Jumble Answers for 05/25/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!       👑👞 WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES 👞👑

🎶Everybody get on your FEET…You make me nervous when you’re in your seat…
Take off your SHOES and pat your FEET, we’re doin’ a dance that can’t be beat…
We’re BAREFOOTIN’, we’re BAREFOOTIN’, we’re BAREFOOTIN‘, we’re BAREFOOTIN‘…We don’t have no SHOES on….🎶

👑👞 It’s 1937, Coronation’s in the air…

And Edward has had second thoughts, his heart just wasn’t there…
So his brother George is called upon, to sit atop the throne,
And supposedly the shoes he’ll fill are definitely causing groans!
Wallis Simpson, an American was CATNIP to old Ed,
So he abdicated Kingship, she was that much in his head…
With the story one of INFAMY, and FRESH in everyone’s mind,
George was next in line to be the King, no other would they find.
The Father of Elizabeth, who would be future Queen,
Is seen here trying on the shoes…symbolic so it seems.
And then Edward packed his CARGO and took off with his wife…
And together they were jet setters and made a brand new life.
And George reigned over England, filling shoes not for his makin’
Which is why we see him pictured here with ones just FIT FOR “ACHING”! 👞👑

Oh Captain, My Captain! Walt Whitman, yes. The Jumble? No! It’s CATNIP, and we’ve seen it right here, last July. As for our other words, while not the most difficult, and not new, the anagrams are done just well enough to maybe REIGN a little on your PARADE… Because today, even our 5-letter words may take a SECOND look, and as a RULE, it’s usually not the case…Good work, David! Ok, on to our cartoon…Today, we find ourselves in ENGLAND, the year 1937. We see KING GEORGE VI, with his daughter, Elizabeth, and a valet. The KING is trying on a pair of shoes. GEORGE’S  older brother, Edward VIII had recently abdicated the Throne, which forced GEORGE to take his place. Bitter rivals since childhood, GEORGE had no desire to be King, and wasn’t prepared to be thrust into such a position. Forced to “Fill his brothers’ shoes so to speak, is what I believe prompted our Jumble today. I could be making a ROYAL mistake, but by GEORGE, it’s sure what it seems to me. And our dialogue, showing GEORGE asking if the shoes weren’t made for the Princess, just shows a little more of Jeff’s whimsy. Elizabeth did grow up to inherit the throne. Plus, it also pays to mention, that Edward always teased Elizabeth, who even as a child, possessed an air of dignity and nobility, by calling her “Queen Elizabeth”! SOLE, bottom line? The shoes don’t “FIT“. And as we all know, poorly fitted shoes? ACHING feet! So, our question asks…What were these shoes, that caused GEORGE  such pain? FIT FOR “ACHING“! HEIR! HEIR! This, Folks, is a PUN! In fact, it may just be the CROWN JEWEL! Kudos, David, Kudos!

Ok, eye candy. Besides the looks on everyone’s faces, increasing DECREES of astonishment, there’s not much else to see. (Although, looking at Elizabeth, dressed in PURPLE, the color of ROYALTY, did CROWN off my morning. They finally got it right)! But the GEM of the day, is the portrait of King George V , the father of GEORGE and Edwardhanging on the wall. Yes, that’s today’s CROWNING GLORY! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And a thought for today…Be like a Pineapple: Stand tall, wear a CROWN, and be sweet on the inside…Pip, Pip, Cheerio! 👞👑🙋🏻