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Happy Tuesday, Jumble friends! Jumping right into the puzzle this morning, I thought we had a new clue word with FATTY. Checking the website, I found out that it was used on 4/06/17 and the anagram was only changed up by a couple of letters. PARADE took the longest to figure and would be my pick for the most difficult anagram to decipher. I originally saw it as APPEAR and then DRAPED before it finally came into view.

Moving along to the cartoon, the first thing I noticed was that the panel seemed very sad and cold. The two characters we see are in separate watercraft and their facial expressions are not the upbeat and happy smiles that Jeff usually draws. Reading the dialogue and sentence clues us in to the fact that the characters are a couple, however; they’re going through a difficult time in their relationship. The man asks his partner if she would like to follow him, and her reply was no. So heartbreaking!

Looking for detail in the photo, I noticed a campfire in the background and there are a few gentle wisps of smoke coming off of the pile. My mind immediately thought that Jeff was showing us that their “flame” had burned out and their relationship is definitely over. It was a fantastic detail, but too much for me to handle with this being the day before Valentine’s.

Looking at the letter layout, it was jumbled very well, but I knew the answer instantly. Crossing out the letters proved my hunch correct and another solve was complete. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


46 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/13/2018

  1. 🎶 If we DRIFT APART then I’ll be left alone, though you used my heart just for a stepping stone…How can I help dreaming of you…I love you, I’m yours 🎶

    🚤🚤 The first thing that I noticed and I found it odd it seems
    That they’re both DRESSed with an anchor even tho they’re not a team…
    And I wonder if our woman doesn’t ACTIVEly realize
    That she’s donned a shirt that’s logo-ed like the hat of her old guy…
    Cause most men wear the same old hat, especially when they fish
    Is she sending out a subtle hint, could this be what she’d wish?
    Yet we see them going separate ways, and looking rather glum…
    This isn’t a PARADE route here, and we won’t hear no drum…
    Relation-SHIPS…ironically we find them both in boats…
    But the course has taken a bad turn and different ways they float
    And I’m still looking at FATTY and it’s giving me a pain
    Cause where will I insert it and still keep my refrain?
    Oh, I just solved that quite easily…a problem didn’t start…
    Too bad they couldn’t do the same…they just DRIFTED APART🚤🚤

    Although there’s nothing new or challenging about today’s words, I did “tic”at PARADE. I saw the word immediately, but for some reason it just looked like too many letters. No big FANFARE, just an observation. And what do we observe in our cartoon today? Hmm. What’s this aBOAT? Jeff’s takes us out to a rustic area, with two SAILBOATS setting off from a jetty. The couple, MARINA and SEAL, are each MANNING a BOAT of their own. From the WAKE, we can see that they physically came from the same place, but sadly the dialogue and question are telling us that emotionally they haven’t. Trouble in paradise? No, more like “Paradise Lost”. From what we see here, this SHIP has SAILED! He’s going one way, she another…Definitely a PARTing of the WAVES…He seems to be extending an OLIVE branch, but she’s like..”OIL make my own course…” Could he be FISHING for compliments? And yet, I’m going to mention again…That anchor she’s sporting on her shirt? It does match his cap. So, either they’re in some kind of SAILBOAT club, or she’s SUBliminally sending out some kind of message. IDK….Could she be ANCHORaging him? WATER you think, Folks? Am I completely OFF COURSE here? IMO? It’s deBAITable…AnyWAVE…Let’s REEL this in…These two have…DRIFTED APART. No Boom, just Gloom…But STILL, good one Guys…YAWL got your point ACROSS..So, eye candy…I like the flower boxes on their cabin. The flowers seem to SLOOP down nicely…And I do like the ANCHORS, but they’re alREEDy WATER under the bridge, so I’m going with the fire pit back on land. It’s ROCKY….BUT…it IS left SMOLDERING…Just Sayin’…So, there you have it Folks! Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone. And remember…Let’s KNOT give in to any PIER pressure, or HARBOR any ill feelings today..Just go out there and keep an AIR of decentSEA…🚤🙋🏻

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  2. Good morning. I’ll just say ditto with Mike. Everything he said was the same. Thanks again for the extras. You miss all that when you only have the paper to look at. You and Angela keep us well informed. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  3. Oh my goodness, what a sad puzzle today and the day before Valentine’s Day to boot. I couldn’t see the dying campfire in my paper so that made the whole situation more grim. Wishing all of you smooth sailing today. Happy Mardi Gras!

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    • Hi Betty. Good morning. I do believe there’s hope for them…I sort of got that feeling right from the start….I’m ever the romantic! LOL…You’ve mentioned Mardi Gras, and I know in the past you’ve said that you’re of Italian descent. Do you have a big celebration tonight? We call it Carnevale, and we eat and drink a huge meal, “soup to nuts” so to speak, in anticipation of the Lenten fasting staring tomorrow. I’m just wondering if it’s just a NY thing…Hope all is well…
      Ciao! 🍝🍷🙋🏻
      PS: LOVE your Smooth Sailing!


  4. On “FATTY” Tuesday, preparations were in the ACTIVE stage to DRESS up for the upcoming Mardi Gras PARADE.
    I realise it’s Fat Tuesday but I wanted to incorporate this day with one clue word, OK?
    Unlike others, ACTIVE gave me pause today. Otherwise not much more difficult than yesterday. Great posts Mike ( love your eye for details). and Angela your puns are right on tack as usual. I can think of a couple of old songs with boat themes that might suit the more romantically inclined. How about “True Love”. Not only the title of the song but the name of the boat which is still afloat on Senca Lake here in NY.

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    • Earl, Good Morning,…I’m laughing, because I’m wondering if you really meant my puns were right “on tack”, or was it a typo? Or maybe a Fruedian slip??? 😂😂 You can tell me, I’m a big girl! A few songs DRIFTED through my mind this morning, but you know me, the purist. I try to go with the first one that rears its HEAD. Fat Tuesday, Fatty Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Carnevale, call it whatever you like..as long as you don’t call me late for the dinner! Oh wait..I’m the one cooking the dinner!!! 😂 Great sentence…timely and right on point! Is “True Love” the BOAT yours? If so, what a great name. If not….What a great name!
      Hope you’re celebrating tonight…I say again, you know if I could, I’d feed you…🎶Until the rivers all run dry…🎶 🍝🙋🏻


    • Earl…..TACK..The Nautical “Tack”! Now I’m really laughing. I thought you were going for Tacky! In reference to my puns…Sorry, it SAILED right over my HEAD! I owe you one..So, this is for you,…courtesy, Cole Porter…Have a good one! 🚤🙋🏻

      🎶While I give to you and you give to me…True love, true love. So on and on it will always be
      True love, true love…For you and I have a Guardian Angel, on high, with nothing to do…But to give to you and you give to me…Love forever true…Love forever true…🎶


    • All of the words seemed to be Mardi Gras related and it wasn’t until reading your sentence that it hit me! David must have picked them on purpose. Perfect sentence as always, Earl. Enjoy your day! 😎👍🏻


      • So THAT’S why the BBC had a story about a British Carnivale dancer, DUH!
        Honestly, this site can be so informative! 😂😂


  5. Angela–no typo no Freudian slip. For some reason, I thought “tack” had something to do with sailing. No? As far as the name of the boat–In the movie. “High Society” with Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby, they sail on a boat named “True Love”. and the song is sung on it. And no It is not mine—way too expensive a toy for me!

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    • Earl…We crossed in the mail..Read right above. My faux pas, not yours. You’re right on the money! It’s me, I’m too distracted with all this food prep…
      And it was a great one, too…Mea culpa, Sir! Ah, yes, High Society..I missed that one also….Boy, good thing t’row starts Lent! I have a lot of atoning to do!! 😂😂 Thanks for giving me a few good laughs…Even if they are at my own expense! I can take it!! Enjoy, Earl…🙋🏻


  6. Hello Angela. Yes, I am of Italian descent on both sides of my own family as well as my late husband’s family. No, we did not celebrate Carnevale in either of of families and of course many of the “Italian” traditions have died out (except for the Guilt which is part of our DNA) with the loss of our Grandparents and Parents. My Grandparents lived in North Beach which was all Italian many years ago and I don’t remember any such celebrations in the neighborhood so maybe it is an East Coast thing. Too bad, it sounds like fun. Have fun tonight. Tomorrow we fast. 🐟

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    • Hi, Betty. I knew I thought you had said you were. I’m sorry the traditions faded away for you, they are fun, and a comfort. The guilt! LOL…Yea, we all carry some kind of baggage…I’m trying to unload some of mine..,but then again, they do match my shoes!!!😂😂😂 So maybe it is a NY thing…or just a Family thing…My Family certainly needs no excuse to overindulge! ….
      And tomorrow..we fast! Have a good one, Betty! 🍝🍷🙋🏻


      • Hey Paul. I can’t believe that no one’s celebrated this. It’s such a great night. It’s everything we’d have on an average Sunday, but tenfold…I do consider myself blessed more than lucky. Luck is fleeting, right? We know thst! Anyway, I’ll raise a glass to everyone tonight as we put our night to bed…And tomorrow….we fast! 🙋🏻


  7. Good morning once again. I just call it stuffing oneself with meat and treats in preparation for lent. I give up candy, Cake,soda and all alcohol but still do not lose weight. This time I’m going to cut down on food and hope that does the trick. On another point. One of the perks of being retired is that your usually stress free. Point given…….Your wife is driving a brand new 2018 Jeep and her radio shuts on and off for days and now she’s going to work and the car is dead. Like any good wife she takes her husbands car and leaves the headache for him. He is constantly on the phone with towing plus two supervisors from his job and another department that needs him. The dealership in Flatbush and Bayridge can’t get to the car for 4-5 days so he has to have it towed back to the Bronx which is extra money out of pocket. I’ll give you one guess who is out of a car for now. I’m glad to help out because I have nothing to do anyway. That’s the good think about getting old. Outside of family problems or health problems, your stress free. The main reason is,your forgotten what you even did yesterday. All in good fun but,life is much simpler. Take care.

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    • LOL…Paul, Isn’t it more about what we DO, rather than what we don’t for Lent? Anyway, not the place for it here…Bay Ridge and Flatbush car dealerships NOT being able to help you out??? I’m shocked!!! 😂😂 More like par for the course, right? You know you make my day with your stories. Don’t ever change! …(You do remember who this is, right)??? 😂😂😂
      Have a good one, Brooklyn! Eat, drink, and be merry tonight! 🍝🍷🙋🏻


  8. I was cruising on an instant blind solve until I hit PARADE. Wrote in papered and ran out of blocks (Apparently I really want some 7 letter clues, David!). Found the error of my ways and flew through ACTIVE for the quick finish.

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  9. I agree Mike about parade being the toughest. I backed into it and active. The song the cartoon makes me think of is “The Water is Wide,” an old Scottish tune. Maybe we’ll see a happier Valentine’s Jumble.

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    • Caroline! Thank you so much for mentioning this. It rang a bell as “The River is Wide”, but I had to look it up to remember that I knew it from The Kingston Trio in 1961, and the Wiki article on “Water is Wide” is amazing!

      “The river is wide, I cannot see
      Nor do I have light wings to fly
      There’ll be a boat that can carry two
      And both shall row, my love and I”

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  10. Hi all – Only ACTIVE gave a pause because I always try IC at the end of a word.

    “I’ve seen some hot, hot blazes come down to smoke and ash.”
    “Crown and ANCHOR me, or let me sail away” — for which I still can’t find a really good definition. However Angela, there’s a simple explanation for their attire – They’re Rhode Islanders and both bought their gear cheap at the Marina gift shop (State Flag). And there is always HOPE (State Motto).

    Oh dear, I can’t quote any other lyrics today; they’re just too sad. But in honor of Earl’s musical preferences, I’ll have to note “Overs” and “The Dangling Conversation.”

    We’re having an “average snap” today. That’s like a cold snap, but you realize the temperatures have just gone back to normal after last week’s spoiled us rotten.

    Hey Mike – one of the events during SF Beer Week is a beer/dinner pairing called “Brew Free! or Dine.” 😂
    Have a good one.

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  11. Hi, all! I enjoyed a cartoon about boating because I have so many happy memories of the 4 of us being in our first little used boat, then the gorgeous masterpiece canoe that Jerry built by hand for fun, and last our cabin cruiser that accommodated our family-of-four friends, making 8 of us on board.

    After glancing at the cartoon, I thought of several short words to precede the word APART. Upon quickly solving the first clue word with the letters “F,T” I knew it was DRIFTED APART. Three more words and done!!

    My opinion is that the lady in the cartoon is seriously “rocking the boat” by being in a separate boat & choosing her own course. If the guy wants to be in a relationship where the 2 of them can be called a “couple,” my advice is that he “throw” this one “overboard” and choose another with whom to “sail into the sunset.”

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      • Hi, Steve! Hope you saw my comment about Dust in the Wind giving me a smile.
        I agree that Red Sails in the Sunset goes well with this cartoon about the woman sailing without him, but I hope he doesn’t marry her yet. And last but not least: how about my Coyotes score again the Blackhawks, winning 6-1. Yea!


      • Steve, P.S. When I was working so very hard on a letter to my insurance company requesting they let me have my prescription that they took off their formulary this year, you commented to me that you hoped all went well with my request. Great news!! I received their approval yesterday!! Thanks for your encouragement!!


      • Excellent with the Rx! And all it took was my disrespecting the Coyotes to get them a win! Well, that, and the Blackhawks are *really* bad this year. Hopefully they exhausted themselves before the Sharks game tonight.


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