Jumble Answers for 05/11/2018






IT WAS THE – – –

GY   TU   ET   OR =    “OTTER” GUY 

Good Morning, Everyone!           🐚 ONE OR THE “OTTER”  🐚

🎶 You OTTER be in pictures, you’re wonderful to see, you OTTER be in pictures…Oh what a hit you would be! You OTTER shine as brightly as Jupiter and Mars, you OTTER be in pictures…My star of stars…🎶

🐚 We’re looking at an Otter who’s floating on his back…
Two Sea Lions are still on shore and happiness they lack.
The presence of some urchins that ABSORB into the skin,
Have caused one lion to get stung and he’s blaming his kin…
The other sea lion takes offense and he won’t take the blame,
He claims that he’s not guilty and DECEIT is not his name.
He blames the little otter, now the three show nothing GIDDY,
This may become a brawl of sorts, this guy’s talking quite pithy!
Not flowery, no TULIP talk, we just hear them decry…
“Who did it”? “Well it isn’t me…It’s him…the “OTTER” GUY”! 🐚

Our first two words today are simple enough, but the two 6 letter words may not be that easy to SEA, and cause a little tic. We’ve had them before, but the new anagrams are exceptionally well done. FLOATING over to our cartoon, we find ourselves in Seattle, Washington. We see a body of water, where we find two gray Sea Lions and a brown OTTER. Scattered on the shore, are several Sea Urchins and shells. The Sea Lion on the left, has stepped on one of the Urchins, and is complaining loudly about getting stung. He’s looking for who’s responsible for leaving the Urchins lying around. He’s mad…and I don’t think he’s planning on turning the OTTER cheek! Quick to blame his fellow Sea Lion, he’s met with righteous indignation! Pointing to the little OTTER, FLOATING on his back, the Sea Lion says… “Get OTTER here…You’re being OTTERly ridiculous. It wasn’t me! It was him…the “OTTER” GUY! And there’s our solution, Folks! I love it! The OTTER guy! Good one, David! But may I ask…Are these Brooklyn Sea Lions? ‘Cause I just love the accent! Ok, eye candy. As much as I find these Sea Mammals, OTTERtaining, I’m getting out of the water, and going with the landscape today. The Seattle Space Needle, the Seattle skyline, and Mt Rainier in the background are beautifully detailed in silhouette by Jeff, and I find it all OTTERly beautiful. So, There you have it, Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone, I’m OTTER here! 🐚🙋🏻





12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/11/2018

  1. There was no DECEIT involved when the young girl became GIDDY in the TULIP bed and wanted to ABSORB the beauty by lying prone on the walkway.
    I had a short tic on ABSORB–these words with prefixes often slow me down and double letter B did not help. The solution, in spite of the loathsome quotation marks, was evident with the hints in the cartoon.
    I groaned at your song choice Angela but appreciate being reminded of that oldie.. As I’ve said before, I concentrate so much on unscrambling and solving that I overlook details in the cartoon.
    Thanks for all the Seattle references that I would have missed. As far as the Brooklyn accent of the sea lions??? Never seen a sea lion anywhere near Long Island Sound. But “fishy” accents are nothing new to certain areas of the west coast.—-mainly closer to L.A.
    Have a Happy Friday everyone.

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    • Earl, I laughed as I wrote it! But it came to me immediately. And you must admit, it does fit quite well, no? 😉 Good Friday morning to you, Sir. The tulip beds…nice imagery. I have many tulips growing here, peach colored, my favorites. There’s a lot of tulips on Staten Island. Our parks are lush with them, esoecially in May. These weren’t the most user friendly words to work with this morning, were they? But you’ve done very well. And I agree, the puzzle wasn’t difficult at all. As for the Sea Lions? You make me giggle! I just went there with the accents because I’ve heard the “OTTER “GUY many a time…Well maybe more the “UDDER” guy…Maybe I should have saved it for a cow theme, huh? 😂😂 Have a good one, Earl! 🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. Nothing annoys me more than when I’m almost done and I get a call and lose everything I had down. Since I didn’t get the blog I had to get in via the back door. Again another Monday jumble. This whole week it has been easy. No problem with the words or cartoon. My anxiety is becoming extreme trepidation waiting for the hammer to drop with a puzzle that I’m unable to solve. Nice work Angela. Sorry have to run. Take care until tomorrow.

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    • Hey Paul. Anxiety over this? I know you’re joking…😉 Tks for the shout out. Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather! Have a good one, Bud! 🐚🙋🏻


  3. Absorb made me pause as did the solution.I figured the first word was other,but there was no h,so I was stumped, before I thought of otter, rather than other.

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    • Hi Chuck. I’ve had 7 people before you telling me they paused at Absorb. It may be the stumper of the day! Have a good one, Sir. 🐚🙋🏻


  4. As the morning unfolded like a TULIP in Spring, I was GIDDY with excitement over a blind solve and a rapid start on the CW’s, until I began to fully ABSORB the DECEIT of the final two words!

    I never DID get deceit; Beatrice took an off-hand glance and blurted it out!

    Until tomorrow.

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  5. Good one this morning. No problem with clue words or cartoon. It’s always nice to have an easy solve. Happy Friday everyone.

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    • Good Morning, Betty. Especially having an easy, breezy one with those quotations marks, right? Cute and clever…Wishing you a Happy Friday too! 🐚🙋🏻


  6. Hi all – This was a rare day when all the words just unscrambled themselves, even DECEIT for some reason. From the cartoon, I thought “the OTTER’S FAULT”, but the letters and circles showed the way.

    Agreed, a very nice depiction of Seattle, which, in addition to these sea lions and otters have another type of MARINER and, I hear, possibly a hockey team soon.
    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


    • Hey G. Yep. Easy, breezy….Seattle Otters? Seattle Slues? Seattle Dooby Dooby Doos? Have a good one, Bud! 🏒🙋🏻


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