Jumble Answers for 02/10/2018








Good morning, Jumble friends!  Today is the one year anniversary of the most viewed Jumble puzzle solution on this website.  Do you remember this puzzle?

There’s only a few days left to enter the “I ❤️ Jumble” coffee mug giveaway. Enter HERE for a chance to win this awesome prize!

Have a super Saturday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!




32 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/10/2018

  1. 🎶Turn on your heartLIGHT…Let it SHINE wherever you go. Let it make a happy GLOW…for all the world to see. Turn on your heartLIGHT, In the middle of a young boy’s dream… Don’t wake me up too soon. Gonna take a ride across the moon…you and me…🎶

    🚦🚦Red Light! Green Light, 1-2-3…What these kids don’t do to me!
    Playing this for hours on end…
    Home, maybe these kids I’ll send?
    Rain all day it’s SOGGY weather…need to DODGE the ennui
    Thought maybe I’d chill with them…figured fun it’d be …
    But what is it about the rain, or is it just by chance
    That they tend to transform..is it fate or circumstance?
    The idea of the game is that when number 3 is said
    One’s required to stand still, not PRANCE and move ahead…
    Figuring we’ve got it straight, I say, “Ok, once more…
    Red Light! Green”…I turn to peek…they’re sitting on the floor!
    Oh, my little NUGGETs, my little gems of gold…
    What’s so hard to comprehend, to do as one is told?
    I see them sitting on the floor and then I think I know…
    “Ok, let’s try a different game..this one’s called STOP AND GO”🚦🚦

    What a day that was…I took their iPads away, and they became as wishy washy as the weather. That’s when I knew we had to STOP with all these devices, and GO back to simpler things…Coloring, interactive play, WORD games…So I told their Mothers that when they came over, no more IPads. And it’s been easy, breezy ever since. Like our words today. Well maybe except for PRANCE. I think the mind tends to go straight to ER as an ending, and that may have STOPPED you in your tracks….Ok, GREEN LIGHT…on to our cartoon. Jeff has us at an intersection, where a new, but obviously defective TRAFFIC light has been installed. A CROSSING GUARD has been employed, in order to keep things RUNNING smoothly. Our dialogue tells us that this has been going on for more than a week…It works, it doesn’t work…It works, it doesn’t work…it’s been STOP and GO! Now that was LIGHTweight, was it? Good one, Dave, you haven’t EXHAUSTed our thinking today! Ok, eye candy. The couple at the curb, that I first took as pedestrians, now seem to be city workers, since the woman’s holding a clipboard for papers. Great detail, Jeff. (For a moment I thought she was holding an iPad)! But no, I’ll LEAF that. The traffic light, albeit faulty, does have the colors in the correct order. I thought Jeff might try to CHANGE them up on is. So, I’m going with the crossing guards hat. It’s just propped up there on her head…Hmm….What’s STOPPING it from flying off? So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. And don’t let anything STOP you from GOing OUT there today and being the HeartLIGHT of someone’s life…🚦🙋🏻

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  2. The toy poodle, a NUGGET of golden fluff, hated the SOGGY weather and would PRANCE and DODGE around to avoid doing his duty outside.
    You were correct Angela is pointing out that PRANCE was the word to slow people, at least me, down. In fact I had the solution before I finally unscrambled it.
    I don’t think the poodle in my sentence was suffering the ennui you referenced Angela but it is a word I smile when I see used so effectively. Appreciate your frustration with youngsters and devices. I worry that they are missing out on so many opportunities to connect with other humans and yet, here I sit writing a comment on a blog using a computer, so I’ll resist the temptation to make any judgement, or at least try.
    Have a wonderful weekend everyone—gloomy February day here.

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    • Good Morning, Earl. How we seem to bond over certain words, my fellow logophile! Ennui. I remember first hearing it. On Sinatra’s (BMH) 🎶I Get a Kick Out of You🎶And asking my Father what it meant…and He saying look it up! But the W sound! (Coincidentally as in Patois)! It so piqued my interest! The old ennui…Happy to bring you a smile. Now we just need Moose to recognize my Shout Out to him with my Neil Diamond song choice, and we’re good! Your sentence today has just enough “whimsy” to chase away any rainy day doldrums we both were feeling in our posts. I love it. These kids and their devices, Earl?…Here to stay, of course, but at what price glory? IDK… Lying on the floor! I asked if they were tired..No, they were bored! Bored! I don’t even think I knew the word at 3-4 years old! Bored…But, what can we do? Anyway, they know now that when they come here, we play “real games” as they call it. LOL…My Little Golden Nuggets! And as for us sitting and writing on a blog?…We’ve paid our dues, Sir…Hoping you can chase away the gloom and have a good one! 🚦🙋🏻


  3. SOGGY is the word for today’s weather. Don’t leave the chicken pieces out; the NUGGETs will get SOGGY. DODGE reminds me of a place to get out of, or of baseball and the Dodgers. PRANCE is the wrong reindeer. The reindeer for this season is CUPID. Yuck. STOP AND GO traffic. And lights. Someone mentioned iPads. The word order may be wrong but these people GOT NO PADS.

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    • Good morning, Jim. You sure do give me a RUN for my money. No IDLING with you! Loving the “Get out of Dodge”…I use it often myself…And the Dodger reference is a good one also, IF we’re talking the old Brooklyn team. The Yuck? Does it go with Cupid or the Stop and Go Traffic? I’m hoping the latter, because CUPID’s a regular Sweetheart…And GOT NO PADS? Creative…I enjoy the extra MILE you go here…PUN definitely intended! Have a good one, Jim! 🚦🙋🏻


    • Hi Chuck. Good Morning. Yep, in 1914. I think we had a puzzle related to that a while back. I suspected Prance would cause a little TIE UP this morning, but I’m glad you saw your way THROUGH…Have a great day! 🚦🙋🏻,


  4. Good morning. Thank you Mike for that bit of information and terrific light show. I do remember that puzzle. I had very little problems with today’s words but had a double tic on nugget. When it came time for the cartoon answer I had to stop and go a number of times before getting it. Enjoyed the outcome. Regarding my comment about failed sports finals on the cartoon answer yesterday,on this one they would all be the opposite. I was not disappointed. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  5. Hi everyone – It was prance that tripped me up, too. I needed the answer before I could get it. My first thought for the answer was “on and off,” but that didn’t fit. Wonderful sentence today, Earl. Time to shovel.

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      • You’re very welcome, Caroline. We were spared the snow this time around, but heavy flooding rains are supposed to be coming. And my vertigo’s creeping in, so I’m sure there will be! Be careful out there, and don’t overdo it! Ciao! 🙋🏻


      • Parts of Staten Island flood at the drop of a hat…Brooklyn too. Thankfully it’s not my side, but still…Our streets do get flooded though. Affects the driving, but again, thankfully not the houses. Can’t fool with Mother Nature, huh? …😂 Take care. 🙋🏻


  6. Hi, all! I accidentally blurted out “come and go” but a second later I knew it was STOP AND GO. Solved 3 words easily but had to work a little to get PRANCE.

    I enjoyed the cartoon drawing today. It was a very familiar scene. I always say a little prayer for the guy way up there in the “cherry picker” lift that he will get back down safely after finishing his work.

    Carolyn, I noticed that many had a little trouble with PRANCE, but my overall solve was quite like yours. PRANCE “tripped me up,” too, I had to use the letters from the cartoon solve to get it, and I thought of a quick answer first that didn’t quite work. Stay warm shoveling! See ya’!

    Angela, sorry that I was out doing chores when you left a nice comment for me yesterday. Mike answered it very well, so I will pass on that one, but I am trying to find time to write to you agreeing with you about a comment you made a couple of days ago about buying spring shoes now.


    • Hi Lelia. Never a reason for any apologies. No worries. I didn’t start buying yet, I’m just scouting the territory! Have a great day! 🙋🏻


    • Thanks, Lelia, for your shoveling message and letting me know you solved prance a lot like I did. How nice that you say a prayer for the man in the “cherry picker.”


  7. Hi all – Not much to add here. Instant solve on the answer and PRANCE took the longest. Sounds like a SOGGY DODGE is what you New Yorkers would get if you forgot to put the convertible’s top up last night. Hang in there; “pitchers and catchers” report soon.
    Have a great weekend!

    Angela, about the ‘W’ sound in ennui and patois – I just learned yesterday about this poem “The Chaos” that puts 800 examples of inconsistent English spelling and pronunciations into verse. Ever heard of it? It’s fun.

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