Jumble Answers for 02/07/2017








Good Tuesday morning everyone!  After the ease of yesterday’s puzzle I decided to try my hand at solving today’s without the clue letters and I’m happy to report that I was successful!!!  After jotting down my answer I went back and solved the clue words to double check.  DIVEST was the only tricky anagram, but I knew what letters I needed and it all fell into place in a flash.  No unique details in the puzzle other than the $15/ft price of the granite.  Is that a good deal?  Maybe someone who’s in the biz or building a house can fill us in.  All schools are closed in my area today due to “expected snow” of two to four inches.  I’ve never heard of a sillier excuse but they haven’t had a snow day all year and everyone deserves a day off now and again.  Enjoy your day and I’ll see you tomorrow!  πŸ˜€β„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ


19 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/07/2017

  1. Pretty generic. Absolutely love that web site someone gave us to solve the jumble. Sorry about snow, expecting 60 in Indianapolis today. In the 11th day of a cold, figure about 2 more days of hacking up a lunger and I will be cured for now!

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  2. Good morning. Another easy day. Had no trouble with either the words or cartoon answer. Starting to feel like Einstein. Now if I only could remember where I left the car keys. Stay well,tomorrow brings a new challenge.

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  3. Divest was easy for me, but stumped on COTTON. Guess the cold is going around. Just got back from 7-day cruise and probably got it there. It’s a hanger-on and is clogging my brain. Love the puzzles and everyone’s comments. Great way to start my day, πŸ˜€

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    • Feel better Stew. Despite the sniffles, I haven’t been sick in a couple of years so fingers crossed I can continue my streak! A cruise sounds really nice right about now. Where did you go and with which cruise line?


  4. Congratulations on successfully getting the answer without the words & letters. It was a fast solve for me, too. Going straight down the words, I wrote DIVEST, but did not set it in stone in my mind until I got the answer and saw that the letters worked out.
    Is all of New England still on cloud nine? Congratulations again on the win. Enjoy your snow day, and have a terrific Tuesday.

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    • The parade was in Boston this morning and I caught glimpses of it on the news. Looks like everyone was having a blast with some snow mixed in for authenticity! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s puzzle. πŸ˜€


  5. What does a putative snow day have to do w/ Jumble answers???? Why not solve the puzzle and skip the quasi-editorial, homespun observations? All I need is the solution.


  6. I too solved the puzzle without difficulty though didn’t get around to it until the end of the day, which is now evening for you folks in the east. I enjoy everyones’ comments so please keep them coming. If I just wanted to do the Jumble I wouldn’t bother with your blog. No snow where I live but we’ve had tons of rain which is good because we’ve been in a drought for so long but now there is significant flooding in some of our surrounding counties.

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    • Thanks for the nice words Betty. It’s refreshing to get comments in the evening so feel free to lend your thoughts whenever you have time. I hope today’s puzzle was kind to you. πŸ˜‰


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