…You can’t have ONE without the OTHER…Try, try, try to separate them, It’s an illusion…Try, try, try, and you will only come…To this conclusion: LOVE AND MARRIAGE, LOVE AND MARRIAGE, Go together like a horse and carriage.  Dad was told by Mother…You can’t have ONE, you can’t have NONE…You can’t have ONE without the OTHER….🎶 “Love And Marriage” – Frank Sinatra 1955 

🍾 “Marry Me, Oh Marry Me” this cartoon has brought to mind…
Yet it’s BEYOND me why I’m thinking it…A phrase of such a kind,
I ADMIRE Marriage and those Folks who go forth unAFRAID,
And take the SKIMPY one and one, and Twosomes then are made.
We see these happy people, and laughter INFECTs the room…
As they celebrate and witness love between this Bride and Groom.
As they go forth and INFORM the world with reasons often varied…
That today we toast, and laugh and love and EAT, DRINK AND BE “MARRIED”! 🍾

Sunday. When the words are all big, and the answer letters usually read like a Prescription Medication! But today wasn’t bad at all. After determining that they were all Sweet Repeats, like ATTENDING a Word ReUNION, I went DOWN THE AISLE, I mean the row, and everything was going well, until I got to BEYOND, and then I ALTARed..I mean faltered! What’s with me today? All these misSPOKEN WORDS? I DO think I’m over tired! Or could it be that extra DRINK we had last night? Whatever it is, I saw EMBODY, and all of us GATHERED HERE TODAY know that was wrong! Anyway, except for that little HITCH, I didn’t have any trouble with our words… But our cartoon? I fell IN LOVE! With the guests mentioning FOOD and WINE…The BRIDE voicing her HAPPINESS, and the GROOM CHEERing a TOAST…What else could it be? The NEWLYWEDS were HAPPY to…”EAT, DRINK, AND BE “MARRIED“! Great pun, David! SIP, SIP, HOORAY!

Ok, eye candy…Do you Folks remember back on Sunday April 8th, when that couple, Paula Acuña and Aly Jiwani got engaged on a boat and were featured in our Jumble? And they had their little dog Benji with them? Well, I was hoping this was them…And I PROMISED myself I wouldn’t get my HOPES up, in case it wasn’t…Well, it doesn’t look very PROMISEing…And I was really hoping to give them a welcome RECEPTION, too. Oh well, I guess that bRINGS me back to the matter at HAND…It’s a great cartoon. A few bow TIES, a tux, some nice pieces of jewelry…and I DO see all the FOOD and DRINK…But I’ll tell you what really caught my eye…At the front table, smack DAB in the middle? Little PATS of BUTTER…And all I could think was...For BUTTER or worse! So, TIER you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. And if you should be celebrating your MARRIAGE today? I TOAST your HAPPINESS…And this one’s for you…🎶Start spreading the BOOZE..🎶🍾🍸🙋🏻

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