Jumble Answers for 01/31/2019






IK   OG   EN   IB   =       BEING “KOI”

Good Morning, Everyone!                    “KOI” PLOY? 

🎶 Down in the meadow in a little bitty POOL…Swam three little FISHIES and a Mama FISHIE too…”Swim” said the Mama FISHIE “Swim if you can”…And they swam and they swam all over the dam…🎶 “Three Little Fishes” – Kay Kyser 1939 https://tinyurl.com/ya268dce

🐠 You see them in some gardens, beyond a persons’ fence,
Amidst the rocks and flowers, perhaps beside a bench…
Some can look kind of DINKY, constant maintenance is due,
A PRONG or two placed just so right and lining of the flue.
Not wanting fish to SICKEN, and VIABLE it is,
Consider just the right plants for photosynthesis…
If done right and looked after, it can be quite a joy…
And you will be amongst those who are happy BEING “KOI”…🐠

Our words today are not only all old favorites, they’ve been FLOATING around the Jumble Archives many times over…Who would have thought that DINKY would be making its 8th appearance since 2015? Does that seem a little FISHY to you? Well, it’s true…And PRONG held on to become our newest entry, having last been seen on July 10th, 2018, where it was anagrammed as GORNP. But while we were going along just SWIMMINGly this morning, when we got to VIABLE? 5 of the Early Birds didn’t catch that WORM…It took a few guesses before it was, well…VIABLE!…So that’s today’s SINK or SWIM word, Folks…And now, on to our cartoon…

So, WATER you know! Well, BASSically, I think it pays to know that a KOI is a CARP, because knowing that, this was REELy a pretty easy solve. Finding ourselves under water at a GARDEN KOI POOL, we seem to be at the Hard ROCK Cafe, and are witnessing a typical WATERING HOLE occurrence…He trying to pick up She. And what a CLOWNFISH he is too…”Let me see those beautiful golden scales”… Please, he’s KRILLing me…What a LINE. But unfortunately, it doesn’t look like our girl is taking any time to MULLET over…Or is she? Is she BAITing him? Or is she HOOKED? Is she falling for him SOLEly on his line of CARP, or is she simply caught between the ROCK and a hard place? Hard to tell. Me, personally? I wouldn’t be COD dead entertaining a LINE of that SCALE…But then again, who am I to GILL-t the girl? Maybe it’s lonely down there, and the chance of romance isn’t all that FINtastic.  …Maybe she’s just aMONKst a bunch of real Bottom Feeders...Well, either way…By hiding behind the ROCK like that? She’s just BASSicallyBEING “KOI”. Good LINE, David! You just keep getting BETTA and BETTA!

Ok, Eye candy. With the entire panel shaded in a tEELish blue, the only other color we see is our two Orange-hued KOIS. Off towards the front of the POOL, we see some Horsetail plants, which are good for water filtration. But the candy? If you look closely, you can see a woman standing at the POOL’S edge, holding a small bucket, dropping food into the water, and THREE LITTLE FISHES rising to the BAIT. Nicely PLAICEd, Jeff, nicely PLAICEd! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And keep in mind…It’s usually never a good idea to fall HOOK, LINE and SINKER for a line of CARP…Unless you meet a REEL KIPPER! 🐠🙋🏻