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Happy Valentine’s Day, Jumble friends! What started out as a Christian feast day honoring one or two early saints, Valentine’s Day as we now know it is a celebration of romance and romantic love. Although it isn’t a public holiday in any country, the traditional way to celebrate is by sending flowers, offering sweets and sending cards. I prepared early this year and managed to do all three! And if you’re a regular Jumble player, you know that it usually means a special themed puzzle. David and Jeff delivered today so let’s get right to it!

All of the words were quick solves and were immediately visible upon first glance. My feeling is that SEIZE would be the most difficult anagram only because of the EI placement. The I before E trick doesn’t work on this word, but it wasn’t necessary since those two letters weren’t needed in the final solve.

Moving on to the cartoon, love is definitely in the air at the Jumble Coffee Shop! A young man with his soul patch facial hair and hipster clothing can be seen offering a “BE MINE” cookie to his romantic interest. The young woman in the panel is all smiles and exclaims “I love it!” which must be music to the young mans ears. Jeff added a very cool detail of a steamed milk heart on her latte which really made the cartoon extra special! Just do a quick google search for latte art and you’ll see some amazing examples of this technique.

The final solve was no trouble at all because of all the clues in the dialogue and sentence. David did a great job with the letter layout today, but there was no way he could keep it cryptic. SWEET was first to be found leaving VERY for a super fast finish. Overall, this puzzle may have been an easy solve, but Jeff’s attention to detail really captured my heart and it was an extra special way to start off this day of love.

The winner of the “I ❤️ Jumble” coffee mug will be chosen at random this afternoon. If you haven’t entered, you have just a few more hours to get your entry in. I’ll post the name of the winner at the top of the page and mail out the prize later today.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, and I’ll see you tomorrow!



57 thoughts on “❤️ Jumble Answers for 02/14/2018 ❤️

  1. 🎶Deja BREW…Could you be the dream that I once knew? Is it you? Deja BREW…Could you be the dream that might come true? Shining through…I keep remembering me…I keep remembering you…Deja BREW…🎶

    ☕️☕️ To the VICTOR go the spoils is a quote we’ve often heard
    And our boy in today’s cartoon won a heart with two small words…
    With a cookie that says “Be Mine” he’s just swept her off her feet
    And her knees got all a WOBBLE, good thing she is in her seat!
    So they share a cup of coffee at the new Jumble Cafe,
    And they both look oh so happy…Now they both can SEIZE the day…
    And they’ll leave after they’ve finished, cross the ALLEY to the street
    And the whole time she’ll be thinking…”This was really VERY SWEET! ☕️☕️

    Despite none of today’s words causing my HEART to skip a beat, I’m wondering if we’ve seen VICTOR before. Since I’m a big fan of Dave’s JUST JUMBLE APP, I sometimes see words there that I may confuse with the ones here. You know, BEAN there, BUN that…But either way, there’s no confusing the message our cartoon gives us today! Ah, LOVE! Set in the newest neighborhood cafe, “SPELL GROUND”, it caters to the coffee drinkers amongst us that love our Jumbles. You buy a coffee, you get a puzzle…PR at its best! So today, we see VICTOR and LATTE sitting down for a cup of Joe. We see JOE, the barista serving another customer. Well, we see her hand anyway, and I hope she’s careful, because we can see the STEAM WAFERing off her CUP. Victor’s surprising Latte with one of those special cookies that SPELL out a SWEET SEDIMENT…”Be Mine”. And she looks like she’s really surprised! Hmm. Do you think CCINO? Either way, look at how she PERKS up seeing that cookie! It WARMS her HEART! Anyway, let’s stop proCAFFEINATING and solve this puzzle before our coffee turns cold…Our question asks what does she think of that SUGAR cookie…She thinks it’s VERY SWEET!! Well AU LAIT! AU LAIT! Good one, Dave! You’ve URNed another winner! And now…the eye candy! Today, a plethora of GOODIES! A virtual stomping GROUND! Where do I BEANgin? The board…Small COFFEE, $1, Large, $2. Muffins, $3. And then we C Cookies, for $2. But…We don’t C the “C”! Jeff, what’s that about? What can you tell us? “AFFORGATO the C”? I know you did that for a reason….Then there’s JOE, the aforementioned barista who’s sporting a rather large earring! You go, Joe..DECANT stop you from ESPRESSOing yourself! We have the showcase, showing more SWEETS. And I like Victor’s soul patch, that little bit of hair UMBER his lip…Yet, strangely, I’m a little COLD PRESSed to not find any STEAM emanating from either of our couple’s CUPS. Hmm…But the HOUSE SPECIALTY today? My eye is drawn to LATTE’s coffee…Can you see what Jeff BREW there? It’s a HEART, in the FROTH. SIP, SIP Hooray!! That’s it! 🎶 LOVE is in the Air🎶! So, There you have it, Folks! Done!
    Have a great Valentine’s Day Everyone!….And remember…”Don’t worry, be FRAPPE”! ☕️🙋🏻

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  2. The overly exuberant VICTOR at the bowling ALLEY was seen to WOBBLE dangerously on his way home and he had to SEIZE a handy light post to maintain his equilibrium.
    Happy Valentine/s Day everyone and I hope it is as sweet as today’s cartoon. I wish I were as adept at solving all the clue words as Mike and Angela—–VICTOR gave me a short pause. I’ve found that if I don’t get the word almost immediately, I have to work at it—small problem really. I had the solution before the last word came to mind.
    Thanks for the details Mike—some I could see, others you explained and I’m grateful.
    Angela—someone here will be on the “plethora” podium I suspect?? And in your post you mentioned “barrister” serving coffee? Deliberate attempt to amuse us? At any rate, an entertaining post.
    Have a great day everyone. Off to get my taxes done. Interesting way to celebrate V Day.

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    • Good Morning, Earl! LOL…Not once, but twice! Auto-Correct out to get me! I never did an edit! I was being “wined and dined” or “COFFEEd and breakfast’d” whilst I tried to get this done and out the door before 7! And yes, the Plethora was just for Paul…I hope I PERKed him up this morning… LOVE your sentence…Have a great day, Sir! ☕️🙋🏻


  3. With the letters I had, sweet popped into mind first, and I figured the first word was probably very. That enabled me to back into victor, which took me a while to get, even knowing the 3 letters.
    I’ve really enjoyed reading all the heartfelt comments by those entering the Jumble mug contest. ❤️ to all Jumble buddies.

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  4. Well, no blind solve today. Cruised through all of the words except, ironically, VICTOR! Puzzle was a quick solve with all of the letters written out.

    Looking forward to receiving my new Jumble mug, Mike!

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  5. Count me in with pausing at Victor. Had already figured out the cartoon answer so backed into it. Certainly a happier puzzle than yesterday. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you.

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  6. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, all! We have a VERY SWEET Jumble today. I knew the 5 letter word in the answer would be SWEET and got VERY after solving the first clue word. I skated fast (Olympics talk) through the first 3 words but had to self-jumble VICTOR 7 times so there went my gold medal.

    Mike, I loved your Valentine’s Day post, you romantic man. Congrats on doing such an excellent job of showering your wife with mementos of your love for her. Jerry did well today, too, giving me a Valentine hand-written on a yellow post-it with a black Sharpie. I don’t eat candy. With my July birthday/ ruby birthstone, also receiving ruby jewelry at Christmas & on Valentines Day, after 57 years of marriage, when getting dressed to go out, I make us late pondering which beautiful ruby necklace to wear.

    Steve, Happy Valentines Day to you & your wife, and I am writing a couple of posts to you that I have been putting off while waiting to hear my good news about the RX. I will give myself until Friday because stuff keeps popping up around here for me to do.

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    • Aww thank you, Lelia! We’re also going out to a romantic dinner as well and I can’t wait to surprise her!!!

      When making lunches this morning, I cut the bread with heart shaped cookie cutters for a nice surprise. I hope everyone found their lunches extra special. I’m all about the details!

      Jerry is a such a thoughtful man. Kudos to him for surprising you with a beautiful handwritten note. And you can never have enough rubies — red is such a powerful color! 🙂

      Happy Valentine’s Day! 😊😊😊


    • Lelia – Same good wishes to you two also. As for the posts, at your convenience always, no rush. So I turn on my TV last night and the first thing I hear is Randy Hahn saying “versus the DESERT DOGS.” Then in the intro he says everyone expects the Sharks to do well because the Coyotes are last in the league – BUT – “the previous night they took apart the Blackhawks 6-1”, and the onscreen caption on the highlight video says “SIX DOG NIGHT” (Parody of the band “Three Dog Night”) 😂😂
      And of course your goalie was hot – his name is Wedgewood!
      That loss really hurt because all the Sharks’ opponents lost too; they could have gotten further ahead.

      Too bad you didn’t mention the jewelry yesterday! I could have posted the Rolling Stones 🎵”Goodbye, RUBY TUESDAY, Who could hang a name on you?”🎵


      • Steve, I knew the Blackhawks my Coyotes slaughtered had not been doing well, but thanks for telling me about the caption, “SIX DOG NIGHT.” Last night I wanted to watch such a close game, but Jerry was especially enjoying my company with the Olympics so I stayed with him. I agree that our goalie was hot, but I think Wedgewood was the same one who was really hot our first game of the season & got hurt bad enough to be taken out of the game. I could be wrong. Now we’re watching curling unless it changed while I typed. Last nite got to see Shaun White take the gold. I finished my first post to you and am putting it on IOW.


  7. Hi all – No trouble with the words, a slight pause at VICTOR. Gotta tell ya, when I read the answer and counted the circles, the first thing that came to mind was “HALF BAKED”. Since she said “I love it” though, I saw that my answer would have gone better with *yesterday’s* puzzle.

    Wow, the prices sure look right at the Jumble café, and with a free puzzle too! That’s no earring, Angela, that’s one of those earlobe-stretching wooden inserts, I believe. And is that David sporting it? 😱 One of the former Peet’s barristas had one. Cigarettes and tattoos seem to be required, but at least I haven’t seen any jewelry implants or obvious piercings.

    Special shoutout to the New England Confectionery Company, originators of the NECCO Wafer, and then the SWEETHEARTS! I think those remain in the same state of edibility for about 40 Years, rivaling the Twinkie. (Note that I didn’t say they were ever edible.)

    The funniest thing I’ve seen today is a ❤️ day promo from CVS in my email that says “You planned this weeks ago….Right?” I’m a true romantic, I’ll walk the extra half-block to the drugstore if the gas station doesn’t have anything suitable. 😂

    Best wishes for whatever day you’re observing today!

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    • Grasshopper…Necco: The ORIGINAL Candy Wafer! I have them right here!!! They’re Lou’s favorite! I bought a whole bunch for him…(And yes, I always check the expiration dates on everything…Jan 2020). They’re labeled “An American Classic”..Made in the USA, Since 1847! (Which is why I ALWAYS check the dates on everything)! 😂
      Have a good one, Bud! 🍭🙋🏻


      • Hey, I think I’ve had some of those 1847 NECCO wafers. No discernible difference. 😂
        Got “Angela’s Ashes” this morning, did you? I heard the sequel to that book, “T’is”, reviewed on public radio with one word – “T’isn’t.” 🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • Hey…didn’t check that date, huh? What can I say? Lou3 still loves them. Since he was a kid he says. So, whenever I come across them, I grab a bunch. TBT, they do taste good…And as I told Chuck, when we were kids, we played “Communion” with them…SMH!
        Yes, I got my ashes. Made for a busy morning, that’s for sure…
        Steve, those books are pretty old. Are they really still being reviewed, or are you just doing a little 6°, playing off the ashes angle? Either way, I would have to say, “Twas”. IMO, they were both good books. A little rough to read in places, but unfortunately that was life for these people at the time. Are you familiar with the books? 🙋🏻


      • No, just 6° riffing on the title and your forehead! 😂
        It’s like knowing about TV shows by reading about them; I guess I only know about books by hearing them reviewed on the radio. Maybe music is the only thing I experience in its intended medium! 😂

        One thing did occur to me though – after reading about your Thanksgiving week and weekend, then Christmas and Little Christmas, and then Betty saying that not even her Catholic family had heard of your pre-Lent dinner — do you think it’s possible that your family alone is responsible for the need for a month-long Fast? 😂😂 🙋🏻‍♂️

        By the way, never liked the black (licorice?) NECCO’s. The others were all pretty good.

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      • And you forgot the Super Bowl! Not just Betty, Paul never heard of it either…IDK..We do like to cook…And leave my forehead out of it! 😉 I only asked about the books. because they are considerably old, so I wondered when you had heard that review. The NECCOs? ..Lou went right into them today, I’ll wait until t’row. Or maybe after midnight…You know, now that I think of it, all of us kids used them as Communion years ago…Especially us Catholic school kids! Maybe we didn’t have a lot of toys? 😉 And agreed…the licorice was everyone’s least favorite…Hoosier BB win tonight, and the spread was covered…It’s been a good day…Ciao! 🙋🏻


      • Your story about Lent not being “the religious Weight Watchers” and focusing on the extra giving gave me a laugh and a big smile and warmed my heart. (How many “points” would you get for Lent? 😂) You and that priest both have your heads in the right place! See you tomorrow #7 🙋🏻‍♂️

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    • You’re correct on the prices, Steve! I’d visit that coffee shop instead of Dunkin Donuts just to get my hands on those Jumble puzzles. And the earlobe ornaments are called “gauges” btw. 😉

      The NECCO HQ was in Cambridge but moved to Revere not long ago. I pass by it when I have to fly out of Logan. It’s funny seeing it there… It does smell like candy when you go by.

      Happy V-Day, my friend! I hope your wife enjoys her tylenol or gas card. 😂


      • Same to you and yours, Mike!
        You never know, one of my wife’s all time favorite presents was a Leatherman-type all-in-one combo screwdriver etc tool (you know what I mean?) that I happened to find at our local supermarket at Christmas, no less. 😂
        Never heard of “gauges”, and I don’t want to know how you know.
        Interesting what you see on the way to airports. There’s a very popular giant termite named “Nibbles Woodaway” on the roof of a pest-control company on Route 95 in Providence on the way to T F Green airport in Warwick. 🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • Thanks Chuck, that’s very interesting and funny! You may have opened up a whole category – alternate uses for NECCO wafers! Tiddlywinks? Monopoly money with the different colors? Christmas tree ornaments?


      • …but what did you use for the wine? My church actually used grape juice because of a prohibition on alcohol. 🙋🏻‍♂️


  8. Good evening and Happy Valentines Day to all. Great work Mike,Angela and Earl. The reason I was so late today is because I had a Plethora of things to do today. It started with 6:30 mass and then two different places to go in Long Island. I was with my youngest son and met number 2 with my daughterinlaw. From there back in to St Charles cemetery still in L .l. then dropping son off for work. From there it was a visit to play bocce. Today’s entire puzzle was easy. Seize didn’t throw me with that i before e, etc. Learned that last time that it doesn’t always work. Who knew..,,,,.That was the only time I payed attention to the teacher and she was giving bad info. And yes Angela I did use Plethora in a sentence. You did get me to smile. Take care and stay safe.

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    • Hey Paul. Thank you.
      Yes, you did get that plethora in. I told you I can’t say the word now without thinking of you! 😉….And you used it well! I’m so glad I coukd give you a smile.
      My family’s all buried at St Charles. I get great comfort going there…After the wailing and the gnashing of teeth of course. My brothers just leave me at the graves and return to the car to wait…Better that way…
      So, that old I before E. I remember it well…I found something for you. 108 exceptions to the rule. I never knew myself…Check out the link. It mentions pages, but don’t panic. It’s just a listing…Happy Valentines❤️Day to you, Brooklyn…Going out to dinner in a while…Might just end up at my old stomping GROUNDS! So nice out tonight, right? Glad you managed to squeeze some Bocce in today.
      Be well, and I hope you have a great night…And let’s get a prayer in for those poor families in Florida. Talk with you t’row…🙋🏻



      • Thank you Angela for that link. It’s interesting. You don’t realize that there is so many words spelled that way. I was thinking of eating out but this year besides giving up everything and not losing any weight every year Im going to really cut back on food like you are supposed to do. All I had today was a tuna fish sandwich on a bagel and two tangerines. I hope I’ll be successful this year. I hope you had a nice evening.

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      • Hey Paul. You’re very welcome. Amazing list, right? I feel the same way…we use these words, but never think of that applied I before C principle. Paul, the cutting back on food that you’re speaking of is for the “fast” in “fast and abstinence” only for today and Good Friday. I think the ruling is one full meal, with the other two “equaling” one other. I saved mine for tonight. We didn’t come into Brooklyn, stayed local, too much traffic…The restaurants were packed. Funny, almost everyone eating fish tonight…You know, I took a few theology courses. And my belief is not the “giving up”, but the extra doing. The acts of charity and.kindness. That’s how I go into Lent. I remember a priest saying in one of the classes that Lent wasn’t the religious Weight Watchers…Got a few chuckles at the time…Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, you’ll be fine. Now you got me thinking about tangerines! .I’ll have to wait until midnight… Make you laugh. Once when we were kids, we “gave up” ice cream. I was little, I hadn’t started school yet. But it was the first day of summer vacation, and the man who owned the candy store on the corner of Avenue U was handing it out to all us kids ..I told him I couldn’t have any because I gave it up for Lent. Of course he knew my parents…in those days everyone knew everyone..He told me to take it and go home and ask my Mother. She found it funny…said she “forgot” to tell me Lent had ended. Fooled once? After that I asked for my own calendar every year! Thanks for asking, Brooklyn, I had a really nice night..in fact the whole day was really nice…Hang in there,..Ciao! 🙋🏻


      • Angela,as far as I know you are supposed to cut back on food also for lent. As far as the charity aspect,thats already taken care of. Being kind,I’m there already. Lol. Being more spiritual could always be room for improvement Regarding the giving up of things. There were two bartenders that I saw every month at our meetings that I would label alcoholics. In the beginning I also gave up booze Iike they did. I was amazed that they could. I decided that it wasn’t as hard for me so I added all the goodies too. To compensate,I ate more. With no cake,chips etc I should have lost weight. So this time I’m adding less food. Your not supposed to walk away from the table stuffed. This will be the hard part. Take care.


      • You are the sweetest man, Paul. Really. I personally just don’t put that much emphasis on the giving up part. I try to sacrifice in other ways. I give you credit for sticking with things. And I’m sure you’ll do fine, you don’t seem to be weak of character at all. I try to teach the kids that it’s not so much what you deny yourself as it is what you concentrate on improving about yourself. I think that’s “harder” than the denying. And Lent to me is the perfect time to do it. Just my opinion. The best of us have our “character flaws”, right? No one’s exempt from that! And I’m sure you’re the kindest man, I can tell. Have a great day, Brooklyn…🙏🏻🙋🏻


  9. Hiho jumble blog,

    Did you notice that the couple today are the same we saw drifting apart yesterday? It seems like the spirit of St Valentine is in the air 🙂

    Your jumble friends in Copenhagen


  10. You are absolutely right Angela. That’s the main reason I love Christmas time. In those few weeks before Christmas everybody is friendlier. You greet them where as most times you would just walk right on by. The week leading up to Easter is also like that. It’s a shame it can’t be like that all the time.


    • I know Paul, right? You’ve noticed that too. Why is that? People are happier? Caught up in the Holiday”spirit”? Sad that it’s not like that all the time… 🙋🏻


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