Jumble Answers for 02/09/2017








Good morning and happy Thursday everyone!  REBUKE was the difficult word for me to solve today.  I had one of those mornings where I was drawing a blank and nothing seemed to work.  I put the puzzle down and came back a few minutes later and that’s when it came into view.  With all the clue words solved, it was on to the cartoon.  I saw BREW right away leaving HAHA to finish the puzzle and completing the hilarious pun!  Jeff packed so much detail into this illustration including the man wearing the Captain America shield on his shirt.  Did you notice the tiny “F” on the tap handle?  Perhaps Fosters is Jeff’s brew of choice.  They’ve updated the snow forecast to be 16-20″ so our state is pretty much shut down.  All schools were closed last night in anticipation of the storm and my wife stayed home today.  Enjoy the rest of your day and I hope it’s sunny and warm in your neck of the woods!


12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/09/2017

  1. Well I knew I needed to use the word brew – so that helped me get rebuke, the rest was easy thank goodness after yesterday. Another cold front, after all the mid 80 days will only get up to the mid 50s today. Trying to figure out what is wear is always fun. Have a good one.

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  2. Good morning. The complete puzzle for me was fairly easy. Rebuke took as long to get as the other three words. The whole thing for me was done in under ten minutes. Even with a magnifying glass I can’t find the “f”in the drawing. Take care until tomorrow.

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  3. Hardest word for me today was REBUKE, also. Kept trying to think of beer making words and couldn’t, but after less than one swirl of my letter tiles I saw BREW. Done! I can’t believe that I couldn’t think of brew. I wonder if anyone got the answer without the words.
    Enjoy your day with your family. Once when our children were young, a restaurant refused to pay my husband for thousands of dollars of electrical work he had done so I decided we would take it easy for a while. I told our kids that we would not have friends over Friday night, no movie, no shopping for new clothes, just staying home and saving money. Friday night I took out the Monopoly game and served some snacks. As we finished the game, our youngest looked up and said, “Well! I like being poor!”
    Enjoy your snow days. We have not hit 80, but we are having sunny days so I am sending all of you some more rays!!

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    • REBUKE gave me a bit of trouble but like I said it popped out after looking at it with fresh eyes! Your story was touching (although I’m sure that at the time you were furious over the non-payent). We went out early before the storm and had breakfast and did some grocery shopping as well as some other small errands. Enjoy the warmth and I look forward to your rays of sunshine!


  4. I figured out the puzzle answer before the words but like some of you, had to ponder over rebuke. Like Paul, I couldn’t make out the F even with my magnifying glass. I’m so impressed with the detail you elicit out of each picture, Mike and I’m envious of your “eagle eyes”. Another rainy day here on the West Coast but they’re predicting sunshine for the weekend so I’m holding on to that forecast.

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