Jumble Answers for 02/10/2017








Happy Friday everyone!  When I first woke up this morning, I turned on my iPad and quickly glanced at the puzzle and I solved all of the clue words instantly.  The kids have a two hour school delay this morning so I thought I would finish the puzzle later and make a nice breakfast.  After putting the cinnamon rolls in the oven and finishing the rest of my morning routine, I had a few minutes to spare so I walked out to get my newspaper and it wasn’t anywhere to be found.  There weren’t any fresh tire tracks in the snow so hopefully she’ll deliver it later today.  I got out my notepad and started the solve.  Like I mentioned, all of the clue words were quickly solved but it was the cartoon that had me stumped.  I attached my work so you could see my process.  It wasn’t until I found TWO that it all fell neatly into place for a fantastic pun-ny finish!  I hope you had an easier time than I did and I’ll post Saturday’s answers later if my paper shows up.  Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.  ๐Ÿ™‚


12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/10/2017

  1. Good Morning, and happy Friday. It’s been a long week and this puzzle today just about took all my hair out. Like you, once I saw the “two” it was a fast sail. I figured it could have been an all day struggle…

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  2. Good morning. Today’s first part was done in under a minute. The second part was another story. After more than two hours of putting it down and going back and forth,I gave up and looked for your answer. My scratch sheet was longer than yours. It just drove me nuts. Took the easy way out. Think I’ll go take my frustration out on cleaning all the snow off my car. Stay healthy.

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  3. Hi! Even though I had TWO from the get-go, I would NEVER have figured out what to do with the other ten letters today without my letter tiles. I can’t deal easily with that many letters because of so many choices of words to make.
    Well, off we go to Walmart for bird seed and other important stuff like paper towels and chapstick.
    I sent the rays but with the nationwide forecasts as they are, I am thinking they might not arrive soon.
    I loved your words, as usual, and your notepad picture. Enjoy your day.

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  4. I had 4 people working on it in the evening after two of us failed earlier. We had TWO right away but finally someone came up with EACH, and then I solved it from those two words. Most difficult solve in quite awhile for me!

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