Jumble Answers for 04/29/2018










Good Morning, Everyone!             🎶 NAME THAT TUNE….SMITH! 🎶

🎶I have climbed the highest mountains…I have run through the fields, Only to be with you…Only to be with you…I have kissed honey lips, Felt the healing in the fingertips….It burned like fire….This burning desire…But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…But I still haven’t found…what I’m looking for…🎶

🎶 The SHADOW of those SUMMER nights with U2 playing soft…
The sound of Bono’s dulcet voice that takes ones heart aloft.
A fan of both the band and he there never was DISMAY
While listening throughout the years to what they had to say…
And besides the great music, Bono works for the INFLOW
Of money for the charities that he has come to know…
Philanthropy he’s noted for, he’s ACTIVE and he’s kind,
So many causes he has helped, you need him, you will find.
He’ll use his social MUSCLE..go above and go beyond
Which is the reason many of us of him, have grown fond.
For so very long I’ve been a fan, his music’s on my shelf…
And Bono has o’er all these years MADE A NAME FOR HIMSELF! 🎶

Today’s words. What can we say? I think INFLOW may cause a few eye rolls…Not only being a compound word, which sometimes causes a tic or two, but it’s also not a commonly known word. And then we have ACTIVE. Definitely a common word, but David’s anagram is exceptionally good. MUSCLE? Muscling in? And maybe, to your DISMAY…Well, enough said! Let me know your thoughts…So, our cartoon and solution. We seem to be at a recording studio, in 1976, the dialogue telling us that BONO is announcing his new name. He settled on Bono, after going by a series of other nicknames. The first? Are your ready for this? Here goes: “Steinhegvanhuysenolegbangbangbang“…! No, I’m not kidding, and Yes, you heard it right! Boy, that would have played out well on a marquee, huh? Anyway, there’s plenty of information on line about both Bono, and his band, U2, for anyone who’d like to learn a little more. The dialogue goes on to show the other band members making a few remarks. (And since I’m going with the year being 1976 here, I may be wrong with the names, but Jeff can always correct me if I am). The line spoken by Dik Evans, about Cher is funny, since she was still using Bono as her last name at the time. Nice touch, Jeff. The Edge (Dave Evans), is the man speaking of wearing a cap, and in the foreground, is Larry Mullen, the drummer. Our question, paraphrased, asks…After Paul changed his name, he started to…MAKE A NAME for HIMSELF! I love it! Very clever, David, well done! ..And Jeff? U2! Great caricatures! In fact, I’m just going to give you the Eye Candy Award today…the whole panel is a keeper! (Although, if that is Bono’s navel I think I see? Well, Jeff…There goes my 🎶VERTIGO🎶)! And since the band is embarking on their EXPERIENCE + INNOCENCE TOUR, I’d say your usual 🎶MYSTERIOUS WAYS🎶 aren’t so mysterious this time around! So, There you have it Folks, Done. And I wish you all a really 🎶BEAUTIFUL DAY🎶…🎶🙋🏻


27 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/29/2018

  1. Morning, Angela and all –
    DISMAY was the one CW I had to jumble on paper. I know little about Bono and thought I’d have trouble with the answer. But once I found name, the rest came quickly.

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    • Good Morning, Caroline! I didn’t see you “come in”! 😉 I’m doing this all piecemeal today, 3 seperate parts! I’m having a crowd here for the Pacers game, and I went back to sleep for a while after the words at 3:30, and put the finishing touches on my lasagna after the music and the poem at 7. I’ve just put up the dialogue portion. Now, I’m taking a break…Coffee and the crossword puzzles! You’ll see that I hit on DISMAY as what may be one of today’s stumpers. I think David gave us a great mix! Not killers, but just tough enough to keep us on our toes. Sorry I wasn’t here to greet you! Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL DAY! 🎶🙋🏻


      • I saw the time of your post and am glad you went back to sleep. Thanks for all the info on Bono, none of which I knew. Have a fun day.

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      • Thank you, Caroline. I’m glad I did too. It may be a long day! You’re very welcome, and if you get a chance, read up on him. He’s an amazing humanitarian, something I think you’ll appreciate. Wishing you a fun day also! Take care. 🎶🙋🏻


  2. Inflow was troublesome as was active,but name did pop out for the overall solution.As an aside relative to your comment on the “Pacers” game,being a Cleveland native and a Cavs fan,I would have referred to it as the “Cavs” game,after all it is a Cavs home game.

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    • Ah, My Good Sir…I fear this may be the end of a beautiful friendship…😉 There is no CHUCKle today…But I will, out of respect for the home turf, call it the Cavs-Pacers game. I am very big on “Home” Pride. Actually, I’ve learned to become much more tolerant when it comes to my sports. For the past year or so, I’ve developed an affinity of sorts for the Yankees. Me, after being raised in such a National League household, that we weren’t even allowed to eat Yankee Doodles! We had to make do with Devil Dogs! The humanity! Albeit, my attraction does stem from the emergence of Aaron Judge… but still; each time I now watch a game, I silently pray that as my Father turns over in that hallowed grave, He doesn’t “JUDGE” me! 😂 The struggle is real! Bottom line, Sir, I wish you luck today…and we’ll just let the Cavs fall where they may! 😉 Oh, and yes, the Jumble… INFLOW is my choice also for the main tic of a word today too…And so, with my tongue placed firmly in cheek, I wish you a great day, Chuck. Enjoy the game! 🏀🙋🏻


      • LOL…A Browns fan? Ah yes, Sir, than you are quite familiar with the pain! But we learn to SHAKE it off, and persevere, don’t we? I usually just eat a Devil Dog and tell myself..”Wait’ll next year”! Congrats again, Chuck! Well played, well deserved! Have a good one! 🏈🏀⚾️🙋🏻


  3. A SHADOW of DISMAY fell along MUSCLE beach last SUMMER when an INFLOW of jelly fish ended all ACTIVE water sport.
    No difficulty with the clue words but the solution took the usual Sunday prolongation.
    Thanks for all the information on U2 and Bono, Angela, I too was in the dark.
    Your poem was up to standard and the song a little too romantic for me, but I never downgrade others’ musical preferences.
    Have a restful Sunday everyone.

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    • Good Afternoon, Earl…”A little too romantic”? Is there even such a thing? I’m laughing, but SMH at the same time! Am I not to be in agreement with any of you men today? LOL..First Chuck, and now, et tu, Earl? I’ll pray this doesn’t carry through to my “Other”…Otherwise??!! And funny you say that, because if you look at the last line, “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for” , therein lies the key…I believe that romance hasn’t quite cut it! The song is titled that, 🎶I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For🎶, and it’s my favorite Bono song…This is my favorite chorus…
      🎶I have spoke with the tongue of angels…I have held the hand of a devil…It was warm in the night…I was cold as a stone…But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…But I still haven’t found…what I’m looking for..🎶
      Can the man write a song, or what? This is a poet! I’m mesmerized by him at times. Such talent. And with a heart for others, second to none…Google it, Earl, I know you’ll truly enjoy it. Ok, so now that I’ve hopefully enhanced their ticket sales, let’s get down to business! Your sentence today? Brilliant! You’ve done justice to a very eclectic array of words…Major Kudos! 👏🏻 Very well done! (And I’ve been unfortunate enough to encounter jelly fish…Dismay falls short)! Thank you very much for the Poem Nom, and please try the song…I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Have a good one, Sir! 🙋🏻



      • OK Angela. That last chorus hit just the right note for me–not too sugary and just the right bittersweet barb of experience to bring back memories. And that last word is the beginning of another favourite.

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      • Ah, Earl…I think we’ve all been there, 💔 at one time or another. The bitter AND the sweet…And sometimes there just isn’t enough experience…But Earl, there’s always tomorrow… (And that’s ANOTHER favorite)!…And there’s always romance!..So, I’ll leave you with this…🎶Memories…Light the corners of my mind…Misty watercolor memories…Of the way we were🎶 (Did I get it right)? You’re always welcome, Earl, anytime…❤️ 🙋🏻

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  4. Good morning. Especially the early bird. Thanks for all your information. Totally lost when it comes to this group. Today’s words were a little challenging. In solving the words 1-6. I got them as 1,6,5,4,3,2. Dismay was the hardest for me. Looking at the cartoon and the letters I was thinking of one of their songs. I completely ignored the hint about going with a new name. After awhile I just bailed out and looked for your answer. After seeing it,I did a good impression of those baseball bobble heads that they give away to first responders. Oh well,I had a good week. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Afternoon, Brooklyn! Yes, I was the early bird this morning…With the words anyway! I was at the diner at 3AM, and figured I’d put them up for our international viewers. Caught a few hours sleep, put up part 2, finished the last of my cooking for the game, and then finally finished with part 3. It’s been a long day so far! All I need now is a Hoosier win, and I’m good! You seem to have gotten what I thought to be 2 of the harder words right off the bat, although you’re right, the hint with name was right there for the taking! And you’ve made my day so far, Bud, with the Bobble Head analogy! I’m ROTFL! You never fail to make me smile! I hope you’re enjoying a 🎶BEAUTIFUL DAY🎶! 🙋🏻


  5. I had to think about inflow and dismay. Like, Caroline, I don’t know much about Bono so thought I might have trouble with the cartoon answer but I was able to figure it out so I’m off to my regular Sunday activities. Have a good day everyone.

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    • Hi Betty. Those 2 words were posers, but I’m glad you stuck with them, and conquered the solve. It was a really good puzzle all around. I’ll mention to you also..try listening to some of his music..it’s so good. Hope you’re having a 🎶Beautiful Day🎶 Ciao! 🙋🏻


  6. Hi all – Quicker to say the words I did get – INFLOW and SHADOW. The rest of the words and the answer took extra looks.

    🎵”One life. We get to carry each other.”🎵
    Great writeup, Angela! Hope you get through your busy morning, day and evening in good shape. It sounds exhausting.

    Ohh! A new topic – Fake rock names.
    BOY, GEORGE, it will really STING if you SLASH THE EDGE of your finger while removing your jewelry – better let that RING GO!
    If anyone can work “Conway Twitty” into this, more power to you!

    Have a good one!

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    • 🎶One love…We get to share it…🎶 Do U2 like them? ……”better let that RING GO, before the CON, WAY over his head in all this, starts acting all TWITTY on us”. I like the topic!
      Thanks for the write-up shout out, G, and the games in progress…People are cheering, people are eating…everything’s going well. At a good PACE..ER…Pardon me, Bud, while I grab a Rice Ball before they’re all gone! And thanks for the vote of confidence….Exhausting? Not yet…But I’ll keep you POSTed! Talk to you later…Here’s to a 🎶BEAUTIFUL DAY🎶🍷🙋🏻


  7. Hi, Steve! This is nothing you have to answer, just a thank you note. Thank you for the treasure trove of songs, lyrics, instrumentals, clever comments, and information that you shared with all of us while I was recuperating.

    I liked The Long Word Song and The Homework Song by Bryant Oden. I practiced the long word as I did with Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious years ago. Being a teacher, the homework song made me smile.

    I liked The Ventures performing Telstar and Walk Don’t Run with 3 guitars and a drummer. My favorite was the 5 guitar players and drummer making spectacular sounds as they did a wonderful job of Pipeline.

    I liked many other songs & lyrics and laughed yesterday when you solved the word TERTLE without writing out the LETTERs. Very clever & funny.


    • Hi Lelia, thanks for the tip! I hadn’t heard any of those songs; the word just came up when I searched for “hippo.”
      If you liked “Pipeline” you might also like another guitar instrumental from the same era called “Penetration” (Sorry, but I don’t name these songs, I just report them.) I do like Pipeline better, though. (While searching, I just saw The Chantays perform Pipeline on the Lawrence Welk show! Mind blown again!)


      I hope you’re feeling better. I meant to mention that when my wife or I get an antibiotic it’s usually Cipro, and, although it works, it can by itself also cause dizziness and nausea. They often give her Zofran (ondansetron) to compensate. Take care.


      • Hi, Steve! After I heard The Long Word song, I listened to the first version of The Duck Song out of curiosity. It reminded me of the ancient Knock-Knock joke about Who’s There? Banana.

        After the Ventures, I also caught the Chantays on the Lawrence Welk show, playing Pipeline, and was happy to hear that you found it, too, and liked it. What a wholesome looking little group! Thanks for the memories!


      • Steve, in 2011 my new PCP gave me Cipro for a sinus infection. I quit it soon after writing these side effects: nausea, dizzy, weak, confused, angry or sad for no reason, pain in every limb, heart pounding, and sleepy.

        I showed the list to Jerry’s cardiologist who gave us this information:
        CIPRO is a Fluoroquinolone antibiotic intended for SERIOUS infections such as sepsis, blood infections, infections resistant to conventional drugs, hospital-acquired pneumonia, and life-threatening infections.

        CIPRO IS NOT INTENDED FOR sinus congestion, sinusitis, strep throat, urinary-tract infections and non-bacterial infections.
        Six fluoroquinolones, Cipro, Levaquin, Noroxin, Avelox, Factive, and generic ofloxacin have the following side effects: serious or permanent nerve damage, permanent damage to mitochondria in cells, dizzy, joint pain, fatigue, panic attacks, and psychiatric side effects.

        What I had been taking from my previous doctor for sinus infections was 250 mg Amoxicillin, 3 times per day. My new PCP kept writing Cipro, I said no, he then called in another in the same family, I said no, he called in Augmentin which is too big for me to swallow, Bactrim, and many more. Now he prescribes 500 mg Amox, 4 times per day & that’s as low as he’ll go. At first I just took 3 but this time I’m so ill, I’m taking 4 per day.


      • Thanks for the info, very interesting. I only took Cipro once for a bad respiratory infection and only had mild dizziness, and when my wife took it, it was in a hospital situation and monitored carefully. Sometimes it seems like any drug has lists of awful symptoms, and I think it ultimately just has to come down to learning as much as you can, then finding a doctor you can trust who listens to you.


  8. Hi, all! I did not have big trouble with any of the words but decided that I would never think of the answer so wasted a lot of time reading about Bono & U2 and songs they have sung, albums, lives, loves, tours, and more. Finally I got my scrabble tiles out, still convinced that they wouldn’t help, but I had swirled them only one time when I saw the word NAME and had the answer. DONE!

    Enjoy your Sunday, all!

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    • Hi Lelia. The NAME of the Game!! 😉U2 may just capture a whole new fan base after today! So much good info online about them. And Dave and Jeff timed it perfectly…A great Sunday puzzle! Hope you’re having a 🎶Beautiful Day🎶! Be well…🙋🏻


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