Jumble Answers for 07/02/2018







PA   HD   ER   ME   =   HAMPERED

Good Morning, Everyone!            👗👠 CLOTHES THE DOOR? 👠👗

🎶 Why do birds suddenly appear…every time you are near?…Just like me, they long to be CLOTHES to you…Why do stars fall down from the sky, every time you walk by?…Just like me, they long to be…CLOTHES to you….🎶 “Close to You” The Carpenters 1970 

👗👠 Considering that Fashion can make or break a look,
The flair that’s often needed can’t be learned from any book.
What’s hot now, what’s gone COLDER, what’s in and then what’s out…
That MOMENT when you realize this and that you’ll have to flout.
While searching for that certain look one often has to PAUSE…
With closets emptied, clothes all strewn…now you can’t open doors!
What’s clean and what’s gone dirty, can I wear this to go there?
It’s HUMID out, this dress won’t work now with this frizzy hair!
You want to be a Clothes Horse?…It’s a life that’s not all pampered…
And until you get a grip on it?…Your style may be HAMPERED!👠👗

CLOTHES the door on one week…Open it on another! Here we are at the start of a new week, and what might be a new word…I searched for COLDER, and …er…I came up empty…Can this simple word possibly be new to the Jumble Family? We’ll have to adDRESS it later, because now let’s get to today’s solution. Today Jeff really  BROUGHT IT HOME..No, really…we’re in his home. We see Jeff’s lovely wife, Kathy, trying to enter the room of his equally lovely daughter, Sydney. Syd, resplendent in her Bearcat T-Shirt, is a FASHION DESIGN Major at the University of Cincinnati. We see her, trying to SORT OUT her situation, and having little success stuffing all those CLOTHES into that little colLAPSEable HAMPER. Presumably home for the summer, it seems Sydney has found herself a bit hampered by her situation, and as a result just CLOTHESed the door on it! But you know what they say…Eventually, it all comes out in the WASH! And WASH what happens here…Our question? Her attempt was being? HAMPERED! HA! Good one, David…You’ve conRINSEed me once again!

Ok, eye candy…Jeff has two dogs. We can see Gizmo peeking through the door…But where’s Fifi? Look real CLOTHESly..Underneath an item of CLOTHING emblazoned with a Cactus design? It’s moving! Could it be Fifi?…Is she PANTing under there?  OMG! I need to PAWS…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! …And DRESS lightly…until we can CLOTHES the DOOR on this Heat Wave! 👠👗🙋🏻

20 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/02/2018

  1. I had to back into the ‘colder ‘ unscramble,after I had the ‘ hampered’ puzzle solution,when I could see the last 2 letters were ‘er’ rather than ‘e d’,Indeed colder might have been a new word,Given the hot ‘humid’ weather the Midwest and now the East is having,’humid’ was an appropriate word.

    • Good Morning, Chuck! You’re right…I was chuckling over that too…Especially the HUMID. But I think you know that these puzzles are submitted like six or more weeks before they appear..So it’s just a coincidence I guess. No way David could have foreseen this heat hitting us so early in the season..lBut I am curious about COLDER. I couldn’t locate it in my search…
      So, Chuck…The elephant in the room? You didn’t think I was going to step over it, did you? 😂😂 What’d you think? Did you have a gut feeling? Are you crying in that beer? 🙄🏀🙋🏻

      • At first I didn’t catch your reference,but then it dawned on me,yes I am crying in my beer,and I told my son,Greg last night,I was becoming a Laker fan!I was of course hoping Lebron would stay in Cleveland,but alas,no dice.

        • Ah sorry, Chuck… I do that to a lot of people! I apologize for my “Angela Speak”. If can get out of control at times…Too much fragmentation…Make you laugh…There’s a few guys I email with early in the morning…before dawn. One of them said to me this morning…”Some days I just want to go jump off a cliff rather than try to communicate with you”!!!! 😂 ROTFL…Poor Baby! I told him it’s the lack of sleep too…not just me!..Or maybe it is me…but it’s not intentional! It’s the lack of inflection…Texting can be dangerous! 😂Anywayyyyy…I thought of you immediately last night when my phone started going crazy with all the notifications…I sort of expected it, but still…And what’d your son have to say? So, let me get this straight…You’re NOT really a CAVS fan, are you? You’re a LeBron fan? Kind of like me…I’m a Mets fan…but Oh! That Aaron Judge! 😂 🙋🏻

  2. PAUSE for a MOMENT when it’s very HUMID and look for some A/C to get drier and COLDER.
    No problems with the clue words and I was not hampered in finding the solution this Monday morn.
    I love The Carpenters and HAD to groan with your punishment of their lyrics, Angela—but it was clever considering the cartoon.
    No time right now to make relevant comments on your poem and post. Later if I get another break.

    • Good Morning, Earl! I was becoming concerned! I figured if I put it up early enough, you’d be able to get to it before you had to leave…I’m just glad you’re doing ok..wth all this heat! Speaking of? Great sentence!…Kudos for the appropriateness! My song..I apologize for besmirching a favorite of yours! But it wasn’t an easy choice this morning…Not that it didn’t come to me immediately, but I wanted something a little more “meaty”. 😉 But considering it’s Jeff’s family? I went as chaste as possible! Clever, yes…and respectfully safe! 😉 I’ll make it up to you…! 😉 Take it slow out there..Talk to you later…👗👠🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Waited until now for Jumble to appear and since it never came I used the back door to get in. I was not hampered by today’s jumble. The words came fairly quick. Starring at the picture the solution finally hit me. I was stuck but then noticed the girl stuffing the hamper. That light in my head went from a 15 watt bulb to a 100 watt bulb. Nice start for a Monday. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Paul? What’d’ya mean? I put it up at 5:30! Something’s rotten in Denmark! Or Brooklyn! ..Well, at least you weren’t HAMPERED! 👏🏻 Good one! And I love WATT you’re saying about the Light Bulb! 😉 I hope you won’t be going through the non-delivery thing aGAIN. It seems to happen too many TIDEs, right? Glad to see you’re CHEERful about it at least…Let’s just hope it RESOLVEs itself..Or we’ll be forced to bring down the (ARM and) HAMMER! 😂 Hope you’re not hitting the Courts in this SUN, Paul….Not worth it at ALL!! Keep Cool, Jewel! Talk to you later! 🔥🙋🏻

      • Indeed a Cleveland fan first,but also a Lebron fan,and even rooted for him when he was with Miami.I did the same with Jim Thome,when he went to the Phillies,W Sox,etc. and returned to Cleveland,where he has a statue in the stadium,and where we saw it dedicated at Progressive ,formerly the Jake,Field.

        • You’re loyal to the man, Chuck. Nothing wrong with that. Commendable…And don’t let “anyone” try to bully you…AHEM! Let’s all play nice…😂🙋🏻

    • Oh Chuck! It pains me that I STILL have to root against your basketball team, even the new one. And you seem like such a nice guy, too! 😂 Your plight reminds me of when the Red Sox traded away many of their stars including Carelton Fisk, and the paper started a feature titled “Our boys in exile.”
      The upcoming seasons should be fun!

  4. Hi all – No big problem with the words. Then the answer had to end in ‘ED’, but I had to write down the letters to see the rest.

    So you’re saying that Syd is a 🎵”Dedicated follower of fashion”🎵? No jokes about The Kinks here.

    Angela, when you said that two of your friends were in AC, I thought for a minute that they were huddled around the air conditioner. And two questions about comics:
    Was the “Mutts” comic today like looking in a mirror? You’ve mentioned the humid-hair problem plenty of times.
    And did you catch the name of Jeremy’s garage band in “Zits” last week while they were auditioning for the Warped Tour?

    I hope the weather doesn’t HAMPER your plans everyone; have a great day!

    • Hey, G…You mean HAMPER didn’t just WASH right over you?…With all those clothes astrew?
      AC..! ROTFL…Maybe it’s an East Coast thing? We never say the whole name…Sorry about that – I didn’t mean to confuse you… And yes, I did get a JOLT out of Mutts this morning.So did Lou… (I got a really good reply too…but it’d never get by the censors).😷! Far as I know, Jeremy’s band has always gone by that name…no? And yes, I laughed at that too..a few times! 😉 Especially after knowing you!
      And FYI: it’s Miss Sydney to you! ..😉 Hope you’re having a good one, Bud! 👗👠🙋🏻

  5. TARDY ME! I did the Jumble during breakfast, as usual, with a quick & easy Monday solve of the cartoon answer and 3 words, but it took me a while here in 115 degree Arizona to get COLDER!!

    My daughter, who goes home tomorrow, 15 minutes away, after being here for 2 weeks, has kept me busy all day. Tomorrow our younger daughter is going to cook a lot of food to bring over here on the 4th for all to come & enjoy.

  6. Hi, Steve! Yes, we did enjoy our company & the luncheon and yes, our Arizona Prospectors Association did choose our annual eating-out-together restaurant because of its name, The Claim Jumper. However, even though another group in town frequently claim-jumps onto our APA claims, we make sure we check our maps and stay off of their claims.

    I’m wondering if any of the AZ scenic shots you get to see while watching the ball game are shots of our beautiful desert sunsets, which usually contain at least one big Saguaro cactus.

    Thank you for the two songs. I waited for the sun with The Doors. Boy, that was a lot of waiting. I listened to The Wasp and did not really understand it but enjoyed the drums. Thanks again for sending me songs.

    • 🎵”Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting
      Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting
      Waiting for {LeliatopostfromTheValleyof} The Sun!🎵 😂

      You described the scenic shots EXACTLY; sunsets with big CACTI silhouetted in the foreground. When I spent a week in Tucson the mountains and scenery were beautiful, but the first thing I noticed when my plane touched down in Burbank on the way home – “Wow, look how GREEN everything is!” by comparison.

    • We were WAY late leaving Tucson and getting into Burbank because they had to wait for a new plane in Tucson. When we landed in Burbank, the Southwest Airlines flight attendant came on the intercom and said “for those of you continuing on to Oakland, we’ll be leaving again shortly. For those of you making connections — Lotsa Luck!” The guy next to me and I just looked at each other and burst out laughing.

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