Jumble Answers for 06/25/2018







O   A   DN   C  =       CAN DO

Good Morning, Everyone!        🔃WHO’S KEEPING TABS ON WHO? 🔃

🎶 Say hey, Good lookin’ – what ya got cookin’?…How’s about cooking somethin’ up with me?…Hey, sweet baby – don’t you think maybe! we can find us a brand new recipe?…I got a hot rod Ford, and a two dollar bill! and I know a spot right over the hill…There’s SODA POP and the dancing’s free, so if you wanna have fun, come along with me….Say hey, good lookin’ – what ya got cookin’? How’s about cooking somethin’ up with me?…🎶

🔃 A DECENT guy from the Midwest, in 1963
Decided that a can could open sans the old church key…
He came up with the Pull-Tab, the FOCAL point of use
Gave easy access drinking…and the accolades were profuse.
He’d worked for years perfecting it, and now he would adhere
To get the needed patent to protect his new idea.
This way no JACKAL his insight could come along and botch…
He knew he had a winner here, in his belt quite a NOTCH.
So thanks to Ermal Fraze we had this little ring so new
And people at the Patent Place agreed that it CAN DO! 🔃

A new week begins, and today, all of our words are Sweet Repeats. In fact, DECENT and FOCAL were last seen on consecutive days last year. September 3rd gave us DECENT, wth FOCAL being featured here on the 4th, which just happened to be Labor Day. Odd how that WORKed out, right?…But nothing odd about the remaining two words, although JACKAL may have brought the BEAST out in some of us for a moment or two. But having PULLed out the letters we’ll need..it’s time to move on to our cartoons’ solution…Our setting today, is the US PATENT OFFICE, the year 1963. The gentlemen, ERMAL FRAZE, the inventor of the PULLTAB opener, is shown presenting his design, marked FIGURE 13, to a representative of the Patent Office. It’s said that he was prompted to invent the TAB because, having forgotten his Church Key CAN OPENER at a family picnic, he was forced to OPEN his CANS with a car bumper! I don’t know about you, but I’m SPILL trying to picture it! Anyway, from the look on the rep’s face, we can see that she’s DRINKing it all in…And her excitement tells us that she’s SOLD on the idea. This CAN really make a big difference..and CAN OPEN UP all new doors in the BEVERAGE industry. As a result, in October, 1963, Mr. FRAZE received his Patent, No. 3,349,949, and the rest is FIZZtory! So with our question asking what the Patent Office’s response was…They said that Mr. FRAZECAN DO! Well, POP OPEN a cold one for all of us! David’s POURING it on today! Good one, Dave.

Ok, eye candy…The detailed Diagram set on the Easel, definitely STANDS out…But I’m going with the Two CANS on the table…If you look real closely…written across them in script? It says JEFF! Now how’s that for a little POP UP surprise! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And I hope you get to enjoy a SOFT DRINK today…They’re SODALICIOUS!  🔃🙋🏻


21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/25/2018

  1. The sniper needed more than a DECENT FOCAL point to hit “The JACKAL” and put another NOTCH in his belt.
    No problems with the scrambled words or the solution–typical Monday?
    Thanks for the details on the inventor shown in the cartoon. Had no idea who or when this innovation came around.
    Interesting song choice, Angela. I was humming “Scotch and Soda”.
    Great poem and great post, you are the best!

    • Good Morning, Earl! Brilliant sentence! Especially the “NOTCH in his belt”! One of my all-time favorite expressions! 👏🏻 Kudos, Sir! I found the puzzle a breeze also, FLOWED right through it…And the answer? A gift! Thanks sooo much for the Shout Out and the Poem Nom. It was an easy write. And after feeling that I did so POURly y’day? This was a welcome reprieve! 😉 (Did you see the post I sent you regarding the esCHEWed eye candy y’day)? If not, go back and look…🎶Scotch and Soda🎶..Good call! TBT, I went with this oldie because my Dad used to sing it to me all the time when I was a kid, and I in turn sing it to all the Little Ones today…And the “soda pop” line just came into play. Again, I Thank You, Earl, and return your sentiment…😘 You, Sir are the best! Have a good one! 🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. No, I really really mean good morning. The early bird special arrived really really early. I really enjoyed today’s puzzle. For me it was not a typical Monday. I had to think to come up with the answers to the words. Decent would be the word among the group for the hardest one to get. The cartoon answer was a snap especially after seeing the letters. I couldn’t do yesterday’s jumble because I left the page out there and forgot to bring it back. It was nice seeing two of my other boys there to help him out. It’s starting to shape up. All those extra bills to pay now. A quick eye opener. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Missed you y’day. Congrats to your son…The joys of owning a home, huh? 😂 Oh yeah…But he’ll be ok..We all survived, right? A rude awakening, but worth it in the long run…Give him my Brooklyn’s Best…Sorry you had a little problem there with the words, but you’re right, the answer was a give away. Paul, I can post the link to y’days puzzle if you’d like. It was a good one. Just let me know…Have a good one, Bud! 🔃🙋🏻

  3. Good morning again. The page was blank when I dropped my first dime. Just like to make a shout out to the two Amigos. Earl said Angela was the best. Just like to add that she is the best of the North, South, East and West. Great song choice and I learned some valuable information regarding the pull tab. A simple invention and yet so important to the canning business. Earl, great use of the words and it fits in perfectly with the book I’m reading right now. Kill Shot by Vince Flynn. Take care.

    • You’re back! LOL…You’ve got me all over the map here, huh? Thanks so much, Brooklyn, you’re such a Sweetheart! ❤️ And thanks soooo much for the Shout Out! I learned a little about the Pull Tab man myself today…Always nice to learn new things, don’t you think? I read “Kill Shot” a while back. You’re going to enjoy it. I’ve read a few of Flynn’s books. You know he died a few years ago. Young, like 46-47. Sad. Gotta enjoy life while we can, right? Thanks again, Brooklyn, and I hope you have the best day! 🔃🙋🏻

  4. Ridiculously Easy!!! We ALL Can Do this One!!! #Insulted….was the Sunday one a Beast? (Didn’t see it). Was this a Reprieve??

    • Hi Kimberly. Agree, today’s was an easy one. No, yesterday’s wasn’t a beast by no means. I’ll pull up the link for you, and you CAN take a look. Have a good one. 🔃🙋🏻

      • Angela, how are you able to send a particular day’s Jumble link from the PostStar? I used to send the Sunday link to my sister on Sundays and it would stay the Sunday one forever so she didn’t have to solve it that day. Then all of a sudden the link I sent on Sunday became whatever day’s Jumble the day she opened it and therefore a waste of time!

        • Hi Clay. I hope I can explain this correctly. I often have a problem when I try to convey certain things. Bear with me! I think the link you sent to your sister was the main link. By doing that, it’s going to change daily. I bookmarked the site last year, and each day it opens to the current group of puzzles, which is what I want. I don’t know if you saw the link I just posted for the woman Kimberly. I noticed one day that the site keeps a number of days puzzles available. So just now I scrolled down to y’day, and “opened” it. I believe that’s the key. You have to either tap or click on the days Jumble you’re looking to do. (But not full screen). Then copy and paste from “that” link atop the page. That will allow “only” that particular day, instead of the “site” itself to be sent. Once your sister receives it, she then would go and tap the gray shaded area to achieve full screen. Does this make sense? Hopefully I haven’t caused you additional confusion…and by that I don’t mean you may have been before.. I just tend to unwittingly confuse people! It’s my bane! Try it out, and see if it works. TBT, before I posted it for Kimberly, I sent it to myself to be sure. And it worked…I hope I’ve answered your question. If not, don’t feel bad to let me know, and we can always get someone who isn’t as “instructionally challenged” as I am to break it down…🙋🏻

      • Angela, not only did that work but I also saved the link to the PDF from yesterday and it worked too. Both had yesterday’s Jumble instead of automatically going to today’s. Thank you again!

        • Good Morning, Clay…Phew! I’m so relieved! I was thinking about it all night! I’m laughing because just 5 minutes ago, my friend’s telling me that he swears I’m trying to drive him crazy! LOL..That he’s starting “to not even put meaning into everything I say…It would drive him nuts”! And I quote! Poor Baby! I think I’m a menace! 😂😂 Anyway…I’m so glad I explained it well. And you’re very welcome. Anytime…as we say in Brooklyn! Have a great day, Sir! 🙋🏻

  5. Focal required a second thought,as did the solution as I thought the 2 letter word was ‘on’ rather than do.On a related note,I’m old enough to remember when you had to open a can with a can opener,and bottles with a bottle opener.

    • Hi Chuck. Good Afternoon. Focal is a bit of a strange one. If we think about it, how often do we see it in print? And starting and ending with the vowels, David did do a masterful job of mixing up those 5 little letters! 😂 And as you know, once a word’s stuck in your craw, albeit 2 letters, it’s going to throw you off! As to the can and bottle openers, I have a bunch of different ones that belonged to my Father. And I’ll never part with them…One says Schaefer Beer, and I remember him drinking it…🎶 Schaefer is the one beer to have..when you’re having than one…🎶 LOL…Hoping you have a great day, Sir! 🍻🙋🏻

      • My wife actually hung some kitchen utensils,including a bottle opener,in a framed enclosure in our kitchen.

        • A woman after my own heart! One of the Little Ones upon seeing a few of the Church Keys asked me if ithey were weapons…I wanted to laugh, but I was more upset that he knew the word weapon! My brother told me to get my head out of the sand! LOL…I love anything vintage…🗝🙋🏻

  6. DONE! Easy Monday solve! Instant cartoon solve and quick work of all 4 words.
    Enjoy your day!

    • Hi Lelia, yes it was…perfect for a Monday…Hope you’re enjoying your day also! 🔃🙋🏻

  7. Hi all – Just an extra look to get DECENT after thinking DESCENT. Then thought POP IT or CAN IT before looking at the letters.

    He opened his cans with a car bumper?!? By putting them up against the fence post and driving into them? 😂 I thought everyone knew that the correct method is to use a screwdriver on the can – and then a Band Aid on your finger.
    Don’t get me started on beer commercial jingles!

    Nice song! I think Hank Williams Sr. is cookin’ up some jumbalaya, a crawfish pie and filé gumbo, and I never noticed the two dollar bill in there. Sometimes it’s not just all about the Benjamins, but the Jeffersons as well. 😉
    Amusing how many lyric sites call it “fillet” gumbo. Filleting gumbo would be a better trick than eating peas with that knife!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    • Hey, G..Yep. Car bumper! LOL…You see I said I’m SPILL trying to picture it, right? SMH! Tks for the Shout Out, it is a sweet song…And no, let’s not get all crazy with the jingles! I just did that one special for Chuck! We do the jingles every once in a while at the Board..It’s a sacrilege what they do to those lyrics!! 😳 You’d ROTFL…And now you got me thinking jambalaya and gumbo… I’m sending one of them to go get a bunch of fish! Have a good one, Bud! Talk to you later! 🙋🏻

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