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Good Wednesday morning everyone!  Another day, another puzzle, and another school delay.  This time it’s only two hours on account of the icing overnight but I’m going to let everyone sleep in and enjoy the peace and quiet while I can get it.  No difficulty in solving the clue words today.  They were well jumbled but not overly difficult to decipher.  I tried to solve the cartoon just by looking at it but I came up empty handed.  After writing down the clue letters, I was still at a loss.  The illustration was of a king and queen being crowned and that happens at a PROM and sure enough it was in there.  The letter layout was fantastic and David did a great job hiding it!  The rest fell into place in a snap for an excellent and unexpected pun.  I enjoyed the youngsters with their phones out taking pictures as it really gave the cartoon a modern feel.  6-12 inches of snow guaranteed for tomorrow so it seems like that dang groundhog knew what he was talking about.  Enjoy the day and have a wonderful Wednesday!  😃

12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/08/2017

  1. At first I came up with UNCOOP, as in liberate the chickens. But it gave me an o and I realized I needed an n. Is this a word? Google shows a listing under wiktionary and yourdictionary.

    • Hi Caroline! I looked up UNCOOP and indeed it is a word. It’s very obscure and COUPON would be the better choice but it works nonetheless. When I do the puzzle and I find an odd word, I keep searching because most likely there is a better one that is more mainstream. I hope this helps, but yes you are correct. 👍🏻

  2. Good morning. The words were no problem. I got them pretty quick but the cartoon answer stumped me. After awhile I just gave up and looked for your answer. Curious to see if my son can get it. Think I’ll leave it open and see if he has time for it. Stay well.

    • Hello Paul! Like I said in my narrative, David hid PROM very well. Another thing I noticed was that the cartoon sentence said “school dance” which to me was vague because what kind of dance gives out a crown? PROM of course! Let me know how your son does and how he figures it out. 🙂

      • Before he went out the door for work I asked him to solve it for me. Took him just two minutes for the answer. Besides my son,my friend also finished it. Now I feel I gave up too quick.

  3. Thank goodness I had no problem with the sudoku or the crossword puzzle because after having no problem with the words, I couldn’t figure out the puzzle answer. I probably should have tried again later, but the word prom never entered my mind. Oh well, hopefully I’ll do better tomorrow, have to check to see how my nephew did.

  4. Got COUPON first time through, then IMAGE & TOKEN, but didn’t get TRENCH until I noticed there was only one vowel and began clustering consonants. I, too, did not get the answer until realizing that the dance was the prom.
    Last week’s prediction was 80 degrees this week, but it hasn’t happened yet. Supposed to be 83 degrees today. We’ll see. Wonderful Wednesday to you, too!!

  5. No problem with the clue words but it took me a while too to get prom. I got focused on the school dance sign, but once I saw the crown prom popped out at me. Hope you have a good day.

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